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Dear #Mozilla, I fully agree with your message and this is why I am not giving you my money anymore. Because you are not the #Internet and I really don't like how you started speaking of yourself as such.

You make a browser. This is great. Diversity among browsers is essential and indeed keeps the Internet alive and humane. However instead of concentrating on this very important mission you are uniquely positioned to perform you changed your focus to populism while your top management pay figures go into seven digits. This I don't like as well. #Firefox needs love and attention but instead you cut developers and engage into distracting nonsense no one asked you for. You even managed to break Firefox Mobile. After your redesign it is just shadow or what it used to be.

Instead I am giving to someone else. It is David Morley who runs diasp.org - my first Diaspora pod. It is the Dr.Quadragon who runs one of the largest Russian Mastodon instances. It is Funkwhale, great free music sharing and streaming platform. It is Phillip Kulin who runs Russian Internet Censorship Registry Watch. I am not giving much but I hope this trickle helps to fuel real life of the Internet - people who create and support things.

I used to give you, Mozilla, but I am becoming more and more disappointed lately. Sorry. And again when salaries of your execs are described with words "instant inter-generational wealth" it seems to me you can do fine without my $5.

Wie Pix-Art Messenger aus dem Google Play Store verschwand

Der Pix-Art Messenger ist seit dem 31. Oktober 2020 nicht mehr im Google Play Store vertreten!

Google hat uns am selbigen Abend eine E-Mail mit der Information zukommen lassen, dass die App Pix-Art Messenger gegen Trademarks der Firma PicsArt, Inc. (picart.com) verstößt.

Die App wurde von Google umgehend aus dem Store entfernt.



Dino 0.2 is out!

Dino is a privacy-friendly messaging application. The 0.2 release adds message correction, improves the file upload functionality and provides more information on encryption.

Release blog post: dino.im/blog/2020/11/dino-0.2-

Apps targeting Android SDK 30 published by F-Droid cannot yet be installed on Android 11. This affects at least FairEmail, Netguard, OpenVPN and a few others.

You might want to hold up upgrading your device to Android 11 for a few weeks if you rely on any of these apps.

As a developer, you might want to hold up upgrading targetSDK to 30 for a bit.

The issue is tracked here, including a workaround for getting your data back from FairEmail in case you already fell into this trap.

I think a lot about how I tend to try and solve my problems with technology pretty often, but.. we tend to try and solve our problems with the tools we know, right? And if one's tools are, say, embedded in the kyriarchy, then, well.. dang.


This page helps you to get started using file synchronization with Syncthing and Markor as your favourite file editor of choice. Required applications are Syncthing (Desktop & Android) and Markor (Android).
Markor: How to synchronize files with Syncthing
#project #markor #android #syncthing #gsantner #gregorsantner #austriansoftwaredeveloper #fdroid #f-droid #blog #opensource
Debugging is an essential part of software development. In case of Ubuntu Touch apps there are basically two ways to debug an app. This blog post showcases both ways.
Develop Apps for Ubuntu Touch: How to Debug Apps
#opensource #development #debug #debugging #ubuntu #touch #ubports #ut #ubuntutouch #gsantner #gregorsantner #austriansoftwaredeveloper #fdroid #f-droid #blog #opensource
Single-player blackjack game with optional basic strategy hints.

I started on the project in februrary 2020 to get 100% offline working crosstplaform apps running on a Ubuntu Touch / UBPorts phone and as a result uploaded the app to OpenStore.

Read the blog post here:
Blackjack (Vlackjack) - 100% offline crossplatform game (New in Ubuntu Touch OpenStore)

#project #opensource #offline #app #game #ubuntu #touch #ubports #ut #blackjack #vlackjack #ubuntutouch #gsantner #gregorsantner #austriansoftwaredeveloper #blog
Blackjack (Vlackjack) - 100% offline crossplatform game (New in Ubuntu Touch OpenStore)
I started on the project in februrary 2020 to get 100% offline working crosstplaform apps running on a Ubuntu Touch / UBPorts phone and as a result uploaded the app to OpenStore.
Blackjack (Vlackjack) - 100% offline crossplatform game (New in Ubuntu Touch OpenStore)
#project #opensource #offline #app #game #ubuntu #touch #ubports #ut #blackjack #vlackjack #ubuntutouch #gsantner #gregorsantner #austriansoftwaredeveloper #fdroid #f-droid #blog #opensource

* Couldn't reach out to much people. Even though I combined the contact list of my diaspora and mastodon account I felt like my posts didn't reach as many new & existing contacts then any post on Mastodon. The main problem is that posts might/do not show up from my account, if there are not much people following my instance.

NOTE: If you want to leave a comment, please do at Mastodon.

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I could not really participate on the fediverse for months because I had hard times to see even a single post :D.
* No quality desktop/mobile application is out there. For Mastodon i.e. theres tons of well-working applications for all OS out there.

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Moving back to Mastodon

Hello to everybody reading this, heres another notice of my fediverse adventure.
I'm moving back from Friendica to my previous Mastodon account as of now.

You can find me now at:
@gsantner ... mastodon.social/@gsantner

* My Friendica instance isn't very reliable. It required me ~2h to login, change my avatar and do this post - server always runs into overload & timeouts. Partially also reboots that logs me out again.

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