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I am a cranky old man and all I want right now is a text-only machine that will operate on the equivalent of 1996-era dialup.

Seriously. So many tech issues all at once. Most relating to bad internet. It's disturbing how much of our digital lives depends upon really fat pipes. Unnecessary graphics and code making relatively simple procedures fail without high speed internet.

Everything I am trying to do with an electronic device today is a fiasco.

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My book, The COMPLETE Our Valued Customers is out in finer comic book stores TODAY! 400 pages and all 1,606 OVC comics. The least you could do is buy 5 or 6 copies...

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Everyone else has tweeted this but I'm just gonna make sure I cover my bases with y'all:

"Leave politics at the door" is not a reasonable ask when the political conversations have to do with the basic humanity of queer folks, trans folks, women, immigrants, etc.

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Electrum is featured on the Kickstarter site's front page today! 😍 We've got less than 2k to go until fully funded~

Join over 750 backers to help make this uplifting all-ages mixed-race anthology, created entirely by mixed-race creators, a reality!

If you're a trans comics creator considering crowdfunding, I've got a free copy of my KICKSTARTER SECRETS how-to ebook for you. Use TransRightsAreHumanRights as a discount code at checkout. (Honor system - trans creators only, please!)

Hey hey! The Princess Who Saved Her Friends Kickstarter ends in just two hours! Please do check it out before it's too late!

Please don't make the dragon cry! Back THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS today! Just 25 hours left!

Gorgeous new art from THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS! Last 40 hours in the Kickstarter -- please do back it tonight if you can!

Last three days for the PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS Kickstarter! Please do check it out and pledge today! It's gonna be awesome!

So the PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS Kickstarter is painfully close to the 70K stretch goal -- please feel free to check it out and make with the backing!

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