This is a test post from my iPhone that I don't use and that needs a new battery

I miss the time when people weren't putting #'s in front of random words

There goes the adversarial interoperability.

Though he's a Chinese living in Canada — so Facebook could very well reach him from there. It would be funny to see them being powerless against a Russian 😏🤔

@drq у тебя там всё с DNS хорошо? У меня чот сервер ругается.

Whoever you are whose crawler this is, fix your thing already. You're supposed to use nodeinfo instead of hardcoded API paths with typos. And maybe Mastodon's /api/v1/instance, but that's debatable.


Or the more cursed approach: just compile the thing with Android SDK. Except it doesn't support Java 15. Yet. And I use some new features like switch statements that return values.

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I wonder if it's possible to run it on an Android phone? You should be able to install a JRE with something like Termux 🤔
And there's prebuilt libvips for Linux on ARM anyway

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I'm almost done refactoring to use libvips (image manipulation library) via JNA, without an additional JNI wrapper thing that needs to be built for every OS+CPU and is just an annoyance to deal with.

As a side effect, with very little effort and zero DLLs compiled myself, I was able to run it on Windows, because why not. To anyone saying "Java is heavy": here it's running on the old-ass laptop I bought at a thrift store to test Telegram calls.


Modern JRE versions allow running .java sources without the need to compile them first. Could you call these Java scripts? 🤔

Rick Astley has more than one song. But do the other ones count as rickrolls or not? Like this one:

One more Smithereen-specific thing I forgot to mention. When you load a post like that, it'll actually fetch the entire thread for you. I made a parallel comment thread downloader.

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Though VK's version also works correctly if you type your query in a wrong keyboard layout. As in, "jktu" when you meant "олег". VK can do this trivially since 99% of its target audience has two known keyboard layouts — English QWERTY and Russian ЙЦУКЕН. I can't do it this easily... I'll be especially clueless if you set your language to English, which some Russians actually do.

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update everyone asked for: quick search!

- You can now quickly search for people and groups.
- People you follow and groups you're a member of are displayed higher.
- Alphabet doesn't matter. If you search for "олег", you'll find people who called themselves Олег and Oleg. Should work for other scripts too. Probably works terrible for Arabic, Hebrew, and some Asian languages.
- You can also paste links to external objects to load them.


When people start receiving their Steam Decks, they'll be sharing their deckpics all over the internet

In case someone else needs it: here's one with many, MANY cat pictures. loaded it fully using the search field (that I still haven't finished 🌚), but when Engen retooted one of the posts, it didn't load the parent ones — I should fix that.

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It's been 0 days since I got harassed by cloudflare for doing nothing wrong.

Here's a friendly reminder that cloudflare needs to die a painful death, the sooner the better. The internet was meant to be decentralized.

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