Academic video game theory book: "Now, let me introduce you to this little-known thing called Conway's Game of Life."

"With McDonald's changing its Chinese company name to "Golden Arches," netizens are suggesting literal name changes that others could make."


💃 The 15th episode of my podcast with @gregoryaveryweir dropped today! Sometimes I'm still surprised we've been doing this for over a year.

Today is the 10th anniversary of None Pizza With Left Beef, originally posted on October 19, 2007. How fortunate we are to witness this important moment in history.

As a long-time fan of #strategy #videogames, I'm becoming more and more aware of the fact they are a channel through which the predominant, hierarchical and capitalist worldview is delivered to teenagers and young adults around the world.

What if, for a change, we developed a strategy game where #cooperation and mutual help are rewarded, instead of conquest, exploitation and wealth extraction? Would such a game be boring, or fun to play?

Shared this on the birdsite, thought I might share it here too (if by some fluke you've not seen it already).

A fantastic summary of how fucked Twitter is, and just a good read, especially if you feel like dancing on Twitter's bones.

"One Person's History of Twitter from Beginning to End" by Mike Monteiro

Baba Is You is very very good. It's Puzzlescript meets Hack 'n' Slash and it really, really works. Watch for its release.

Brilliant. How to gently and firmly protect the culture of your group:

"The guest started getting defensive and explaining ... and didn’t mean anything by it. The student replied, 'I’m sure that’s true, but all you need to know is we don’t do that here.' The interaction ended at that point, and everyone moved on to different topics. 'We don’t do that here' was a polite but firm way to educate the newcomer about our culture."

Pentel have a new range of Hybrid gel pens out called Dual Metallics. Picked this one up today, black-red, and drew this for to try it out. It's pretty cool! Also used a Faber Castell gold pen, Dove Craft 3D gold pearl drops and Prismacolor Premier pencils for the middle gemstone. Drawn on 21cm square textured card.

I'll part with this for $25 USD including worldwide postage if anyone wants to buy it!

this is an interesting story about a soft exoskeleton for mobility rehabilitation, but also huge congrats to whichever writer persuaded the New Scientist editors to just make the headline a shitpost

A lot of people are missing the point of the twitter boycott. Ok heres how twitter works, they sell your data to advertisers for money, any interactions, good or bad are data they can sell.

All that harassment women get? That makes them money. All the call outs, all the toxic shit, all the fights with bad people? Makes them money.

They have a vested interest in creating engagement and nothing does that better than anger. They keep the bad people around because they know you will fight them. Thats data, they can sell that and then market to people just like you.

While they market to the people who want to abuse you too.

*not using twitter* is literally the only way to hurt them.

My first real attempt at working with leather! Just needs some backing for the extra spider eyes.

So the narrative now is that we're all ditching twitter because solidarity only gets shown for white women and... Like I don't doubt there's racism there but there are so many reasons to ditch twitter, more than just this last week's events, I'm not ditching it for that Rose person, I'm ditching it so people can consider switching to Mastodon because twitter is a bot filled nazi sanctuary

Folks with long hair and cute hair elastics: how do you keep them organized?

My new Halloween aesthetic:
Avant-garde orthodontia. Wire and elastic sprouting from the lips like ferns. Teeth wandering at the whim of art.


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