I am enjoying the first show of aNONradio's newest DJ @iiogama. Good job -- such a chill setlist! I am looking forward to many episodes of this show.

Free ebook from Tor.

A novelette by Brooke Bolander


@hairylarry it is! (2.8), and unfortunately not yet, just testing my rigging.

I have a DVI_HDMI adapter lying around but I couldn't find it after the move. I guess I'll buy a new one so I can find the original again

sometimes i wonder if i isolate myself here in the fediverse by being real and unfiltered about the black experience

probably. but, that's fine. if people don't want to know they can block me

the number of times i get "i can't believe this" in response to me in general is kinda amusing. it's like. "how could i make you believe?"

you know, you can't really be an ally without putting in the work to not immediately doubt the words of others experiences. the world is.. a different place for some.

Rule of Software Complexity: You can't have a complex system that isn't also a buggy system.

Corollary: The only sustainable user interface is a REPL.

Corollary: No matter how advanced your user interface is, the REPL will still have more features.


I liken it chaotic good tendencies.

I'll follow your laws, and help people to the length of my tether.

Unless your laws are unjust.

Then I'll actively undermine them to show the foolishness.

I just love photographs of a and in general. I'm don't suffer from , but I can definitely see the attraction.
Closeup they can look like awesome alien landscapes, especially when enhancing the reds and blues a bit. The that Google Photos made here of the three shots that I took, has a bit of a similar effect.

(Pete might not have written it. I didn’t check. It was just his rendition that I was listening to.)

Very cool little offering from the folks at SDF@mastodon.sdf.org which I only just learned about, thanks to @mrguilt - historical versions of UNIX installed on VMs, accessible from your browser! unix50.org. Yes, it's Javascript, but it's for a good cause so pinch your nose and check it out.

@hairylarry I enjoyed the Christmas live concert, however that much matters to you

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