Two small updates.

- The timestamps are now more nicely formatted and show today/yesterday/tomorrow.
- There's now a "go up" thing on the desktop. VK had it (still has) and it's really convenient so I copied it exactly.


How to not make a good UI, Instagram edition.

This screen is dedicated to follow requests. This is what opens up when you follow a notification about someone sending you one.

Yet somehow, the follow requests themselves only take up one third of the height, and require an extra tap to expand for no good reason (other than some metrics going up perhaps).

Which permissions were removed? From which apps? How many months is "a few"?

This is an example of a terrible notification right here. Zero inormation given to me as the user.

And another small update: NodeInfo now includes active user counts.


is now capable of sending email, at last. And you can now reset your password the usual way.


"Why did you write in Java?"

To add to this, it's somehow a common misconception that Java is bulky and slow.

The bizarre world of email, where you can't use UTF-8 directly for some reason and apparently have to encode it into something else that fits into ASCII. Except in the subject line.

But it all works in the end, so... fine I guess?

Okay, finished the 1st season only to learn that the 2nd one apparently didn't come out yet.

Nathan is cute.

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The most bizarre thing to me is that Facebook is apparently buying a lot of online advertising. What for? To show you more ads, of course.

update: you can now block users and domains, both in your account and in groups you moderate.

One step closer to the first release 😏


I have a feeling that current science fiction/dystopian movies and TV shows will not have aged well in 20 years.

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Just watched the first episode of "Upload", and I have questions. UIs look like a video game, that's common in TV shows though still bugs me, but...

How come have they figured out consciousness transfer and real-time brain emulation, yet a ruptured lung is somehow still an absolutely incurable condition?!

How many software developers does it take to make a new tweet form (literally the most important part of your product) that doesn't suck? Apparently Twitter still doesn't have enough.

This form seems to always work.

If I use `// @run-at document-start`, document.body would be null 🤔

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I wrote a userscript to try to remove it but it only works half the time for some reason.

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Oh YouTube, how nice of you to replace the smooth, auto-hiding scrollbar provided by my operating system, that I deliberately chose to use in my settings, with an uglier, laggier version that takes up space at all times.

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