Actually, they're not. They confirmed at WWDC that you can disable "secure" boot, it was just very confusing. Technology is indeed amazing, except adapters still suck, touchbar is an unneeded gimmick, and user-upgradeable storage would've been nice.

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The world before the coronavirus was such an amazing place.

I really like that the internet archive decided to preserve the flash memes forever. It's been a long time since I've seen one.

Обновление : добавил склонение имён по падежам, чтобы всё читалось по-человечески. Ещё добавил автоматическое определение пола по имени и фамилии при регистрации.

To my non-Russian-speaking followers: Russian words, including people's names, change suffixes where you would use a preposition in English, like "to Gregory". I implemented that so any strings involving names look like any sane human would write them.

New ARM macbooks have phone-style locked bootloaders with OS signature verification. They apparently aren't unlockable. Isn't technology amazing?!

update: a better post text parser. It now generates valid HTML in 100% of cases. It doesn't recognize links where there aren't any. It works correctly with code blocks that contain blank lines. It processes mentions in a more clever way, and adds internal user IDs to them so it's now possible to make those VK/Twitter-style hover cards.

update: my half-assed mobile layout is finally done! I'm now finally free to do the *actually interesting* stuff. Words can't describe how much I hate web frontend after using real UI frameworks for so many years.

One more thing I hate about JS: these not-really-an-array arrays that only support getting the length and an element by index. NodeList among them especially so.

ah okay. This instance runs 3.2.0, but runs 3.2.1, so probably it's 3.2.1 requiring Digest header to be present

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Also someone decided to block me for some reason, except I don't support blocking yet...

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And how long has it been requiring that? The spec doesn't say that Digest header is mandatory.

Small update: added these links to open posts and comments on their originating servers.

mobile layout update. I'm getting ever closer to actually pushing this. It's gonna be a huge commit.

Out of things that aren't quite ready: the post page. Attaching options to things on the web is such a pain in the ass, I have no clue where to put the reply and like buttons on comments for example. And how to allow seeing who liked it. In a native app, I'd simply show an alert with options when the user taps the RecyclerView item.

It has been 0 days since I last told myself that web development is retarded.

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