Took my partner and my friend to a tiki bar on a Monday.

They had fun.

I'm gonna be hungover on Tuesday.

Hello Mastodon!

I've been absent. What's up?

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"Art is meant to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable" - David Foster Wallace

Welp, GDC is in town and I'm already exhausted.

Looks like tonight's party will be water-only.

I'm reading (listening to) The Name of the Wind right now.

You guyse it's good!

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Persona 5 has a hell of a denouement.

Also, I kept trying to use voice recognition on this post but "denouement" kept coming out as "Daniel Mall" on voice recognition.

Do you like soup? Do you like piracy? Come join @mogwai_poet and I on another journey to Soup Island!

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Jim and Ben return to Soup Island, for a hearty serving suggestion of Progresso Split Pea With Ham.

Ben Grue boosted dragons are not "monsters" just monstrous looking. Todays promt is "monster" for #inktober #ARTober
Baby dragon and his mama

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