been busy figuring out what are the semantics for restart-on-failure of virtual machines^W^W unikernels; it is indeed tricky with a tight loop of restarting (failing) services, esp. since console output goes to a fifo which another process needs to read from -- and furthermore the user should be able to kill the restarting thing at any point in time... now down to creating ~120 unikernels a second (from 140) on my laptop by introducing locking... better safe than sorry

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Some members of our hackerspace participated in this years second iteration of the #MirageOS hack retreat in Marrakesh. Here is a short write-up in German ([EN] G translate ). Thanks curtisanne for the blog post. #ocaml

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sorry for being so silent here, reason is that I still haven't found a mastodon android client which works well with mastodon social and android 4.4.4 (which has limited tls version support, and seems to require 1.2) (i tried tusky, twidere, browser so far) -- is there any mastodon client which "vendors" their tls stack?

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I have a postfix question: mail I'd like to _rewrite_ any (incoming/receive) mail addressed to to be addressed to (in order to make some application happy that only accepts one email address and dislikes forwards from to

any hints how to do this, please? the MX with postfix is responsible for both and

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wondering if there's a OS-independent Unix way [tm] to figure out how much (in percent) CPU a specific process consume(s|d).

What I do atm (FreeBSD, after looking in source of `top`, rough pseudocode:):
kinfo_proc pp = sysctl [CTL_KERN;KERN_PROC;PROC_PID;$PID]
if old_pp == NULL then
pp.ki_runtime / (gettimeofday () - pp.ki_start) * 1000000;
pp.ki_runtime - old_pp.ki_runtime / interval * 1000000
old_pp = pp

(ki_runtime is specified as "real time in microsec", that's why * 1000000)

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The #IAA among the worlds most influencial Automobile Exhibition is currently taking place in #fankfurt, but under great disruption.

here some impressions:

as every ~6 months, I setup a small router (PC Engines APU) for our upcoming MirageOS retreat in Marrakesh... using MirageOS services where applicable: DNS, DHCP, CalDAV... \o/ -- this time with reasonable monitoring (influx + grafana) so others can enjoy and play with this in Marrakesh.. the router being our infrastructure also means the root password is empty, and everybody is invited to improve (or mess around)... I also plan to document that setup this time for real ;)

decentralisation... I think about it a lot, and somehow came to the conclusion that individuals are in need to run their own autonomous systems... otherwise we'll be screwed, and more and more power will be at the big multinational corporations... now getting AS number and IP address space is not very cost-neutral (neither is running one/two/many services and routers at colocation/IXs)... any idea how individuals can take back control without their own AS?

just watched a documentary about (Budapest - Nickelsdorf (Austria), September 2015) and had to cry... back then I was on-site in Nickelsdorf and Budapest to support the refugees -- final straw was when Hungary promised refugees a train to Germany, let them board, and drove them into a retention camp and beat them up.. still believe there could have been - and still can - a much better handling of the situation with refugees.. now I'll sob myself to sleep, damn world and capitalism

considering using and contributing to ? Join us for our retreat end of September in Marrakesh, there are still some spots available

...also looks like chatting can be combined with some coffee drinking (managed to find a lift for my espresso machine) \o/

@yomimono it looks like your nice weblog is down again :/

at if you're interested in MirageOS unikernels, please come and talk to me. also happy for hands-on sessions :)

gibt es zufaellig hier wen, der donnerstag oder freitag von berlin nach mildenberg mit einem auto faehrt und platz fuer meine espressomaschine (+equipment) hat?

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