London shopping is the epicenter of the trying to buy solid walking sandles in Covent garden.

@Hamishcampbell Just finished watching it. Yeah, I think you're right, it's an important topic, but this is not the right lens. The Ludwig Canal is the original canal that connected the Danube and the Main rivers on the 19th century, now replaced for a wider modern connection, the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal.

Latest video takes us through the last lock on the voyage to the delta to the Blacksea

July / August 2017

We have the first break-down, one year into our Boating Europe journey, along the Rhone-Rhine Canal, just before we get into the infamous Rhine River.

- EXTINCTION REBELLION is Working Well So Far - Roger Hallam - ...

- How Amazon is monopolizing the consumer goods market

- Return to the Moon

- Solar Panel + DIY Light Reflectors = More Power? Renogy vs Ri...

- Why Enthusiast Brands will Betray You

#OMN #VisionOnTV #PlugAndPlay

Left the boat on a frendly restaurant boat in romaina for a few week to head back to uk for medical reasons. Take care lifting heavy anchors in big river flows

The Open Media Network is a trust based, human moderated, #4opens project that builds a database shared across many peers. The project is more important for what it DOES NOT DO, than what it does do. It uses technology to build human networks.

Frontline DOCUMENTING HATE has been nominated for two News and Documentary Emmys, outstanding investigative documentary and outstanding writing. Congrats to the whole team especially Rick Rowley Karim Hajj AC Thompson Brian McOmber. Deeply grateful to the amazing team at Frontline PBS, especially the visionary Raney Aronson

If you haven’t watched it yet you can find it here

I'm pretty excited that Mastodon not only has multiple mobile apps, but multiple web front ends. Could be the viable alternative to TW/FB I've been looking for.

Its basic stuff we have lived in a neo-liberal #deathcult for the last 40 years. The are only two choices rightwing which will solve nothing or leftwing which is a mess but has some hope. Most of the things the mainstream/center think of as solution are inside the #deathcult time to stepaway #OMN

Could do with some help finding a crane in the CZ to lift our boat off a truck into the river vltava. Have been trying by phone/Google maps for 2 weeks to find a crane with little to show. We have a truck waiting to go.

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