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Every Tuesday from 5:30pm to late, HackLab.TO opens it's doors to members of the public.

From tiny solar panels that can power your cell phone to systems with a handful of batteries or panels, Alan will walk you through what he’s learned in his solar power tinkering so far. We’ll have a variety of…

See you there!
@hacklabto Awesome. I love small scale solar and recycled battery stuff.

From tiny solar panels to power yr cell phone to systems w/handful of batteries or panels, Alan will walk u thru what he’s learned in his solar power tinkering so far. *NEW* Hacklab at 1677 St Clair W on Weds Oct 23 7pm. Free & open to public . Tell a friend!

We’re still just finishing up building out the basement wood and metal working shop, and starting to set up DIYBio. Otherwise, the new Hacklab is up and running every Tuesday evening for open house at 5:30. Come see…

makers!’s 1st weekly open house in new location Tuesday, July 2nd! Bring famjam out to 1677 St. Clair West at Loughton LRT stop, just a couple blocks north of . Limited street parking available. We’ve missed you!

DON’T PANIC! Still lots 2 do but getting there. Scott’s enthusiasm is infectious! Join us to help Tues/Fri nights, & Sunday Funday. Contact thru , , , or our website for info. See you soon on St Clair W!

Amazing fantastic from Hacklab 3.0!! We’re still accepting & offers of so pls help out if u can. We should be ready to launch soon! See you in ’s in St Clair West Village!

Hey could this be a fun project & civic engagmnt: Makerspaces adopting hoods for 's revamp? cc

RT WOW! This is so cool. We'll happily accept some of those funds to 3D print some pieces for the updated model 🤙 We'll even throw in tiny tool libraries, free of cost 😬 The invisible residents of deserve to just like the rest of us!

Behold! Work on the new kitchen has started! Work is pretty slow going with our few dedicated volunteers donating their hard work and time after their dayjobs let out. Please consider…

Finished but SO much is left to do! Hacklab is full of boxes stacked to ceiling & we JUST finished installing a bathroom on the main floor. Please donate to our or donate some time o help us build/paint/unpack! Please share!

RT pulled out a copy of the Canadian Criminal Code, opened it to the relevant section, and read it to them. Then asked them to leave.

(At the time we all wondered: was this an entrapment attempt? I mention this to give a sense of how scared everyone was.)

RT One moment I remember was being the week after our member was arrested. Someone came in and started asking me to do illegal things for them (hacking email accounts). was there. I have never been more grateful to have someone rescue me in a conversation.

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