If you need a new roof in a region like this ... just say something ☀️ ( Photo taken by @christinegraf@twitter.com )


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I think this also comes up when trying to explain Mastodon or the fediverse to a wider audience. They just have no frame of reference for this kind of stuff. "Where's the app in the App Store?" "Why do I have to choose an instance?" "What (1/3)

Nearly everything works on my new server at fimidi.com Only the configuration not 🤔 and I have no idea why ... If you register an account I have to confirm it😉

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Eigentlich ideal für den - Sitzplatz immer dabei, praktischer Korb für das Geraffel und unten noch ne Ablage für Mate...

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Instance is synonymous with server, and I think using the word "instance" was a bit of a mistake on my part during early Mastodon development. It's a programming term that less people are familiar with from other contexts. I (1/2)

"Stellt euch mal vor, ihr könntet einfach soviel Schulden machen, wie ihr wollt. Ihr bliebet immer kreditwürdig. Weil der, der euch Kredite ausstellt, Geld einfach nachdrucken kann. Wobei nachdrucken das falsche Wort ist. Da wird nichts gedruckt." blog.fefe.de/?ts=a2f12749

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At this time of year it’s important to have a car that is designed with an uncompromising focus on practicality ift.tt/2rBdFBL

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1/ If you don’t follow Brexit every day, here’s some advice. Let go of any illusions that this drama is about trade protocols, residency rights or the status of the Irish border. Brexit is the story of a proud former imperial power undergoing a mid-life crisis

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"At Drupal Europe, I announced that Drupal 9 will be released in 2020. Although I explained why we plan to release in 2020, I wasn't very specific about when. Given that 2020 is less than thirteen months away (gasp!), it's time to be more specific." dri.es/plan-for-drupal-9 @dries

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Hey Mastodonians, citizens and others! Gear up for tens of millions of Nextcloud users spread over several 100K servers who can now join the in just one click!⠀

Want to host your … ift.tt/2EdRycb

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Gutenberg phases as announced at :
Phase 1 (2018): New writing and editing experience.
Phase 2 (2019): Focus on customization, themes, widgets, menus.
Phase 3 (2020+): Collaboration, multi-user editing, workflows.
Phase 4 (2020+): Official support for multilingual sites.

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