i love that hbo just doesn’t care that their intro-thingy really doesn’t work with digital video.

i really don’t get why companies don’t pay freelancers on time. especially for single articles it’s just not that much money and all they do is get freelancers talking and ruin the company’s reputation just so they can hold on for 150-300 euros a bit longer. that seems like a really bad business decision.

i’d probably get fired for doing it, but i could write a script that would automate a lot of tedious work i have to do every monday.

kennt ihr dieses problem, wenn ihr etwas schreiben wollt, aber keinen ort dafür habt? für die meisten leute wäre die antwort vermutlich medium, aber ich hatte noch eine domain rumliegen und zu viel zeit und … naja. nein-mag.de/fuck-creativity-ge

freelance life aka yay, i have work on a saturday!

@jemus42 bist du immer noch plex-user? mein setup hat vor einer woche aufgehört zu funktionieren und ich verstehe nicht warum. mac als server, xbox als player. beide im selben netzwerk, aber die xbox kann den mac nur noch indirekt erreichen, was heißt, dass der stream komprimiert wird. und ich verstehe es nicht und finde auch mit googlen keine lösung. sag mir bitte, dass du eine magische antwort hast

please give tig notaro’s discovery character her own show.

i set my standard search engine to duckduckgo and holy shit it’s bad. and i mean itunes ping levels of bad. microsoft zune levels of bad. linux on the desktop levels of bad.

when you start a factory reset of your seemingly broken xbox, open your rss reader and see an article that describes exactly you problem and that it’s just a xbox live problem theverge.com/2019/1/30/1820398

duckduckgo – only the second best for our customers

(yes, it’s probably a sony and not a marvel decision, but still.)

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of course spider-man was always going to be alive after endgame. but releasing a trailer that shows him being alive before the next avengers is out is still a weird choice.

i really wanted to hate titans. i loved teen titans. i’m bored by the »everything has to be dark and gritty« thing. but i still watched ten of the eleven episodes in one day.


if you block a person on twitter without reading the dm first, the twitter website will forever show you this bubble and it’s impossible to do anything about it. which is great, because it will always remind you of the blocked person THAT YOU BLOCKED FOR A FUCKING REASON.

you should play celeste. this game is beautiful, sounds great and is addicting. the last game that had me try again and again and again and again without being frustrating was super hexagon.

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mental health 

i’m usually pretty good at handling my depression. but the last few weeks have been really tough and i really don’t want to leave my bed anymore.

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