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Our inability to remain quietly in a room due to our natural unhappiness of our weak mortal condition; so unhappy that when we gave to it all our attention, nothing could console us.
One thing alone could alleviate our despair, and that was distraction. Yet this was the worst of our misfortunes, for in distraction we were prevented from thinking about ourselves and were gradually brought to ruin. (Bruce Chatwin citing a gloomy Pascal ‘Pensée’ in ‘The songlines’)

The amount of article based sites that are just blank pages with JS disabled, still grows everyday.
Blank pages! Wow, great design!

New technology can be used to create art, but no new technology ever changed the inner workings of the art world.

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Looked up the meaning of NFT. (Non Fungible Token) Apparently one of the latest hypes in crypto artworld.
Not really impressed. Slapping some ‘verifiable scarcity’ on whatever kind of random creation does not make it into art. Especially not when people pay a lot of money for it.
Again: this is about the art-world, that crazy network circus of power, money and ego. Crypto art does not change anything here, on the contrary. Same old silly exclusivity game.

Minimal pop from Belgium, 1983. This original videoclip is better thsn what Gucci made of it recently. Manni meme means 'not with me' in Flemish dutch. youtu.be/GYCGs7Fbphk

Listening to the same DJ on the radio as 40 years ago. Now together with his son. Enjoying the mix of old and new loud alternative noise.
I am calling in sick, Debbie!
Like Billy Nomates!

Currently very bad tempered. In my city, with someone from the green party elected for mobility (STIB-MIVB) and also locally with someone from that same party responsible for works in the public space, well these muppets just decided to cut 26 (!) big old healthy trees in the Elisabethpark to make space for a bigger platform for the tram. WTF! Nobody needs a bigger, concrete platform, the whole park is a platform!
So disappointed in these fake greens. Never will vote again for these cowards.

Tried to use Deltachat. But no luck.
Briar is not (yet) available for iPhone.
What else?

Meanwhile the real question for me seems more and more not which other messenger, but rather if I really need an instant messenger.

Honestly, I don't think I need it.
Email, SMS and phone are already more than enough to reach me.
I am probably just not the instant messenger type.

Well the printer prints again. Although it continues to try to align the cartridges before I want to print a document. It never seems to succeed.
Also the rollers inside should be cleaned thoroughly. Or the mechanism to get a paper inside could be worn out.
Tomorrow with the door open, because cleaning with 95% alcohol is a bit like sniffing glue.

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Just gave the print head of my old printer an alcohol bath.
Of course now the printer wants me to install new cartridges, and then it still says the print head is damaged, and then a weird error message and another one. Switching off and on until suddenly it asks to give it some paper to align the print head.
It took the paper, did the test but says it didn't work.
My printer might be a little drunk. So enough for today.
Tomorrow I will feed it some real documents.

Quite happy that I ditched Wordpress a few years ago and returned to plain HTML/CSS.

And I didn't start to use some kind of static site generator that always comes with unwanted dependencies, update schemes and headaches.
My whole site just sits in one folder. easy to copy and paste around, upload and maintain.

I like to be the generator myself and enjoy writing each page from scratch as a new page. I want only the bare minimum of code to be able to publish my stuff online.

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I wrote up a few options on how to preserve Flash projects here: rhizome.org/editorial/2020/dec

At the bottom of that page you have the option to donate so Rhizome can upsize its emulation infrastructure to keep bringing Flash to the web.

What to do about Flash? rhizome.org/editorial/2020/dec Good guidance on preserving your Flash projects including more info about the fundraiser.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about various creative reactions to the absurdity that we all carry supercomputers in our pocket but have to keep upgrading even to retain functionality because software gets worse and surveillance gets more pervasive

Things like low-power computing (Rpi and friends, microcomputers, retro computing, etc), some of the solarpunk stuff, the “smolnet” (Gopher and Gemini and the like), and so on seem to be interesting ways of highlighting that things could be other than they are

Is there an umbrella term for this? Is someone collecting projects that relate to “computing designed to work well even with low-performance/low-power gear”?

Anyways, Plausible is super smooth, fast, and gives me the feeling I might be doing something worthwhile with it.
Need to go through the settings now. They send a very good getting started mail to help me with that. @markosaric Nice work!

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First boasting when removing almost all javascript, and only 3 hours later already inserting a js line on my homepage...
Curiosity sometimes kills principles very softly.
Really wanted to see in action.
It's been ages that I used analytics for a site. Still not sure if I need to know who is visiting. Especially since I block Google search (and by consequence all other engines that depend on that beast).

Colin Moock still keeps Actionscript The definitive guide (ASDG) online, as well as Essential Actionscript 2 and 3: moock.org/ Great!

Why would one app on a linux laptop be free and on another to pay for?
Akira is free on mine (Ubuntu Budgie), on a laptop with Elementary that @aral is showing, it was 15 $...

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