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I made it , went with mort out as last survivor \o/ now zzz, too much laphroig

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In order to become better at @OCamlLang and #MirageOS, I will not install #fsharp on my new laptop with @QubesOS ... It's maybe a "bad habit", but I seem to POC better in F# than OCaml. I guess is the many years that I have been working with the @dotnet platform ;)

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Project website is now being served by a Solo5 unikernel running on top of the Muen Separation Kernel \@/ muen.sk/

over at birdsite i try to get some donations, if you've money to share and want to finance more MirageOS work pls get in touch (donations are to a charity, you get a tax-deductible receipt). There'll be a platform for smaller donations from next year on; atm I'm looking for big donations (>=5000 EUR) since we've to handle receipts manually.

plans for 2018: read email only on days which are a prime number (count starts with 0 from jan 1st)

PSA: the bitcoin piñata will loose most of its value. The owner who lend us 10 btc wants to spent them on useful projects ownme.ipredator.se

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"Ick Scheiss Uff Google" ("I Shit off Google") on Sidewalk in front of site chosen for future "Google campus" in Berlin. <3

It's just beginning... #FuckOffGoogle



I failed to miss my flight and just landed in london stansted...

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@hannesm Thank you for making it happen and bringing together such a wonderful group of people! Enjoy the sun ;)

such a nice event, will happen again. hangover in the sun listening to the prayers \o/ happy to have found such a nice community :D

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we're having a mastodon follow party at the #mirageos hack retreat :D excited to hear from @antron and @samoht here, along with many friends I've been seeing here for a while! <3

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Sitting at the airport feeling sad to leave Marrakech. It was a wonderful experience and I am happy that I had the chance to meet so many interesting and nice people and bore them with the talk about Muen.
Thanks @hannesm for organizing the hack retreat and getting together such a wonderful group of people!

Au revoir Marroco!

PS:Can't get keyboard cat out of my head...

... and the enjoyment once you get out of the tiny metal box and have all the freedom in movement.... choice of time and location is not an accident.... I'll enjoy a full week of random hacking with 30+ others down here in Marrakesh :)

too early in the dark and cold, travelling by train to the airport to go south... why can't i fly like the birds on my own? but have you seen this excellent website vectorpark.com/sandcastles/ -- i really love it (best used on mobile / tablet)... so looking forward to a warm and sunny retreat in marrakesh with lots of nice people and friends... if it was only later this damn "10 euro flight"

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nice to see it clearly spelt out ""Please refrain from selling products or PR bullshit of any kind. We are also not open to projects with military or secret agency background at any events of the Chaos Computer Club."
events.ccc.de/2017/11/24/the-c #34c3 #soon

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Proud to release a first glimpse of our #34C3 Fahrplan. Please #tuwat and help by using our https://halfnarp.events.ccc.de/ tool!

Look what we can do now berlin.ccc.de/~hannes/dhcpdns. this is a DHCP unikernel in the middle handing out a lease to my laptop (bottom) and nsupdate to the DNS unikernel (top). \o/

this moment when you're relieved to not have published a piece of software although it was nearly finished, just because you didn't get to run interoperability tests yet... and then weeks later at interop testing you discover several bugs...

in obviously completely unrelated news my DNS secondary can now interact with ISC bind \o/

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@hannesm I am glad you find it useful! I wasn't much help lately so you should thank @ConnyDuck @Vavassor and other contributors rather than me.