I made some fan art! Here’s a Hello Peril logo, for Randall Park’s band in ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE.

Wrote about the glorious process of tweaking dialogue after the art comes in. patreon.com/gregpak

I've done it -- I've started a Patreon! Please feel free to check it out: patreon.com/gregpak

Realized I never posted this here! Meet WAVE, the new Marvel Filipina superheroine co-created by me and Leinil Yu for WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1, coming in May! Hugely excited about this character and the whole series, which features a pan-Asian group of superheroes taking on a fire goddess during Marvel’s huge WAR OF THE REALMS event! Ask your local comic shop to pre-order the book for you today!

Big announcement -- artist Gang-Hyuk Lim and I are teaming Marvel's greatest Asian American superheroes up with Marvel's awesome new Asian characters in a titanic fight against the Queen of Cinders in WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1! Cover by Billy Tan! marvel.com/articles/comics/thi

I've got an awesome new comic book coming called RONIN ISLAND! Read all about it here and please consider pre-ordering it from your local comic shop! gregpak.com/please-pre-order-r

Hey, happy Sunday before New Years Eve which is better than New Years Eve because no pressure!

Incredibly, I have FOUR comic books coming out tomorrow -- FIREFLY #2, JAMES BOND 007 #2, JOHN WICK #4, and WEAPON H #11. They are all awesome. Please feel free to pick 'em up at your local comic shop! comicshoplocator.com

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Ok. I hate asking for help and was hoping I could take care of this myself by picking up a few writing gigs, but my laptop is on the verge of dying.

If any of you could help, it would be appreciated! gofundme.com/celestelaptoprepl

Please vote like hell this Tuesday.

Visit vote.org for info.

I am a cranky old man and all I want right now is a text-only machine that will operate on the equivalent of 1996-era dialup.

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Seriously. So many tech issues all at once. Most relating to bad internet. It's disturbing how much of our digital lives depends upon really fat pipes. Unnecessary graphics and code making relatively simple procedures fail without high speed internet.

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