...also looks like chatting can be combined with some coffee drinking (managed to find a lift for my espresso machine) \o/

@yomimono it looks like your nice weblog is down again :/

at if you're interested in MirageOS unikernels, please come and talk to me. also happy for hands-on sessions :)

gibt es zufaellig hier wen, der donnerstag oder freitag von berlin nach mildenberg mit einem auto faehrt und platz fuer meine espressomaschine (+equipment) hat?

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gathered metrics that show our CalDAV server uses ~4 times fewer CPU ticks when run as virtual machine ( unikernel) compared to a Unix process -- and thus emits less CO₂ //cc @PrototypeFund berlin.ccc.de/~hannes/crobur-j -- was running till June 13th as process; read more at hannes.nqsb.io/Posts/Summer201

not reading email on weekends (and usually neither in the afternoon, i.e. after 12:00) has been very relaxing, highly recommended!

enjoyed this critical mass bike ride today in berlin quite a lot... 40km with 5000 people... :D i really like the organisational structure (none, more-or-less consens based where to go at every crossing); and the police being very nice and polite (this used to be quite different some 10ish years ago - where they used their batons against us)... highly recommend, every last friday in your town :D -- go and make a difference by showing that streets do not solely belong to cars :D

now feeling old, for the first time built a stable world+kernel on my laptop (after more than a decade using current (where the update intervals decreased within the last years))..

oh, 6 FreeBSD security advisories today -- looks like they adapted Patch Tuesday^WWednesday freebsd.org/security/advisorie (ref en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patch_Tu).. happy upgrading!

really glad the last 1% of disk fill up very slow compared to the first 99% \o/ (still hope they'll never fill up within my lifetime ;))

wonder if anyone is actually collecting metrics in terms of "due to lack of proper caching (or stupidity of whatever) the release of YYY lead to N tons of CO2 emissions"!?

wasn't aware until today that cutting the hedge requires muscles I rarely use... now off for some wood chopping... uncertain whether I'll be able to type the rest of the week ;)

that's a pretty nice article on object oriented programming medium.com/better-programming/ (though I'd argue JavaScript being OO as well, and unless you've FP to the core (stdlib) its rather hard to use + reason about)... so, give OCaml a try (or ReasonML if you fancy curly braces) :)

TFW when you find a file "errata.txt" with nicely reported issues and proposed fixes, which _have not been applied to the code_ /o\

RIP Carlo Giuliani -- 18 years ago on this day he was shot by police while protesting in Genova against the G8 -- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of

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