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Thank you, thank you, thank you for participating in this charity auction in support of Tor's work, to PleasrDAO for the closing bid of 500 $ETH / $2M in support of privacy online, and to ix_shells for her incredible piece of art based on the very first onion service key.

Quite happy with @elementary The mailing app is however very, very basic. I try get together all my different email accounts in the app. It works, but today the mails of one of the accounts suddenly are not appearing anymore. But account is still in list of accounts and I receive notification from mails send to the account. Weird bug?

Paying taxes like a good citizen and at the same time buying stuff on Amazon is like enjoying peeing on yourself: theguardian.com/technology/202

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Oooh: tinytools.directory/

"This is a list of small, free, or experimental tools that might be useful in building your game / website / interactive project. Although I’ve included ‘standards’, this list has a focus on artful tools and toys that are as fun to use as they are functional.

The goal of this list is to enable making entirely outside of closed production ecosystems or walled software gardens."

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And now the video for last week’s Small is Beautiful, introducing the Svelte Nano Donation component, is up on our site with a transcript.

Captions coming shortly, just trying to work out why Vimeo isn’t showing them correctly…


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The interest in this essay has been incredible and overwhelming, thank you so much, it's been 48 hours of seeing this being picked up and discussed. I am really grateful too to the artists of @hicetnunc2000 who have jumped into those conversations to answer further questions!
I finished it ! Here's my essay about @hicetnunc2000 This is been two weeks in planning and development, and I hope you find it a balanced and informative r…

Installing programs on Linux is still such a confusing thing. So many different ways, so many different opinions.

Some weird things always seem to happen when playing with Linux. After I had first ejected an USB properly by clicking on the eject icon next to it, I removed the USB stick, and then my whole computer shutdown, just like that?!? No worries for now, because I can't loose anything important yet. But still these kind of linux glitches still tend to keep me on my very old (11 y), and stable MacAir for a while.
Meanwhile the Elementary Linux box started back just fine.

First impression of elementary is super! Really looking forward to use this. @elementary

I felt lucky today and decided to switch to a different distro... Just because you can, I suppose. Linux is still not my primary system. I have the luxury to explore with the risk of loosing... nothing important.
And of course it did not work at first. Apparently I had to be confronted with grub and few of other scary screens before I could finally log in to my new distro: elementary OS. Main tip for others: allow internet connection during installation. @elementary

Another Goodpoint podcast on NFT: m.soundcloud.com/goodpoint/137 at the end the try to pronounce hicetnunc.xyz but still recommend it hicetnunc.xyz/
Bye the way: is there a way to only sort the nfts by a particular artist? Scrolling through the endless feed of images is really off putting (and slow) @M_PF @Quasimondo

Le cloud est un ordinateur dans un autre bâtiment: adagp.fr Adagp est en train de chercher ses back-up.

Statement by a gallery, Upstream in Amsterdam about NFT hype with hyperlinks to relevant articles: us17.campaign-archive.com/?u=6

Gowalla is coming back. Probably to get even more user data. But they promise it will be fun...

The new middle men are the techno-elites building these new currencies. I fail to see how this is any better then traditional banking. Not to mention that these are not surprisingly also already mingling in.
When it comes to money affairs, I have no illusions.

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Nano sounds better then bitcoins etc. But I can't seem to bring myself to trust any kind of these new cryptocurrencies.
No middlemen is a bit of a lie. Just to get started you have to trust unknown orgs or corporations (nano.org/get-nano). I have to install apps or download software. I have to asks other people to translate their so-called beginner guides into something I might understand.
Cryptocash seems still something for techno-elites that have plenty of time to play with money?

To the ghosts automatically posting tweets here on mastodon: it is annoying, especially when you share links to Twitter/Instagram and never interact with people here. What’s the point being on here?
Please leave or at least show some interest in what’s going on here.
Your activity and interactions over there are not relevant over here.

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