Small update: it now accepts username@domain in the external interaction endpoint. There also are some security-related fixes, like disallowing localhost connections for anything federation related.

update: ajax form submission where it makes sense. That, and replying to things feels so much better because you can now reply to a comment without opening its own page. You can now also post posts and comments with cmd+enter.

Good morning to every web team that doesn't aggressively push mobile web visitors into their app

update. Some frontend stuff this time. Performing actions without page reloads is important for UX, so I started implementing just that. Laid some groundwork for ajax actions. The first, and currently the only one is post deletion.

Friend requests are the logical next step because they are similar to post deletion in terms of networking. And then form submissions. Especially comment replies, those are so frustrating to post currently.

I'd make a paid, key-activated program just to see someone make a keygen for it with some wonderful music.

Also here's my favorite thing about TypeScript: .ts extension is also a media container.

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Today's discovery: vim knows what TypeScript is and does syntax highlighting correctly. As opposed to Sublime Text 2, in which I had to select ActionScript for it to highlight anything at all.

Even code completion via YouCompleteMe works 🤯

Mastodon doesn't like images this large apparently. Anyway, here's how it looks in Telegram.

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Another small update. I've added og: meta tags to profiles and posts because I became tired of there being no preview cards whenever I send someone a link to my instance. Now, for example, this post link should have a card here:

update! Image attachments. The UI currently looks fugly, but hey, it works for now at least. I'll make it prettier when I get to all this JS/AjaxLayout stuff, which is the next thing on my todo list anyway.

Took me too long because I participated in the Telegram developer contest, and also because it just takes so much thinking to figure out how to keep files in sync with the database. Hopefully I'll be able to reuse this code wherever I need image uploads.

The year is 2025

There are five browser cores:
- webkit
- chromium
- gecko
- servo
- youtube-dl, which ended up implementing a full-fledged browser in python to keep successfully downloading videos

Why do people put selfies behind content warnings 🤔

Is this another weird "privacy" feature in Mastodon? The web profile is publicly accessible, but the corresponding actor doesn't even have the "url" field that my code expects. The web profile contains a name, a profile picture, a cover image, 2 fields and a summary, but those are nowhere to be seen in the actor. Just... why?

update: mentions. They now actually work. There now are two kinds of mentions:
- The one that's inserted automatically when you reply to a comment (not a post), of the form "Name, " like in VK
- The one that you can type manually of the form @username@domain, or without the domain for local users

Here's how these look:

Also this is pretty dumb. Generics work by generating casts at compile time. An empty list is type-agnostic because it's empty and throws an exception when you try adding anything to it. Yet Idea shows this warning, implying there's something fundamentally wrong with your code.

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I thought I knew everything about Java but... it turns out you are allowed to have a public field with matching name and type in a class and in its superclass. And which one is being used depends on the type of the variable you use to access the field. That's why my mentions had wrong URLs in them.

Another day, another flawed library. Found out the HTML sanitizer I use needlessly escapes too much, including emojis and @ signs. Had to implement an HTML writer (thankfully there's an interface exposed for that) that doesn't do any of this. Literally the only characters it touches are <, > and " (in attribute values), those do legitimately need escaping.

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