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file system restructuring through all the layers :D let's break all the APIs

where has all my motivation gone? and how will I manage to pack and get ready for travelling and organising workshop _tomorrow_? .oO(/o\)

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there's another release of - 3.2.0 -- we broke the API again \o/ (we will likely continue to break it) now, the solo5 backend for modern hypervisors (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, KVM) is named hvt; and our IPv4 layer has access to a RANDOM device (the IPv4 identifier in each packet is generated at random). :D discuss.ocaml.org/t/ann-mirage

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It is such a pleasant experience to walk, bike or ride the tram through areas where cars don't need to be accommodated.

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It can take 10 x Odroid C2 (4x1,6GHz A53 64bit 2GB ram) and 6x Odroid HC1 (4x A15 4x A7 2GB ram and fast sata via usb3, 2,5" HDD/SSD). 1x management Node controlling the relais card and maybe mng VPN or something like this. TTY for recovery will be done "p2p". Both boards can run Linux and a bunch of BSDs and at least the C2 can do KVM and run #MirageOS on it.

somehow I've the feeling that this hobby of mine, to remove unused /unnecessary code in will never be completed... by reading more code, I find more code which could be removed... starting from the other end may work: is no code still a MirageOS? ;P

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so there's now a preliminary release of a noise protocol framework implementation for (see github.com/emillon/ocaml-noise) and an announcement at discuss.ocaml.org/t/ann-an-imp -- this means that we may soon get modern crypto protocols (such as wireguard et al) in -- this is great news, everybody! :)

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#MirageOS on #OpenBSD

With my brain wave the other day, PR#273 [1]

All the mirage-skeleton tutorials, device-usage and applications now compile and run successfully!

[1] github.com/Solo5/solo5/pull/27

end of weekend, I managed to write some code (IPv4 reassembly) github.com/mirage/mirage-tcpip feedback welcome ;)

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@hannesm Rightfully so, nothing to blame! There should be a git fame ;)

managed to remove another >80 lines of code across 5 repositories... I'm the one not appearing in "git blame" since I mainly remove code ;p

dear protocol people, if you're into protocols and (conformance/regression) testing, did you know about TTCN3? if not, there's a very nice introduction by @LaF0rge at media.ccc.de/v/XQKBZG worth watching -- thx to laforge :D (and in case anyone is interesting in integrating this with , in that would be great as well -- there's an upcoming hack retreat where you can still sign up at retreat.mirage.io) :D

are you interested in operating system design and implementation? also into functional programming? come join us at our 6th MirageOS retreat early October in Marrakesh. more details including trip reports from earlier retreats at retreat.mirage.io pls sign up soon! :)

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