Arrived back to find the boat still in place, no leaks found so far. Very dusty at the back were the air vent is. Big issue is the main (expensive battery bank is at 5.5v and the dodgy controller (which i got a replacement for but did not fit over winter) has a dim red light only. Getting dark so no lights tonight, lets find more issues tommorw.


It's a silly phrase. It would be better to talk about oppression or even better about "faulty technology" or "sub-standard technology" (notice, it's not the people using the technology who are at fault).

If we re-frame the whole thing as faulty then we can talk about how sillicon valley is pushing things which are *designed to perform badly* for their own narrow financial advantage. You could analogize it to adulturated food, which was a big problem in the past and was only eventually countered by regulations and inspection.

From London to the Black Sea

Living in London for 4 years on a refurbished lifeboat we set-off across the English Channel and arrived at the Black Sea over 5000km and 3 years later. Now we turn around and head home, circumnavigating European inland waterways.

This is a video of the DIY Boater Gathering at the filterbeds, a slide talk, outlining the voyage, with Q&A with Hamish and Ana the crew.

I'm listening to #DougRushkoff's interview with #FredTurner on #TeamHuman and its occurs to me that we are presented with a false choice, when it comes to the future of democracy. One the one hand, we're being asked to resuscitate the old, centralized model of the "nation-station", and on the other hand to abandon it in favour of a completely fluid, distributed model of P2P consensus over social networks. A model that we've seen lend itself to massive tyrannies of structurelessness. (1/2)

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Thank you to everyone for supporting #openweb projects and spreading the word.
I think 2019 will be the year of next generation fediverse projects like #Anfora, #Funkwhale, #GoFed, #PeerTube, #Pixelfed, #Plume, #Prismo, #WriteFreely. #activityPub #fediverse #federation

Congrats to the 14 land defenders on Gidimt'en territory who got their charges dropped on April 15!

Unfortunately, the police have only increased their harassment of the indigenous that live in the region that CGL is claiming as their "workzone" going as far as bulldozing homes, setting up checkpoints (somehow they are allowed), and harassing members of the community.

Here is our first video about how these incidents play out:

For people who like there news #spiky Northern Anti-Media
@northernantimedia an Anarchist media collective

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