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the internet before GDPR:
big companies collecting your data

the internet since GDPR:
big companies collecting your data after you've given up on pop-up windows with unnecessarily complicated opt-out schemes

GDPR: A great achievement for online privacy. Pushing back on the big corporates.

Actually existing GDPR: Superficial non-compliant changes to websites. Continued data grabs, with no enforcement.

The question all people who are interested in social change need to ask is at the level you are working at what do you actually have affective power over - its beyond pointless to use what little power you have trying to change things you have no power to affect. Focus on what actually has an impact on the level you are working at #OMN

The swamp-to-industry pipeline was greased in the final hours of the Trump regime, when Trump signed an executive order rescinding Obama's rule that banned administration officials from immediately joining lobbying firms.


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The is a standards based political software framework to build and grassroots semantic web of trust links and flows. We do this by outlining a human understandable workflow and then build radical real world apps from this. We are agnostic on the underlighing technology and programming as long as it is based.

It seems to me that as a user of the fediverse, I will end up creating multiple accounts across services/servers (eg. Mastodon, pixelfed, matrix, etc...). This works, but i would prefer to have a single identity that could be used across services rather then many identities.

Is there any way to do this? Currently I use keybase/gpg for managing my online identities (going to switch to #keyoxide when I get some time), but this doesn't solve the issue. Wdyt?

This youtube play list from #visionontv is worth a look to see a snapshot of #openweb history from a #NGO prospective. Am now curease what happened to all these projects youtube.com/watch?v=3FcxjaxjZX

Where are these people now?

Mozilla exists to normalise surveillance capitalism. Don’t @ me.

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For #indymediaback the is a BBB video meetup tonight from 6-7pm to talk about test rollout and UX updates Link for the meeting @6pm below


Interesting look at a #4opens project en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?o notice ""Strict scrutiny" means that any measures instituted for security must address a compelling community interest, and must be narrowly tailored to achieve that objective and no other. " We have come a long way from this with our #encryptionsist agenders.

Matrix protocol is enjoying a huge groundswell in its adoption. This is however, somewhat independent of the fueled kneejerk reactions of people - not so much by virtue of their realizations of having been commoditized, but rather, an opportunity for them to simply venture onto better, greener pastures.

#Matrix is not without barriers to onboarding, but neither is #OpenPGP where email is concerned - one either takes a few minutes to understand the basics of how a newer platform functions from the user perspective or they remain commoditized - many folks find that kind of apathetical complacency no longer acceptable.

I thought I'd share a bit of balanced observation here, and although it is not without its subjectivity, it is pretty spot on:


FOSS doesn't care if you adopt or use it. There aren't necessarily any budgets or a Board of Directors to answer to, and it can exist lying intact dormant, until someone else comes along to pick up the torch. If it is useful, someone will use it. If it threatens to #disrupt some aspect of the #proprietary, #closed_source world, it still doesn't care.

FOSS projects can be freely hosted or as part of a sponsored endeavor of big venture capitalists - it still doesn't care and that's why it is such the great disruptor and bringer of #democratization of computing and communication to the once insignificant and downtrodden #fodder of the #monolithic_silos, users (participants) who willingly traded their #dignity for a friendly face, like the yummy children boiling in the witches cauldron inside the gingerbread house.

It is common knowledge that these #monopolies are now understood as having their existence facing that of #extinction.

You can't legislate #FOSS, anyone can do with it what they wish to, whether it is legal under your country's regime or not. You can throw people in jail, but guess what, FOSS is still #free, it still exists, and it still doesn't care.

I hope that helps! :)

#tallship #Vger
Thanks for the linked article goes to @garritfra
You can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔


@jambamkin yeah .. I guess the editorial requirements of reviews make Wikipedia type solutions difficult. But I have wondered whether a combination of #wikidata + #activitypub would provide a solution

Its interesting to think that many radical tech projects are reactionary from a political point of view, the tech world has changed a long way over the last 10 years to get to this righting agender... the was ones a progressive force... pretty much everything now is conservative or at best. How to reboot the original progressive is an interesting challenge now.

If you have some extra $$$ don't fuck around and support @riseup the OG's of autonomous tech collectives, making email and other services available to comrades for over 20 fuckin years


To be fully human is to be empowered to live a meaningful life in society. To be sub-human is to live a powerless life outside of society. We are social creators that make our own meaning with this power.

The ONLY important question is how power is shared inside society - all political ideology are based on an understanding of this.

Looking at social power today we find it in metadata. There are 4 views on who should hold this data:

The corporations
The government
The individual
The commons

@rysiek @briar Installed and played with Briar on a couple of my devices, I love the concept and networking. UX has a ways to go and the inability to send files or use "mailboxes" feels like the biggest limitation currently. That said, its way closer to my "dream app" I envisioned years ago. Keep up the good work, I'm impressed!

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