Wishlist: a collaboration platform to work on and share files and communicate smoothly internally and externally. A member database with a connected online member account and an also connected mailing tool. A website with a multi-language CMS, form builder and document library. Easy connectivity to accounting and reporting utilities.
I am looking for an escape plan from Microsoft 365, MS Office, Google docs, Gmail, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Zoom an other easy, but wrong solutions...

@nextcloud Is it true that Nextcloud is more something for large organisations? Is it overkill for small entities with less than 10 people?

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A piece of #internet #art #history is about to stop. I'm amazed it's still going. But Scott Draves, creator of "Electric sheep", can't maintain the project anymore. After 21 years, he is willing to pass it on to someone else, or shut it down.

If you think you can help, contact scottdraves.com

(PS: it's not about the money, it's about time and management. Scott does not have the time to maintain it anymore.)

One line of a song, a catch phrase, is suddenly in our heads: ‘we all are hippies’. But we both can’t remember which one. It must have been a radio hit. Can’t find it online neither. First thought maybe in a Beck song. But no success.
Please, memory give us another clue!

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I bought a book online. NOT via Amazon. I always search who published the book and then try to find someone else who offers the book for sale online.
If it's only offered by Amazon, I tend not to buy it. There are always lots of other books for sale. I won't die from not owning a particular book.

Why do people keep being attracted to the wrong partners over and over again?
Don’t waste your time on people that refuse to take care of themselves and pretend they can’t cook, wash, take care of children or any other basic task in live. They only will use you as a slave. It’s a form of aggression.
Healthy partnership is about being able and most of all willing to do any task necessary when needed. If you don’t know how, simply learn it like we all had to. You will have a much better life.

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@Decentralize_today I've already been one of the biggest Google haters,now I hate them ten times more than I did before I read this.Google is just disgusting,awful and evil 🤢 👎 I like how the text goes deeply into detail and explains every single privacy violation Google has ever done.I will share that with everyone who still uses that crap.

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Also typical to see that Mac fanboys are selling already their old laptop fast at a higher price than you will have to pay for the brand new one announced today... Addicts!
I never resold a computer. I gave them away to somebody or keep using them until they really die.

Couldn't resist watching the Apple announcement.
For work I have to work on a typical Dell PC. For my own projects I still work on two old macs and a more recent Linux laptop (TuxedoComputers). the oldest Mac is a first generation Air from 2010. It still works perfectly without a single problem ever. It's by far the best laptop I ever had and I will continue to work on it.
I am also exited about using Linux, but I really hope more attention would go to the quality of the hardware.

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Looking to pair an Apple Magic trackpad 2 to a Linux laptop. Lot's of people seem to have made drivers (ex: github.com/mwyborski/Linux-Mag)
But like always with Linux: first you have to crawl through a rabbit hole of stuff you have to learn first before you can even think of installing a working driver.
To tired now.
I wish Linux laptops would have better touchpads by default. Once you are used to an Apple one, everything else is low quality, when it comes to touchpads.

A friend, doing make up and hair for a popular TV series, is forced to continue to work even if it is forbidden during lockdown. If she doesn’t, they simply threaten to replace her. They also know her boyfriend is a high risk person.
The stupid show must go on, even if it kills a few. Ordered, no doubt, by a bunch of home-working asshole managers!
Human greedy nature in all its stinking glory!

This weekend I had my first online studio visit. It went well, I might have sold one work from 2009 and apparently maybe even the door of my studio... 🙄

Full lockdown now until the end of 2020. All the rest is just painful stupidity.
Please stop sending invitations for events you should not be organizing now.

Mail from a big gallery: they are pleased to announce a new feature on their website. They have an OVR! An online viewing room!
It turns out to be plain web page with slideshows and text.
Impressive new feature.

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