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Greg Pak

Having photos appear without the URL in the timeline is much nicer -- thanks, @Gargron !

MECH CADET YU #8, in stores this coming Wednesday! Check out the lettered preview here!

Finally gonna delete my FB "fan" page. Don't like the Cambridge Analytica business and don't like having to pay to reach people who have already followed me there. Still keeping my personal FB page for now, thought I seldom use it, because it's the only place I can see what's going on with some old friends. But that may go, too, in the fulness of time. We'll see.

Hey, comics fans. Comics artist Nicole Virella is trying to raise money for surgery. Please feel free to kick in if you're so inclined.

Just backed HAPPY CLEANERS on Kickstarter. Check this thing out -- especially Korean American and Asian American friends. Let's put this thing over the top.

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facebook messenger is the worst narc I know. what jackoff built a site with read receipts AND “last active 3 minutes ago” AND demands you use your real name so any extended relative or forgotten acquaintance feels like they own your time and immediate presence forever

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The Heroes of Indie Comics Bundle is full of terrific books, drm free at a great price! Pay at least $8 to unlock a batch that includes MYSTERIUS by &!
$15 unlocks a bunch more, including Parker's &my book UNDERGROUND!

Hey, friends. My buddy and frequent collaborator and internet superstar musician @JonathanCoulton is now on Mastodon! Follow him!

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I’m giving a talk today at on the Business of Making Comics. It’s from 2:30 to 3:30, WSCC 309.
#eccc #eccc2018

At least I can say that the older I get, the better I get at picking eggshell bits out of a bowl of freshly broken eggs.

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WEAPON H #1 hits stores on March 21 -- and today's the last day to pre-order from your local comic shop! Feel free to give 'em a call --

Because everyone needs a Hulk-Wolverine hybrid in their life. ;-)

.@Trungles is very smart and thoughtful and you should follow him.