Cheat sheet:

Open source: do anything you want with the source, including closing it off. (

Free software: you can’t close it off either; you must share alike. (

Ethical technology: all of the above, and don’t make technology that violates human rights. (

Open Source is open as in “open for business”, free software guarantees a healthy commons, and ethical technology builds on free software but excludes unethical uses.

Turned out I spent a lot of time figuring out how to get Processing PDE in dark mode and change permissions on Linux.

Today I played for the first time with P5.js on Linux while looking at the amazing tutorials/introductions by Daniel Shiffman.

Reading a text by Philip Galanter. He tries to define Generative art. I have come to Mastodon and Linux to read more instead of pointless scrolling. I found the text via Golan Levin:

I reckon it's right about time to start boycotting Google. With the recent AMP and anti-URL crap, it's clear to see they are abusing their monopoly.

Let's stop using and recommending Chrome by default and set your default search engine to DuckDuckGo (or similar). Turn on your adblocker to starve them of income (Better Blocker is good as heck).

The best way to send a message to a corporation is to take their income from them, so do whatever you can to do that.

I don’t understand the use of CW in mastodon. Never saw one toot where it seemed justified. Annoying.

Brussels, the hell hole where watermelons grow.

After 5 days, I need some distance. To be continued next week.

Computers running smoothly, playing with Esselte folders, generative drawings and sketches on the wall based on same instructions and painting on the floor. All goes well at KRASJ4 in Ninove.

Some progress at KRASJ4 in Ninove: three computers running a selection of 12 animations. Still a lot to do. The game ain't over yet...

Generative wallpaper (prototype version) is looking good at KRASJ4 in Ninove (B)

Another Mastodon tip for new users. People get really hung up on local/federated timelines and which instance(s) to join.

My take: don't worry too much about instances and timelines at first. If you find a niche instance that represents your interests, great. But local timelines on niche instances can be really low volume. On large instances, they are way too noisy. Better to focus on following *people* who interest you instead, regardless of what instance they happen to be on.

A useful tool if you are searching for an instance to join.

Pay attention to number of users/statuses to see how busy it is. Make sure it is accepting registrations, and take a look at the uptime percent. There are a lot of dead instances. :(

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