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bad news. "Fracking given the go ahead in Marsh Lane." from to
Misson Springs Protection Camp group on fb

youtube.com/watch?v=-RrphEZxmU The famous mashup of early environmental nonviolent direct action produced by Richard Hering and George Marshall in 1993. The video collates actions from the beginnings of UK environmental NVDA 1991-93, along with other actions from around the world. Its extensive and humorous use of montage techniques made it inspirational to many actual campaigners as well as future ones. The video even appears in a novel.

no flamable panels on concrete tower blocks in serbia as far as i can see

@hamishcampbell Well I come here every 4 months and wonder why it's so clumsy... Telekommunisten's expression "cargo cultism" comes to mind - just trying to copy existing networks won't really get us further

"There’s an obvious connection between a decentralized internet, in which individuals create and oversee their own digital identities, and a functioning democracy, in which we make informed choices about who rules us and how we are ruled. Yet too few people make that link."


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I'm pretty sure I don't want Twitter-style brand callouts in the fediverse. If I saw it I'd block it. Brands can either stay on Twitter or have their own instance which can be easily blocked.

If brands do show up one nice thing is that they have no central authority to protect them from criticism or spoofs, and there aren't necessarily "real names" they can try to retaliate against. The lack of ability to buy their way into controlling the platform will deter them to some extent.

Finally found somebody else who's been advocating for full-history RSS (RFC5005)! Apparently there are two of us in the world. This person cares particularly about paginated podcasts, which would let you browse all the old episodes of a podcast no matter how long it's been running. I've heard from a bunch of people that this is still a big problem for podcasters. podlove.org/paged-feeds/

People have mentioned the need for a facebook alternative on the #fediverse, but now I'm wondering if that's true.

If you have microblogging (#mastodon, #pleroma), macroblogging (#plume), and event management (#gettogether) all federated and talking to each other, you don't really need a one-stop solution. There's no reason you couldn't have a platform that does it all, but for the small teams that are building these projects, maybe it makes sense to limit the focus of the project and rely on federation and other projects to fill in gaps.

@medusa I assume someone has pointed at #GetTogether and #Upcoming.org? Both #Hubzilla and #Friendica have events calendar features. Maybe someone needs to make a list of #MVP requirements for a federated #Meetup, and maybe create some UI mockups, to help guide dev?

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