Nothing makes me feel more powerful than coding something I thought would take a week in an hour

Nothing makes me feel more impotent than wasting a week on build systems that I thought would take an hour

Being a programmer means spending 40 minutes making a script that auto-spongebobifies your clipboard text

bEiNg A pRoGrAmMeR mEaNs SpEnDiNg 40 MiNuTeS mAkInG a ScRiPt ThAt AuTo-SpOnGeBoBiFiEs YoUr ClIpBoArD tExT

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I've had my phone's temperature units set to Celsius for a year and I still find it unreadable

Probably would need to do some flashcard style stuff to internalize the C<->Fness

Played Hero's Hour for the first time last night.

Like that HoMM3 is getting some modern love. I think I like their battle system so far.

But the chunky pixels + smooth (but unpolished) UI is breaking my brain

Worked 7 days in a row. 65 hours. (on my own stuff, don't worry.)

Then spent two days making a new Commander deck.

I just coded for 11 and a half hours nearly straight.

Working only on your own stuff is a hell of a drug.

Took my partner and my friend to a tiki bar on a Monday.

They had fun.

I'm gonna be hungover on Tuesday.

Hello Mastodon!

I've been absent. What's up?

Welp, GDC is in town and I'm already exhausted.

Looks like tonight's party will be water-only.

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