🇬🇧 Quit Facebook or Twitter and stay in touch with your friends via Diaspora or Mastodon? Mandatory #interoperability would give you a truly free choice of provider. Unfortunately, no majority for #interoperability in the #DSA in LIBE Committee today:

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Two developments at the Fediverse to point out in this regard are:

@hamishcampbell with rebooting network

picking up steam at (the community of technologists that work on the foundations of the and its ecosystem): socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/

Back on after leveling the boat alone for 7 months. Lots of cleaning of mold and spiders webs
youtu.be/xjm5aV6kruo support at the production of the videos and get to see them early on patron.

The undead left of the played a stupid and destructive power play. The antomus crew burned out and there "cloths" and "words" were taken up by our more liberal frends to push their reformism. The embrace of the of poisoned any hope. We are in a mess... the are projects to compost this and are examples. The is a good "libertarian" leaning community on the that worth looking at visionon.tv is an example.

I considered calling myself a “public interest technologist”, but then I looked at who was using that terminology and it all seems turgidly neoliberal and utterly mired in sketchy government agencies. So it's better not to get associated with that.

Into another Delta! This time our old friend The Rhine. Between the Netherlands and Belgium. We are that blue dot on the map!

We all spend to much time worshipping the #deathcult lets take some time to correct this.

As a general rule if you are doing things which put people first then you will be doing things which capitalism either doesn't care about or actively opposes.

Its now fashionable to buy a lifeboat. They are not the best boats for open sea but the small ones work well on UK canals and the bigger ones on European inland waterways. You can do coastal with care for the weather.

You can find our 10k 14 country voyage across europe at and videos youtube.com/c/BoatingEurope

Looking for some crew for crossing NL to Belgium over the next 2 weeks if anyone is interested for a day or more.

What we mean by equality between the sexes is not just that men will no longer oppress women. We also want men to no longer be oppressed by other men and women no longer to be oppressed by other women.
-- He Zhen

#anarchism #quote #bot

Is there a word for "Freemium", where free is so bad, that one can assume it only exists to make users buy premium?

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