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Hairy Larry

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@hairylarry Listening now as I do my morning writing ... cool ...

New HairyLarryLand CD by The Swing Band Project, "Chess Man Blues". I wrote the title track.

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@hairylarry ah, I think I just missed it! the site says the last broadcast stopped 3 minutes ago.

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My new CD, "Chess Man Blues" played by The Swing Band Project is now streaming on MixRemix Radio.

If you enjoy chess you'll like Chess Man Blues. Every verse is a chess joke.

I was able to play You Win Again all the way through and then the internet quit liking me.

I'll post the link tomorrow after I get Chess Man Blues up at

I'll try again after Betty Boop.

Coming up on "Chess Man Blues", the title track of my new CD.

Had internet issues. We had thunder and lightning for a while. Seems to be better.Will try again soon.

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I've been binge watching Lemony Snicket's "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" - the Netflix series lately. I rlly love this show.. so hilarious and dark... my kind of thing 🤪💦

I released a new CD today. The Swing Band Project - "Chess Man Blues".

Going to play some tracks on openmic at

Free ebook from Tor. A Darker Sahde Of Magic by V. E. Schwab.

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@hairylarry @djsundog already tried that once, and it didn’t work out so well.

I’m getting a chipped duplicate made tomorrow, and the. Overnighting the second copy. (Holding on to the third in case of emergency.)

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She’s renting a car for tomorrow and Wednesday. This is the appropriate move.

I have another copy of the key (but only 1 more) so I could:

1) make a copy of the key somewhere that will copy chip keys (I think home depot started doing this recently.)

2) fedex/ups the original spare, at the fastest available speed (should arrive Wednesday)

3) monitor tracking closely, and in the event of a delay, not work on Wednesday and instead drive the third copy of the key 10 hours to her.

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I feel like, in $current_year, I should be able to go to Home Depot or Lowe’s, let them scan the key, email that scan to another store, and then have them make one for her to pick up.

Why isn’t this an option?

Are there any locksmiths that will do this?

Somebody blow my mind and tell me how this is a thing that some company will do, so I can save myself the headache?