It should be illegal to hardcode public keys, domains and IP addresses into devices.

Another internal update. I hacked my web framework to have the ability to stream my responses as they're rendered — this results in a slight performance improvement, especially for HTML as rendering templates isn't exactly instant.

I'm getting better at making CSS cascade the exact way I need. Also I've finally gotten PostCSS to optimize my styles exactly like I want.

Still, as someone who has mostly made mobile UIs (Android) up until starting this project, desktop ones have an overwhelming amount of detail! Screens are larger, layouts are denser, and there's often MUCH more information and controls displayed at once. Oh and mice are capable of hovering over things.

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Tweaking the way comments are displayed in the feed and in profiles in . 3 last top-level comments are shown, you can click the bar above them to load more, and you can load individual threads. There are also these subtle dots on hover to help you determine the depth of each comment.

(not fully done yet)
(and all these changes only affect the desktop layout)

Oh and I also made a pull request to gson:

Everyone was asking for this feature. Since 2008. SINCE 2008!!! But it was never added.

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An internal update: I replaced the org.json JSON library with gson. It allows for somewhat cleaner code with its JsonElement base class for everything, supports serializing/deserializing Java objects directly (will come in especially handy for when I'll be making the API!), and preserves a sane order of keys in objects. Yes, that last part is very important because it hurt to read the mess that came out of org.json.

The first iMac had two headphone jacks, so modern iPhones having none are merely compensating for that.

And now I think I'm done and I can say that these features are enough for the first beta release. Everyone is welcome to host their own 0.1 instance, try it out, and report any issues.

Get it here:

update: Mastodon's "PropertyValue" custom profile fields are now displayed in profiles.

Today's updates:

- Account bans. Very simple feature. An admin or a moderator can ban any local account and set a message that will be displayed to the user.

- The JS and CSS files are now generated as part of the main maven build so I no longer have to commit a bunch of minified CSS every time I add a style.

And another one. Implemented /api/v1/instance and /api/v1/instance/peers endpoints that fediverse crawlers use.

(to be clear: there's currently no client API in Smithereen, and when there'll be one, it won't be compatible with Mastodon clients)

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There's now an "about this instance" page like the one Mastodon has.

There's also new fields in the admin panel, for a short description and for policy/rules.

The only kind of platforms this world might need more of is the ones at which trains arrive.

But what do you do if you want a map with more than 10 elements 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Why THE FUCK are there "money transfers" right under the profile picture? What exactly is the logic behind this?

Probably project manager KPIs. It's always project manager KPIs.

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Just in case you're curious, this is what the current 🤮🤮🤮 layout looks like (had to take this in another browser because I use some user styles in my main one). Mostly like the already-terrible 2016 one, but now the header is white instead of blue, some buttons are even larger, and some icons are not aligned with the pixel grid (I asked the designer, he said that's intentional "but they are 3px thick on retina").

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