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@fribbledom My working theory is that the DOM is a terribly inefficient abstract syntax tree for HTML, and that it slows down your pages whether or not you use JavaScript.

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I’m speaking at AraCon in Berlin in January. Let me know if you’ll be there too.


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@bob "The big tech companies have a lot of money and lobbying power, but when you compare their apps to what it's possible to self-host the value which they deliver is quite marginal and it might not take much to shift things in a different direction."

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operating system dependency management is hard let's do that at the programming language level instead

programming language library management is hard let's make virtual machines and do that at the vm level instead

virtual machine image management is hard let's do that at the container level instead

container management is hard let's

go-ipfs 0.4.18 released

- experimental QUIC support
- gossipsub pubsub routing algorithm
- pubsub message signing
- refactored ipfs p2p command.
and more...

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All Graphical User Interfaces that I know of share the same page/window/view organization.

Basically a set of static forms and a handful of ways to navigate between them ("next", "previous", "details", tabs).

Both web and native APIs enforce that archaic structure.

Is anyone out there experimenting with something more dynamic? Maybe with widgets appearing & disappearing & moving around in response to user interaction and new incoming data?

OpenGL ES 3.0 Programming Guide Sample Code

This is the accompanying code to the book

Various platforms are supported, including Linux, WebGL and mobile OSes.

Migrate from Photoshop to The Gimp


This is the best guide I've ever seen helping digital artists with their migration from Photoshop to The Gimp. (And I say this after 20+ years as a Photoshop power user)

If you are a digital painter and you don't need to use a text tool, @kritafoundation is your best option.
Thankfully, excuses to keep using Photoshop are becoming less relevant these days.
Enjoy your freedom!

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Was watching that 'Hyperland' video @enkiv2 shared and saw a snippet of a Virtual Reality display NASA was doing called "The Cyberaid".

I asked about it on Birdsite and one of my followers knew exactly who that person was.

This HMD is from about the time I was born! And apparently even before the first web browser was publicly available!?!


I new VR was hyped years ago, but I thought it was from the 2000s, not '87

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Don Hopkins worked on (maybe invented??) a message passing prototype OO system for display postscript (used in HyperNeWS) that was only a few lines & should be portable to any forth.

It's hard to imagine prototype OO being hard (i.e., more than 20 lines to bootstrap) in a language that's dynamic enough to support a REPL, tbh.

@wilfredh @Shamar

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"The text was identified as potentially sensitive by an academic convening the course. “This is almost worse because it means academics are now engaging in self-censorship,” Tufail said."


Custom FPGA-based Soft Processors for Sparse Graph Acceleration

[PDF] nachiket.github.io/publication

"FPGA-based soft processors customized for operations on sparse graphs can deliver significant performance improvements over conventional organizations (ARMv7 CPUs) for bulk synchronous sparse graph algorithms. We develop a stripped-down soft processor ISA to implement specific repetitive operations on graph nodes and edges that are commonly observed in sparse graph computations"

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I'm looking for a sbc ARM board that:

• Has a SATA port
• costs less than 60€
• isn't a raspberry pi
• that hasn't Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity ( I don't need them)
• Doesn't require non-free blobs or drivers to work (so that has an amlogick or a rockchip SoC)

Any suggestions?

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@haitch On the one hand, I agree with Bruce; but, on the other hand, I'm fearful that the government involvement will not be to anyone's liking at all. That's the perfect opportunity for compulsory back-doors, for example.

I don't have any answers, only fears. I particularly enjoyed watching this video as well; professional software engineering is aware of the issue. youtube.com/watch?v=Tng6Fox8Ef

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Guardian called Tim Berners Lee the "founder of the internet". 🤦‍♂️

1. The internet isn't an establishment to be founded. One doesn't found the electricity grid for example.
2. Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web, not the internet. Lookup Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn who invented TCP/IP. Though that's more important, it doesn't qualify as inventing the entire internet either.


#Internet #Guardian

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Uhh I don't get this "A contract for the Web" thing Tim Berners-Lee is pushing now. It sounds like a change.org petition with extra steps and about as much effect

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I quite wonder why some people are trying to do proprietary implementations of ActivityPub software.

Also just to be clear: This instance won’t federate with them.
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