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Hey. I've built something. A new rich-text editor for Vue.js. Renderless. Extendable. It's awesome.

Welcome @Zoidtes, you're my 50th follower! 👋

BTW This is the view from my office window. Really nice sunset yesterday. ☀️

Meinen nächsten Toot schreibe ich bei 50 Followern.

okay, those direct messages feel weird. you're basically tooting and set the visibility to direct?

I'm missing my direct message inbox.

Feels so informal and cozy here. Good morning, everyone! 😊

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Und wo kann ich hier mit Brands engagen?!

2008: Hey, Twitter your API is the coolest thing ever.

2018: Twitter has an API?

I'm fed up with Twitters API restrictions. I don't want to support them anymore by using it's platform.

But I'm really used to open Twitter between tasks. From now on I force myself to sign in and out each time. Hope that helps.


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