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the use of a colon can really change the meaning of a sentence

for instance, I have three toys in my desk: a Troll doll, a Koosh ball, and a Slinky

as opposed to

I have three toys in my colon: a Troll doll, a Koosh ball, and a Slinky

Here's another from NBC News:

"A federal judge blocked Medicaid work requirements in two states, dealing a blow to one of the Trump administration's marquee efforts to push the poor toward self-sufficiency"

How about:

A federal judge block Medicaid work requirements in two states, dealing a blow to one of the Trump administration’s marquee efforts to have taxpayers subsidize businesses that don’t bother to pay workers enough to live on.

Because that's what work requirements amount to.

To succeed at meaningful change we need to start pushing harder rhetorically on this illusion that the status quo is okay for people. It might be adequate at serving a lot of people, but it falls way short and we need to demand better without dismissing alternatives as impractical.

And in a similar vein, when people keep talking about how capitalism is generally good and that socialism is generally flawed, they basically have to pretend that all of the homelessness and poverty that capitalism facilitates is nonexistent.

Random thought: when people complain that universal healthcare in the US will lead to longer wait times for doctors, what they are saying is that universal healthcare would make going to the doctor accessible to lots of new people and they’d rather that those people just didn’t get needed healthcare.

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is Blink 182 any good if i havent listened to Blinks 1-181?

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trans community meta/masc bashing~ Show more

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this is me every time one of you posts about a pet without posting a picture of it

Queer Eye, but I help you find the perfect mechanical keyboard

I’m looking to help get underrepresented people into public speaking!

If you’re Los Angeles based and you have limited to no experience giving talks at local meetups or conferences and you’d like the opportunity to, please hit me up!

I can help you pick topics, develop your talk, test it out with a real audience, and connect you with meetup organizers.

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A coffee machine that dispenses the coffee in tiny little squirts. We’ll call it Ejacu-latte

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I really wish people would stop trying to pit "optimize for user experience" against "optimize for developer experience" and using it as shorthand for native development vs web development.

You can have great developer-focused tools for native apps. Xcode used to ship when it had major QoL improvements for developers, not based on annualized feature-creep releases on whatever shit Apple cares about this year. They should be taking all these great DX features from the web like hot reloading and templating and modularization and embracing them.

You can have smooth, fluid, rich experiences in apps built on platforms that make developer's lives easier, but they can't JUST make developer's lives easier. That has to be in service of better software, otherwise it's just cheaper and faster to build, which serves everyone except the user. Hybrid/web platforms aren't going anywhere, and they should be compelled to improve.

By pitting DX and UX against each other, you're only letting Apple and Google off the hook for shipping crappy monolithic tools that don't scale and hardly improve, and you're letting open source projects get away with reinventing the wheel without improving life for the people who have to use all these apps.
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@sophia if someone says privacy is unimportant because they have nothing to hide, they might as well say free speech is unimportant because they have nothing to say.

Oh my god Karen, you can’t just ask someone if they’re ghosting you!

Okay, I give up. What does the “ec” stand for in content warnings? I thought it meant “explicit content” but based on the content that has that warning on it that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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