There's also this cute video of someone drawing a VK graffiti as a kind of music video for his crush/girlfriend. I don't know why I downloaded it.

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I recovered the data from one of the two HDDs from my PC I used around 2008-2012. On the upside, there's a shitload of screenshots of the old VK layout, including from pre-microblog era, which are hard to come by in decent quality — those are invaluable for development. On the downside, however, some of them are so cringy I have no words. Was I really like that 12 years ago?

0.4.1 is out. It adds the option for the instance admin to require new accounts to confirm their email addresses.

Now that the entire iPod line is discontinued, Apple should finally rename iOS to phoneOS and iPadOS to padOS so they're in line with macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

I wrote enough of an XMPP server to send a message to my account on another server. It's fun to see how differently network protocols were designed before HTTP(S) became as popular as it is now.

If you'd like to translate Smithereen into your language, there's now a Crowdin project:

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0.4 is out!

There's quite a lot of changes, but notable additions are all about groups.
- Groups can now be "closed" or "private". Closed groups require approval by moderators. Private groups are invite-only. Speaking of which,
- Group invites. Pretty self-explanatory really.
- Improved sync for remote actors — it's likely that once you add someone as a friend, their profile will always be up to date.
- More bug fixes than I care to count

update: collection sync, something no one has done before, again. Collections are fetched automatically on first follow, and there also are admin buttons to force fetch them at any time.

Yes, you can now see mutual friends for Mastodon users!

Remaining things to do before the 0.4 release:

- Fetch friends/members and probably wall posts collections when you receive a friend request or join a group, especially a non-public group
- Support including links in i18n strings because Crowdin is really not liking how I split strings into multiple keys ("before_something" and "after_something")
- Send Update{Question} periodically upon receiving a poll vote so Smithereen-to-Smithereen poll results stay in sync

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update. (there aren't many of these lately as I'm also working on the Mastodon Android app)

- Added a "collection query" endpoint to actors. This allows asking an actor "do you have this object in your collection?". Simple form-data post request, up to 100 object ids at a time.
- Add{Person} and Add{Group} make use of this. If the other party confirms that this actor is, in fact, a friend/member, that relationship gets stored in the DB right away.

Do Goa'uld use JaffaSkreept for their websites? 🤔

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Guess what! Mastodon’s official app was finally approved and is now on the Play Store.

F-Droid submission still being processed.

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Early access to the beta program for 's official app is now available for our Patreon supporters:

Is it cursed to call objective-c things from a java app via an unreleased non-final api?

update: group and event invitations!

Yes, these do federate. No, they aren't compatible with anything else out there.

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