Took my partner and my friend to a tiki bar on a Monday.

They had fun.

I'm gonna be hungover on Tuesday.

Hello Mastodon!

I've been absent. What's up?

Welp, GDC is in town and I'm already exhausted.

Looks like tonight's party will be water-only.

I'm reading (listening to) The Name of the Wind right now.

You guyse it's good!

Persona 5 has a hell of a denouement.

Also, I kept trying to use voice recognition on this post but "denouement" kept coming out as "Daniel Mall" on voice recognition.

Do you like soup? Do you like piracy? Come join @mogwai_poet and I on another journey to Soup Island!

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Jim and Ben return to Soup Island, for a hearty serving suggestion of Progresso Split Pea With Ham.

Ben Grue boosted dragons are not "monsters" just monstrous looking. Todays promt is "monster" for #inktober #ARTober
Baby dragon and his mama

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