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@halcy knock knock open up the door it's real with the non stop pop pop and stainless steel

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@Gargron How did I make somebody admin-y again?

sssso how do I edit strings I want to change site title and intro text

Fixed a ton of stuff in the Mastodon tutorial. Some typos, missed steps, etc. If you really want your own instance, check it out:

@Gargron is there a Correct way to change site title and the text on /about presently?

So anyways, Mafia III ~opinions~ thus far: The _way_ it tells its story is amazing - really well done, much better than what I had expected. Story itself is eeeeeeeeeehalright. Main problem is it's all spread very thin, and the gameplay is extremely uninspired open world sandbox fare, fairly weak for a current game.

(those wonderful DUST PARTICLES are actually just specks from really badly sampled volumetrics punched through some filters, which is actually hilarious)