There is a cyberpunk story to be written about a gang of programners who sold their company Macs to New Age shops and got their work done anyway using the hardware they already had.

I know I would be excited about a computer like @vertigo 's future Kestrel 3 or even the new ZX Spectrum, or a Hacktari.

But this industrial thing by a massive evil corporation turns me off a lot.

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They've sent me this from work and I've never been less excited about getting my hands on a brand new computer. Why?

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This Week In Fascism just got kicked off Patreon due to mass reporting by Proud Boys.

They have moved over to LibrePay, which also hosts Riseup's fundraising. If you have a couple extra dollars pass them on to a very worthwhile project run by some awesome people.

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PSA: in less than an hour the rover will land on :

👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾

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I just read "Linux Kernel 5.4 is Rolling Out Via Windows Update" and I swear I had to read that twice because my brain went full WTF.

We're living in strange times.

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@haitch OK, I guess you know about websites like
I don't exactly know how they do it but you could check the code:
But to me, all these estimates already strongly overestimate the size of the Fediverse given how many people (me included) have at least 2 accounts on different servers.
I cannot think of any ways to reliably find a number which would not be a (potentially significant) overestimate...

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There's exceptionally little coverage of this in anything remotely like mainstream press, though the Register's Simon Sharwood managed to run an item on 18 December 2020:

Your web search history plus records of the browser and device you use to make those searches could enable financial institutions to calculate you a more accurate credit rating than traditional methods, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). And the global finance organisation says the ability to use those records might be a good thing rather than a privacy nightmare.

And asking the obvious:

What could possibly go wrong with Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba using AI and your browser records to facilitate offers from third-party financial services? Thankfully, the authors can find plenty of potential pitfalls, including security worries, changes in lending behaviour that challenge prudential regulation regimes, and the potential for new players to weaken banks and by doing so undermine the role they play in the wider financial system.

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Random link from the archives: "How Silicon Valley’s successes are fueled by an underclass of ‘ghost workers’ - The Verge" originally retrieved Wed May 15 10:13:57 EDT 2019

Does anybody know what's the lastest estimate for the size of the Fediverse, however that can be estimated?

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If I can get this new architecture to run BCPL code as effortlessly as it does Forth code, or at least nearly so (defined as within 10x performance), I'll consider this instruction set a huge victory.

It will also mark my return to word-addressed (not byte-addressed) memory architecture. Don't worry, though; it will still have a means of fetching and storing bytes, half-words, and words too.

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due to an incredible turn of events, dual display with PCIe (NVMe and WiFi) works fine now on MNT Reform

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Very nice article to show how to set up #Ada with minimal runtime for almost all #ARM Cortex M and #RISK-V processors for #embedded programming.

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@ekaitz_zarraga Yeah, sorry. I avoid ELF because of it's seemingly unbounded complexity. Trying to write a loader for RISC-V object files produced by gas proved to be an exercise in self-harm, so I now avoid it like the plague.

It's also what prompted me to write my On ELF series of blog articles.

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Due to , I regret to announce the immediate termination of the #KestrelComputerProject and the #Kestrel3 name and logo.

I will continue to work on my now anonymous home brew computer designs. But, as far as the Kestrel Computer Project goes? That's done for. Kaput. I can't keep up doing this. The site will be coming down shortly, and the repository will be archived.

Q: Did I receive a cease and desist?

No. I'm active proactively because I can't afford (in terms of cash outflow or in terms of time spent) to be involved in any legal proceedings at the present time.

Q: What will happen to the Kestrel Computer Project as a whole?

It's dead, Jim. History clearly shows I'm insufficiently able to maintain a project with these lofty goals, in any kind of reasonable time-frame.

I had a lot of moral support, but absolutely nobody else stepped up to the plate. Even though the Kestrel-2DX, in particular, served as a great proof of concept. (The Kestrel-3 is basically just a redesign of the 2DX using all-open source development tools and development boards.)

I guess it's just going to be me bitching and moaning on social media from now on.

Q: What about the Kestrel-2? Kestrel-2DX?

In all honesty, I'll probably revive these two systems under new names. These computer designs all work; they're "done" from the point of view of achieving first-boot and running actual (if limited) software.

But, it wasn't what anyone wanted.

Everyone basically waited around for me to release a real, working machine that could basically run Linux, even though I said multiple times that that was a loooooooooooooooooooong way off into the future. Nobody took interest in either the Kestrel-2 or Kestrel-2DX. Though these designs are limited, they're available, done, and can be forked and enhanced, which on numerous occasions, I actively encouraged. They're licensed MPLv2.0, so ... yeah, no excuses. It's not like I didn't have anything already "out".

Q: What about the Kestrel-3?

Honestly, I don't know its fate yet.

I want a Kestrel-3, so I'm probably going to keep hacking away on it until I get it to boot. But, I don't see any future Kestrel designs after that.

I'm thinking I'll be returning to extremely niche "toy" computer designs for fun. I just can't even anymore.

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re: Here Be Stupid 

Or, in the alternative, you might take a vacation that's twice as long because you joined a union which fought for the right for you to take sufficient time off work, with pay, without any fear of retribution or negative performance review, because people need motherfucking downtime and labour organisation is the one method that's been shown effective in seeing the needs of workers met.

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@dredmorbius Fridges with SIM cards already exist, albeit used for telemetry in medical/scientific applications (including the storage of the Covid19 vaccines) and mostly using just GSM and LTE (as reliability in this use case is much more important than fast data transfer)

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@vfrmedia I was just doing a quick cursory scan for SIM-enabled or similar appliances, for someone claiming that the prospect was tinfoilhattery.

So whilst that result was a false lead, there are others:

"The potentialities of 5G for the home appliance sector"

As reported by APPLiA, alongside the increased number of smart devices at home, the concept of smart home is becoming more and more appreciated by people with an 80% who finds the idea of having a smart device at home appealing. By the numbers, connected devices will reach 50 billions globally by 2020 and the number of smart homes in the EU is not expected to stop either, with a tenfold increase by 2021. In the next 20 years, the International Energy Agency has predicted a share of electricity consumption from connected appliances comparable to that of traditional ones with a steadily decreased cost of smart appliances.

Which links:
"Living the connected home - APPLiA - Home Appliance Europe"

That's still talking about generic IoT stuff, but I strongly suspect there's SIM/5G discussion happening somewhere.

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