Interesting to look back at how it was all about people connecting with other people, but eventually shifted to people consuming content from faceless commercial communities and celebrities. As did all other mainstream social media. I'm making to address this exact issue — give people a cozy place to connect with each other.

Fun fact: the "old" newsfeed in VK still lives on after all these years in the "updates" tab and in the API, but no one's using it any more.

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The newer (2007?) design of groups and events. Events are a special kind of group internally, with additional fields.

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Uh, and I've only now noticed that on the 2006 screenshots, THERE IS NO NEWSFEED in the left menu!

Anyway, here's what newsfeed looked like in 2009-10, pre-microblog.

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Just found A LOT of screenshots of the old VK design. There's an abandoned official group where people were suggesting ideas and reporting bugs, and there are many photo albums of this stuff. Now I have as much reference for UI design as I could've ever asked for 👍

I've also found some tutorial kind of screenshots dating as far back as 2006 (attached) — that's before I signed up! And groups apparently were there from the beginning, in about the same form I'm making them.

Tweaking design to resemble you-know-what better 😏

Also made these boxes scrollable.

And before you ask. No, I don't use a password manager, because I don't trust software this much.

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Twitch logged me out. I tried to log back in. It made me reset my password for no goddamn reason. It didn't allow me to reuse my old password. Was still logged out after that. Logging in with the new password (that I'll forget because it now falls out of my password system), it sent me an email with a code to enter.

4 emails and a lot of frustration later, I'm in. Even though that account has zero value to me. Yet Twitch treats it as if it's the most valuable thing I have in my life.

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How do I tell an online service that my account on it isn't important to me and I don't give a crap about its security?

You know a video is most likely to be an amazing one when it ends with .flv

Today's cursed web development discovery: the <colgroup> tag that allows you to specify column sizes of a table only once. Works great for when the topmost row contains spanned columns but you've also specified table-layout: fixed.

On a side note, can't wait for all the Houdini stuff to finally stop battling with browsers' built-in overly complex layout algorithms.

When you've written a FEP at night and went to sleep in the morning...

I made my first FEP! It's about walls and any other similar experiences where people add things to someone else's collections.


A small update. Walls are now proper collections, and I now have an abstraction to serve collections easily. Outbox now only contains user's own posts. Groups have empty outboxes. My initial idea with wall=outbox wasn't flexible and sensible enough.

I'm now going to write a FEP about the general construct of publicly-appendable collections.

I should also probably fix this by returning an empty collection (wall != outbox now).

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You can actually try joining the group by following it from any ActivityPub server: @wow_look_a_group, but it doesn't post anything itself so nothing will show up in your feed. It works by forwarding LD-signed activities of people posting things on the wall. Oh, and I should make /groups/X/wall return a real collection of posts. And then will be the time to write my FEP about publicly-appendable collections.

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update. Groups are more-or-less done, as a proof of concept. They should federate in theory, but I haven't tested any of it yet because I'm too lazy to set up a second internet-facing instance and Mastodon isn't very much compatible with what I'm doing here.

That said, there's still a lot of work ahead. Admin/moderator features, public admin list, events, invitations...


Did Mastodon change anything about how it verifies signatures and/or handles Follow activities? I can't follow a Mastodon actor no matter what I try. I could before, but not now. I get 202 Accepted, and then nothing. No notification, not added to the followers list, and no Accept{Follow}. But posts come through with no problems, if you follow my actor from Mastodon. Might that be because posts go into the sharedInbox but follows into the actor's personal inbox?

cc @Gargron @nightpool

You can now follow that actor from Mastodon (and any other server, probably), and you'll even show up in the group members list, but doing so still won't be of much practical use.

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Startup idea: an Activity Pub. A place to drink, play the Activity board game, and discuss federated social media along with maybe a bit of Android development.

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