Shit. I think I know why social networks (including Mastodon) don't foster personal connection: There isn't a shared activity to bond over. No one is doing anything together. It's just people thinking out loud.

Even the special interest instances on this network don't really facilitate that, because they are too meta and only talk about a specific interest without facilitating the shared participation in said activity.

That's what made my old site ArtGrounds work. You could draw there.

This has been an idea I have been waiting for, for so long!

Feeling delighted to be a part of this activist community....greetings from India....

A first post is a sacred post so I invoke all the forces for good on the planet <3

A new world is well on its way :)


Its hard for people to see/understand the difference between personal and social conversations as the #deathcult has banished understanding of the social. Its a basic problem we face.

I'm very much interested in politics, but still don't think Mastodon is a good platform for political discussion. I certainly don't think complicated ideas can be communicated well here. On the other hand I don't trust people who consider themselves 'apolitical'. I call that 'has no idea what's going on in the world and/or doesn't care'.

So, uh. You know Invidious, the privacy-focused front end for YouTube?

Someone made the same thing except it's for Twitter. And it has RSS support.

We are looking at options for next year:
Option A: go back to the UK through northern europe
Option B: head to South of France in search of a warmer climate
Option C: go up to the Baltic, costal hop all the way to St Petersburg and then down the Volga to the Caspian Sea.
What you guys think?

A libertarian is just a Republican who takes drugs.
-- Bob Black

#anarchism #quote #bot

"I feel that I don't get to say this about many projects: FreedomBox impressed me."

That's one excerpt from DistroWatch's review of . Though FreedomBox isn't perfect, we're proud to receive a largely positive review!

Read the full review:

If you must buy fuel, then I suggest a #boycott on #Chevron & #Texaco at a minimum as they are both still die-hard #ALEC members. #Exxon Mobil has the deepest history of destruction, so boycott them too.

In this moment motivated comrades in #Berlin are blocking #ThyssenKrupp, a weapon industrial company.

Shut down the murderous weapon industry that makes profit with displacement and genocide!


Heading out of Berlin for the weekend to go mushroom picking in the forest

"Dell—along with the largest cloud-based private companies, Amazon, Apple, and Google—regarded the rise of the cloud as
a new age of computing. But in concept, at least, it was something of a regression to the old mainframe architecture of computing’s earliest history, where many users all depended upon a single powerful central core that could only be maintained by an elite cadre of professionals."

The modern web followed BBS culture.

Then IRC.

Then WWW..

Then it all went siloed.

We decentralized. Power to the people.

Now we make the future.

Now we make the promise real.

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