It says about five minutes remaining but it's been stuck there for two hours. The hegemonic desktop OS+GUI bundle needs to die.

Simplest GUIs in the 21st century: Still too fucking complicated to get even the simplest thing done.
Proposed solutions? Framework this, framework that...
Apart from a lack of caring and a lack of creativity, it's quite possible a side effect, made possible/mandatory by the imperatives of the market and economies of scale. (A space dominated by Google, Microsoft, and Apple)

Every time I'm faced with this situation (every other week or so) I renew my determination to radically change that.

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Honestly most of reddit's problems would be solved by federation. Being able to defederate from the overtly toxic parts could have saved a lot of anguish.

LiteIDE is a Free, QT-based, pretty decent and lightweight IDE for the Go programming language.

I can't escape the feeling that LiteIDE would be more popular if only they hosted their project at a non-sourceforge website.

I also took a look at IntelliJ's commercial IDE called GoLand, but it's not exactly lightweight, and it's definitely not Free.

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@bjoern it was vendor-neutral in that GH wasn't owned by any other tech company whose competitors might be developing software on GH. Now it is. I agree with what you say about #VultureCapital, but a mistake was made either when they took it, or when everyone continued hosting there after they took it. Take your pick. GL could get acquired, but the difference is anyone (using the gratis service) could move to self-hosted with minimal hassle, and if necessary, fork the project. Not at GH

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Is it me or the main obstacle between programmers and getting an Android app built is Gradle?

Android Studio is truly hideous, but mainly, most problems with it as an IDE seem to stem from terrible integration with gradle whenever you need to get anything done.

Many people dread things they don't know anything about, and not enough people dread PHP.

Google's Android Studio for Linux delivers one of the worst IDE experiences I've ever been subjected to. Easily. It's based on IntelliJ's IDEA and customised by Google to torture millions of programmers.

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@haitch I wouldn't call enthrallment goodwill; Microsoft got to where they are today through ruthless exploitation of legal measures against otherwise decent businesses of the day. They deserve worse than nothing; they deserve dismemberment. But that's just me. (Personally burned by MS back when operating AxisInternet.)

Teal Organizations

by John Naisbitt

The most exciting breakthroughs of the twenty-first century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.


I have been critical of Canonical on several occasions, and I believe the criticism was warranted every time. (and more)

This time Canonical seem to be finally nailing it, getting this product exactly right. There will be bugs, and bugs are to be expected, but this is no pie in the sky pet Shuttleworth project. This is Canonical making Kubernetes available and accessible to a much larger user base than Google had in mind, and that can't be a bad thing.

If you'd like to try out Microk8s yourself, here's a very straightforward tutorial to get you up and running on a local Ubuntu workstation. (est 26 min.)

Microk8s is a serious desktop / single-node virtualisation tool produced by Canonical. It radically simplifies Kubernetes and plays great with Linux, covering the FOSS development niche that Oracle's VirtualBox is not quite apt to cover, and filling a space that VMWare Workstation is not quite Free to fill.

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I hope this year is shorter than the last.

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Cursed JavaScript pattern:

If x is reliably a 32-bit integer, you can get x+1 using -~x, and x-1 using ~-x.

It works because of 2s-compliment:

-1 is represented by all the bits being 1, then it's ...11110, ...11101, and so on. The result is that bitwise-not x (~x) is -(x + 1) and therefore -~x is x + 1.

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