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Anodyne 2 has that delightful quality in a game where I never have a good feeling of how much more game there is. It's giving me powerful Okami vibes in that respect.

In ten minutes I'll be streaming STARDROP, a scifi adventure that promises to be real pretty. Join me! twitch.tv/gregoryaveryweir/

I'm looking forward to streaming a cute puzzle platformer called WitchWay in four hours: twitch.tv/events/7oKNnjm9R1a49 It also has a "deluxe edition" in development.

Sometimes accessibility work is a Slack channel filled with nothing but links to webinars while you fight to implement some sort of replacement for "outline: 0;".

This might be dorky, but I'm very excited #loveindies is starting next week. 💃🏾 Aside from the stuff @gregoryaveryweir and I will be doing to bring visibility to our own stuff, I'm going to be doing a bunch of streams, writing reviews, etc. I'll try to share stuff I'm enjoying here.

#gamedev #indiegames

Hey, you know what would be really wild? What if this horror video game was a NIGHTMARE being had by a MAN in denial about his responsibility in the DEATH OF A WOMAN? And in order to escape, he needs to accept his role in it all!

I'm streaming Immortal Redneck... let's try this Twitch chat integration? Help me out! twitch.tv/gregoryaveryweir

In fifteen minutes, I'll be streaming "The First Tree" by David Wehle, as part of our Future Proof Plays series at Future Proof Games! twitch.tv/events/NTOoD6UoRLWGI

My primary monitor has started blacking out for a moment when I scroll or close Chrome tabs, as if I'm changing resolutions. It seems to be related to video ads and large images. I hate it.

Toward a Sustainable Resource Escalation Game ludusnovus.net/2019/03/19/towa I wrote a bunch of words about games like Factorio and how I want to see this new form evolve (nonviolently, morally, and sustainably).

02.05: Ego Driver - Yetnikoff

CW: Strong language, violence. Back in Niederdorf, our Ego Drivers are about to receive their next assignment: discover where the… <a class="read-more" href="">Read more <span class="screen-reader-text"></span></a> tabletop.garden/2019/03/06/02-

02.04: Ego Driver - Smooth Criminal

CW: Strong language, violence. Our Ego Drivers were sent to take out Smooth Criminal, but it looks like his partner… <a class="read-more" href="">Read more <span class="screen-reader-text"></span></a> tabletop.garden/2019/02/27/02-

I streamed VR with a webcam on me (Beat Saber and Budget Cuts) for the first time just now. That's a level of low-level public vulnerability that I've never really exposed myself to before. I'm still processing the experience, I think.

Your Only True Choice - Complicity in Unavoidable Tragedy ludusnovus.net/2019/02/19/your Complicity is the most important distinguishing feature of games. In this Patreon-prompted post, I look at The Stanley Parable and Edith Finch.

02.03: Ego Driver - Ruining the Barbecue

Our Ego Drivers are ready to assault Smooth Criminal's band of raiders. Can they get the drop on him? What sort of car is that he's driving? And is his partner even more dangerous than he is? Jones engages Operation: Land Shark. Karloff checks footwear. Comet goes beyond reverse. Vake seeks inner peace. tabletop.garden/2019/02/13/02-

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