Von wegen Sonne und 24 Grad .
Hier regnet es auch 😐

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We’re seeing this issue too. On it.

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Catastrophic in , France this morning 14th October! More rain is expected! Report: @Meteo_Pyrenees

Ich habe die Nase voll vom verregneten und fliege jetzt nach in die ☀️

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Fascinating @jacobinmag@twitter.com interview with controversial German leftist leader @SWagenknecht@twitter.com. Like it or not, the classic framework of center-right/center-left politics is collapsing due to globalization. She realizes this; her critics don't: and it's global jacobinmag.com/2018/10/sahra-w

Et voilà, here comes the other side! To see the first side, have a 👀 at my last photo.


Missing Link zu Smart Borders: Die Stadt der Zäune und das Land der Träume | heise online

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