applicative parsing in -- interesting to read, but isn't there prior art, e.g. in (surely that's not a general parser combinator library)? (re-posted without typos)

what I learned while being in ottawa: black squirrels exist! they're beautiful. I'd like to have black and red squirrels mixed in the woods :D

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<3 :flan_cheer: @hannesm did a great #MirageOS + #OCaml talk about making unikernel apps. Runs on #FreeBSD, #OpenBSD, and almost any other UNIX-like environment you can imagine. Super interesting!

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I finally got around to experimenting with mirage skeleton/hvt/vmm/Unix unikernals on 6.5 current. I intend to continue to explore it. This is exciting! #ocaml #openbsd #mirage #unikernal

I just noticed that the book I'm reading atm (published 1972 in Germany) by Hans Magnus Enzensberger got published last year in English. You should read it, highly recommended "Anarchy’s Brief Summer: The Life and Death of Buenaventura Durruti" (or in German "Der kurze Sommer der Anarchie. Buenaventura Durrutis Leben und Tod")

@stsp bist du zufaellig gerade im 4. OG U 90 in ottawa?

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This year, we published a paper "Engineering with Logic: Rigorous Test-Oracle Specification
and Validation for TCP/IP and the Sockets API" in the Journal of the ACM! :) so glad that this is finally out :D (happy to hear your thoughts on that, still working on a TCP/IP stack based on that work)

This is a very nice read about extensibility of modules. It's worth reading even if you're not into OCaml (but other programming languages)!

I've some basic metric analytics questions, anyone can enlighten me? So, I use grafana. Counters are straightforward, but now I've this issue that I'd like to graph:
- (a) bucketing (i.e. length of received network packets)
- (b) more bucketing (i.e. the used TLS cipher suite, DNS resource record types, ..)

I've seen in some SNMP specs pre-defined bucket tables - is that the way? Or is there more dynamic? I could put a tag cipher=FOO into influx, but no clue how to visualize that in grafana.

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Hi there,
Can't help noticing that I am having a hard time finding fediverse accounts about my domain. Any chance you know people talking about #AbstractInterpretation, #StaticAnalysis, #SymbolicExecution, #SMT solvers and #FormalMethods in general?

Thanks in advance!

I'm making some progress with influx/grafana monitoring over at :D

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Every time I see the Hacker Ethic praised without critically challenging its shortcomings, I have to think of "Programming is Forgetting: Toward a New Hacker Ethic" by Allison Parrish and wish it was more popular. You can read the transcript here

so I barely understand computers, anyone can explain me where my memory is?
top shows "204M Active, 126M Inact, 309M Laundry, 6935M Wired, 267M Free", now if I sum up the RES numbers of the processes, I get to maybe 2GB, ARC is 1.3GB. Is my kernel that hungry? is there any tool I can use to investigate further?

This is a system... and I've been using sleep and resume a lot... (which I have not in the last decade) - may that be related?

maybe I should find a Unix 101 class to attend...

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Die will das verhindern, wenn Sie dort keine Polizeiwache mitten auf dem Veranstaltungsgelände bekommt und nicht mit anlassloser Bestreifung die Gäste rund um die Uhr überwachen darf. Unterschreibe unsere Petition:

today: short 30km cycle trip to the north. was worth it, saw places I've been ~20 years ago the last time; managed to average at 24km/h :D

and incremental zone transfer for IXFR... FWIW ;p

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