20 years ago, these were the people changing/challenge #mainstreaming society with social technology.

With the we approach this from a less theory based path of using the last 100 years of on the ground protest camp organising as a existing working model unite.openworlds.info/Open-Med

The current plan is to build a production/coding team, go for funding, expanding the coding team, build the tools, test the tools, roll out this test to a real user base - likely not the fedivers to test. While these last stages are happening, we can try and ratify it though some process on socialhub or just roll it out and see if people use it, both are fine by me.

@hamishcampbell @clacke

People are being VERY stupid and hardcore #blocking on this simple #KISS mirror held up to them. Think it's the shame stage of #deathcult worshiping.

"there's no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look after themselves first."

Thinking from the start of this mess.

I really wish people would stop using Cloudflare for their sites. I’m getting more and more frequently blocked from sites (literally getting 403 Forbidden pages) apparently because I’m running OpenBSD. I can fire up the exact same browser (Firefox 99.0) on any other OS or computer in my home, with the exact same preferences/config (AFAIK) and browse the exact same content just fine. 🤔 shit’s getting old.

"we will automate this to make it easy for people"

there is a lot to unpack in that sort of notion but the things I'm thinking about today revolve around the vast space between "oh, that's sounds nice and helpful" versus "'easy for you to do' and 'in your best interests' are not nearly the same thing at all".

We want good things to be easy, but not all easy things are good.

In fact, people work to make entering and persisting in an exploitative situation "easy".

I have Lots of Feelings about how frequently people position themselves as "helping" when mostly what they are doing is making something easy that perhaps not be done at all, let alone made easy to do.

@dachary engages in some brutally honest sharing about their own organizational mistakes here. I aspire to achieve this kind of self-awareness in my own advocacy work:


#honesty #SelfAwareness

youtu.be/sLkgRJqij4k the mess we are currently adding to. What is a constructive way out of this, we need new thinking on all these problems.

Listen to this till they talk about then think about the and the last 10 years of pushing "trustless" as "common sense" in open source projects.

This is the talking through our geeks.

city center has been distroyed and replaced with a temple of plantery death. It flocked with ists. It sad and very bad that this much damage has been done in 20 years.

Because we ALL worship the #deathcult in everything we do, people will be prats without thinking. This is the normal default process to any action and especially to change/challenge.

We need a way out of this mess.

apps.microsoft.com/store/detai If you would like to understand why you should never build any trust on non projects. This link is a good example.

@disco_coop am interested in having a conversation with you guys about a lots of the content you put out.

It's all and theory based not connected to a messy lived world of change/challenge.

The are wide, non non documented alternatives, meany with long histories, would be usefull to talk about this real ongoing change/challenge some time.

The #geekproblem focus on perfection outcomes, which always end up as anti-human as our imperfections are our individualism, they MAKE us human. The are strongly #blocking on this issue, and always refuse to work on projects that will work in messy humain ways #OMN #OGB etc.

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