Just for confirmation: Yes, the friendica post/reshare (one below) is by myself.
(Because I was asked if somebody trolls me - No that is not the case ;) ).

I'm currently on migrating my fediverse accounts from mastodon & diaspora to this account.

For posts to appear for you and other people on your server, first someone must follow me from that server. So in first stage of migration, I start with migrating contacts, so future posts reach as much as possible people in the fediverse.

BTW: If you read this (and want to), please follow/friend me and share this post :D. (Especially if you are already do follow me and you are interested in my posts about Markor and others :D ).

Thanks, Gregor

Markor v2.2 Update out! 😎 :breathe:

Read the blog post:

* Make Slides for Presentations with Markdown
* Audio Recording / Voice Notes
* Create Markdown tables fast

What is Markor? Open Source TextEditor for Android, with support for Markdown & todo.txt.

@fdroidorg @mondstern @ButterflyOfFire


Dear users,
please help by testing new Markor feature(s).

Download link: github.com/gsantner/markor/rel

* Attachments menu in top toolbar. please try all options if they work (for plaintext and markdown files)
* Audio/Voice recording is new! Try the audio option at the attachment menu!
* Try also the two buttons on bottom at a markdown file.
* Try the "import/copy" popup options and check in view mode if files show up/are correctly linked.

Please let me know if you run into issues.

:thinkerguns: 🎉 MemeTastic v1.6 - Offline, Redesign, Meme Templates


Create Memes faster
Apply Text settings to all captions
Rotation gesture for Image Viewer
Use MemeTastic as Image Viewer
List of sites for Meme Templates and Funny Images

@fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid

🎉 Markor v2.0 update released - Search, dotFiles, PDF export

Read the blog post here:

What is Markor? Open Source TextEditor for Android, with support for Markdown & todo.txt.

@fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid

Update: Update available from F-Droid too now.


:thinkerguns: 🎉 Markor v1.7 update released - Custom Fonts, LinkBox with Markdown

Read the blog post here:

Topics: Custom and bundled Fonts, LinkBox with Markdown, WikiLink syntax, App Shortcuts

What is Markor? Open Source TextEditor for Android, with support for Markdown & todo.txt.

We're starting a #FDroid user-group! 🎉 Feel free to join us next week at my local hackerspace in Vienna, Austria. Save the date: 14.5. 18:30 !@metalab

All details on: metalab.at/wiki/FDroidMeetupVi

When you leave a comment for an app in G-Droid consider using the thumbs up 👍 or thumbs down 👎 somewhere in your comment. So you indicate if you'd generally upvote or downvote the app.

Very soon G-Droid will count these thumbs and generate a new metric for the star ratings. So every user can influence the rating with mastodon comments.

As usual: every user is free to ignore the new metric by setting its importance to 0 in the G-Droid settings.

#android #fdroid #gdroid

Markor v1.8 - All new file browser, favourites and faster Markdown preview :thinkerguns: :blobaww:

Read the blog post:

What is Markor? Open Source TextEditor for Android, with support for Markdown & todo.txt.

Want to give feedback that is visible in the G-Droid F-Droid client? Read the new Feedback section in the blog post!

@fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid @mondstern


@poetgrant I am an avid user of #vim, so my preference is... VIM. It's all in a git repo and I sync that repo to my phone as well (use #tmux and #zsh). I find that I rarely need to edit notes on my phone so I either just use vim on my phone or #Markor.

Just learned about , a new client which behaves similar to many popular messaging apps like Telegram or Signal. A important step to mass adoption. git.pattle.im/pattle/android

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