To be clear, I don't think it's the most "wrong" thing in the world, but generally when one licenses an open source platform, it makes sense to either consider an ideological alignment (permissive vs share-alike) or the licenses used by the adjacent ecosystem (eg, many library dependencies for Rails apps are MIT)

Next release of will allow you to fully interact with videos and accounts with your Mastodon accounts.
- Full screen
- Comment / Reply to comments
- Boost / Add to favorites
- Open the conversation
- Follow accounts

Manyverse actually appears to work now, instead of just hanging indefinitely.


Bittorrent is all about sharing in abundance as fast as possible, Blockchain is about preserving ownership through inefficiency

Helping the stepaway from the #dotcons

I have 5 working/funded/stable #openweb projects to push this winter to wider ordences.

Covering News, social media, video and search.

Be the change you wont to see #stepaway from the #dotcons back to the openweb

#4opens are key for projects to work dont drink to deeply from the #encryptionist stream 😉

Its a safe space for Campaigning and NGO groups to access the Founded on and moderated by an ethical code of conduct.

83 Users, 1699 Statuses, 1991 Connections

The art books were 90% brand advertising. Bucharest wandering.

Heading back to London next few days. End of vagabonding for the winter

#PeerTube needs designers: a few points of the interface which need UI (re)work long term will be documented and relayed here over the course of the next few days.

1/n: related videos showing along the current video do not use the screen space well |

Boosts and inspirations (preferably in the issue tracker) are warmly welcome! :blobcheerbounce:

You can always check other UI-related issues (both design and integration):

#design #ui

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