»i quit comedy the same way louis c.k. said sorry – i didn’t mean it« youtube.com/watch?v=cbnwjKeBy4

when you send apple a gdpr request it sends mails to every mail adress connected to your apple-id. fun.

i need more mastodon content so tell me who i should follow

i work for a youth focused radio station. i have add. and i still think modern video formats move too fast. please let my eyes rest for a second and give me time to digest information.

still a must watch though. it’s so good and the deep dive on one topic is very last week tonight-ish. also hasan minhaj is awesome.

i love hasan minhaj’s netflix show but his running around and all those different camera angles make me dizzy. i’m too old for shows where the host isn’t sitting behind a desk.

i still don’t get how the designer of the ipod and mac line can have no taste whatsoever when designing somthing other than electronics.

mission impossible is a movie series about white privilege. ethan hunt is literally the worst spy in the world, even worse than james bond, but everyone implicitly trusts him and gives him chance after chance.

one week left to figure out how to spend time at the apple store while my phone is getting repaired. the hardest part is not being able to listen to music or podcasts.

i think i’m finally happy with the look of my website. and all that was neededwas to throw basically everything out and make it look like a first steps hello world html page.

aliexpress is magic. i now have lightning cables in every single bag and backpack and it cost me 10 euros.

what do you think this product that is »easy to take, relaxed to life« is? (it‘s a lightning cable.) mastodon.social/media/RUlwvQzD

setting my alarm to 6 am so i can go to work really early, because i want to leave on early afternoon so i can visit the dog because it’s her birthday. yes, i’m going to celebrate a dogs birthday. don’t judge me.

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Boy, I need a break from the dumpster fire of US politics...

*glances over at UK*

*sees this is fine dog*


(yes, you can be a single person to be a good journalist, but you get my point.)

one small thing that would improve youtube greatly: a filter that gives me only »real« journalists. for example only videos from polygon, rock paper shotgun etc. instead of all the let’s players when i’m looking for a game review.

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This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

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