DJ Hairy Larry presents Hairy Larry playing "The Blue Crane".

From The Archives Of Something Blue June 26, 2022

DJ Hairy Larry presents Hairy Larry playing “The Blue Crane”.

01. DJ Hairy Larry Presents Hairy Larry
02. Something Blue – School – 29 second spot

Thanks Marty, today we’re going to hear a brand new entry to the archives of Something Blue.

I’ve got a new album out called Hairy Larry Livestreams, 16 original songs performed live on my twitch stream.

I wish I could fly like a "Blue Goose"

Play along and turn this jazz trio into a quartet. "Blue Goose" is licensed Creative Commons Attribution, CC BY. Contact

@snowdusk That's great! :flan_thumbs: I remember when I co-hosted a podcast for the first time how nervous I was. After some time passed doing it, I found my groove and felt comfortable recording podcasts. I still sometimes record for HPR (I actually need to contribute a few soon, to be honest). I still make mistakes when recording, but that's fine. I do minimal editing, just enough to remove those extra pauses when I have my brainfarts. :flan_XD:

I used to hate listening to my recorded voice, but after podcasting for so many years, I've gotten used to it. :flan_smile:

Sometimes it's neccessary to take a moment away from the world, to relax and to recover.
#circusInPlace is a space for fedi people to do that together, and support each other with a no-news space.
We'll be in the room untill the early morning, for chill conversation and good company. (we'll also be working out)
Whether you choose to join us tonight or not, please take some time away from the news when you need it. Self-care is important, of whatever form works for you.

Gamer+ News June 24, 2022

Acorn People and Mister MistMeister

On their way back from Mr Muffin's Second Hand Store Ari, Caper, and Clairen met Edge Bravestone, a cautious fighter. Caper said "Well met" and invited him to his hobbit hole for elevenses. They had a floral mix that, when steeped, thickens the air with love and tea infusing aromas from across the Four Marches.

Caper mentioned that he had heard of an interesting tree across the river in Wilken Woods ...

Did you see that naked ninja streak by?

Of course not!

Riding down a two lane blacktop following "The Blue Crane"

Play along and turn this jazz trio into a quartet. "The Blue Crane" is licensed Creative Commons Attribution, CC BY. Contact

Violate one license and you’re a criminal. Violate every license and you’re an AI.

#microsoft #copilot

Microsoft's Github Copilot is disregarding Free Software licenses and will be happily selling parts of your GPL code against your will! Woo!

As the author of this article says - free software should be dependant on free software architecture - I recommend as an open-source alternative to Github.
Sadly Github is no longer a platform that can be trusted.

CC: @codeberg

All my mates love "Crates"

Play along and turn this jazz trio into a quartet. "Crates" is licensed Creative Commons Attribution, CC BY. Contact

The submission are open for #fantomesZine second edition! Send along your writing, poetry, illustrations, photos or something else entirely on the theme of ghosts, hauntology, occultism or spooky folklore. There is no submission deadline yet but i think I'll leave them open for a month or two. Boosts appreciated, let your friends know about it and look up issue 1 for inspiration ~ 👻

Thinking about making a twitch channel that's just scheduled "we'll be back" messages with bad CC0 jazz elevator music playlists

(This is a feeling that can come through in many situations; the prompt right now? Trying to help folks in a YouTube chat get a basic grip on "time crystals")

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Hairy Larry Guerilla Livestreaming Big Lake National Widlife Refuge on June 20, 2022

Licensed Creative Commons Attribution CC BY

DJ Hairy Larry presents Idle Americans playing “Too Rolling Stoned”.

01. DJ Hairy Larry Presents Idle Americans

02. Something Blue – Stones – 29 second spot

Thanks Marty. Today we we’re hearing some blues rock recorded at Blues Fest.

Gamer+ News June 17, 2022

Explore Tobbins Shire on Inspired Unreality open game chat hosted by Eclectic Geekery in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. We will be playing a hybrid game with some of us sitting around a table and others from anywhere in the world meeting in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tankar's Tavern on Discord.

For more information about Inspired Unreality and for a link to Tenkars Tavern go here.

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