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in voc2mix I kept pressing the big TRANS button but my gender is still the same?! is this expected?

Surprised to stumble across a medically-supported non-binary transition from *the eighties* this morning: pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/233738

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📰 Not a single headline. Following events in the Lords last night, the UK’s independent elections watchdog is no longer independent. It’s now subject to political control by a Minister in the govt of the day…right now, that means Michael Gove. And not a single headline. 🤷🏼‍♀️

🐦🔗: twitter.com/OpenBritainHQ/stat

mom [boing], dad, I'm [laser sounds] [rooster noises] [explosion] [sirens] trans- [baby screaming] gender

I am the person who unironically says w00t in the year twenty twenty two-tturu~

Ah, apparently Amaroq is abandoned and we’re supposed to use the official client now :/

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Huh, looks like it was one specific toot that was causing the crash whenever it loaded. I can start the app again now it’s moved down my timeline, but if I scroll too far then it’s an insta-crash again.

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Has Amaroq started crashing on launch for anyone else? I can’t even see it in the App Store to see if it’s mentioned in reviews.

The existence of "vim and vigor" implies the existence of "emacs and emacgor"

🧊 Introducing Melt, a quick and easy way to backup your Ed25519 SSH keys. Melt will backup and restore any Ed25519 SSH private key as a set of seed words. Write 'em down and never lose your key again! ✍️


We are reaching levels of cuteness previously thought impossible. :3

This might actually be the greatest name and SIC combo in the entire Companies House database. find-and-update.company-inform

The only thing better than Wordle? SSH Wordle! 🕹️

ssh sshwordle.daveroda.com

BBS doorgame vibes! 😍

Source: github.com/davidcroda/sshwordl

This weekend I made a video game with Very Scary Scenario as part of the Global Game Jam! Or at least I made the music for it, and other talented folks made the art and code and other contributions. Check it out at gunner.vscary.co/

Family friendly policies are great until you’re trying to set up a meeting with a time zone more than 5 hours away.

“Our family friendly policy requires all meetings be within our core hours.”
“Same here.”

I guess technically paying for a transatlantic flight would allow the meeting to be policy compliant, but that seems even more family unfriendly (let’s drag someone away from their family for days just for a one hour meeting)

There are good weeks, and there are weeks you have thirty hours of Zoom calls.

Kenne ich vielleicht jemand in Wiener Neustadt, der/die/das ein Bisschen historische Forschung machen will?

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