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Hans Verhaegen @hansup@mastodon.social

People touching a work that will disappear tomorrow. Made with pieces if colored PVC in transparent blue, green, red and yellow.

Should I mention that the SouthWest Fishbar, southwestfishbar.com/ aka as Filip, aka the best croquettes from Brussels, will do their thing at the opening tonight? Starting at 19:00. hansup.be/2018_this-appearing_

Everytime I pass by, the expo keeps on changing.

Detail of ‘OMS-12’, at Garage Neven Ninove (B) this weekend.

Detail of ‘225 stckmn’, this weekend at Garage Ninove (B).

Last test with Niku. One of my current favorites. Could take pictures endlessly...

Around 80 videos clips, 12 big prints, 1 projected animation, a brand new series of work, drawings and some works in progress. All that only 2 days on display next Saturday. hansup.be/2018_this-appearing_

Just burned a DVD with a video compilation of around 80 animations I made between 2002 and 2018. Getting ready for Neven! hansup.be/2018_this-appearing_

For those in Belgium mid June: a two day solo exhibition at the Garage Neven in Ninove. More info: hansup.be/2018_this-appearing_

Upcoming expo is taking shape. hansup.be/2018_this-appearing_ Hope to share some installation photos later on.

Had a super time in Düsseldorf. Around 20 not-art-world-related people listened, watched and asked great questions during my art presentation. 2 hours of pure intelligent exchange thanks to the lovely hosts Uta & Jürgen.

Today fresh from print shop (APP, Brussels), OAlp09, 2016. The sharpness and absolute smoothness of color fills is something you need to see in reality! Soon on display for exhibition in June!

Staring at my new circus. Screenshot:

Finally found some time to group my ongoing play with stick people on a page. There’s much more, but will add later. Meanwhile: hansup.be/2018_spacers_video_h