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Tachibana Kanade @h0m54r@mastodon.social

Today I'm announcing eggs.carton, an instance where "heterosexual males" can wonder why they always play female characters in video games and why they keep reading manga where boys get transformed into girls.



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Finally, this weekend I will be doing an all night special of my radio show as the finale of my friends and I's charity fund-raising. We've been raising money for Cancer Research UK and have raised so far £1094.01 (¥162,602). The finale means that people in different time zones could listen as it's 9pm-7am UK time (6am-4pm Japan time) so maybe you could join me?

There's more information here: justgiving.com/fundraising/ver

@tinruufu nekomimi.solutions isn't loading and none of your children have twooted since early this morning—does something need a kick?

Who's got two thumbs and is going to be listening to on thisisthecat.com (and 107.9FM in the Crewe and Nantwich area) starting in ten minutes?

wisdom, from ikea:

> All soft toys are good at hugging, comforting and listening and are fond of play and mischief.

Look, I'm happy to put up with Welsh-language zealotry as it's a legal requirement, but pull shit like this and I'll start to get annoyed. mastodon.social/media/jf_hW-A8

So glad I'm not paying for this project management course I'm taking on Alison; the materials are appalling.

My radio show #NekoDesu is about to start on 107.9FM (around Crewe and Nantwich) and on thisisthecat.com - I play anisongs and talk about them.

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Have a listen to #NekoDesu on thisisthecat.com if you're interested ^_^

@TheShillito Can you see this? I think federation with KiraKiratter might not be working, as your katsus aren't showing up over here.

Current status: trying to port some code from Python 2 to 3 that parses a file format that mixes up binary and text data.