So I have been kind of hating on Mojave's new Vista-like permissions dialogs (especially since it blocked me from using Chrome Remote Desktop while I was traveling bc I wasn't there to click OK) but I did just catch Spotify in the act trying to access my contacts and calendars.

I've been onsite with my client this week and they have non-Retina monitors at desks. It makes using macOS feel surprisingly retro

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Ich habe 99 Probleme und sie sind alle Luftbalonnen.

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Please don't daemonize 😆

$ pulseaudio --daemonize=no

I seriously hope the next generation of AirPods cases contains a loud little speaker so that I can ping it when my cat knocks it off somewhere. I would seriously re-buy a pair of AirPods just for that.

@Gargron question: does Mastodon surface an RSS feed of the toots I have favourited on my account?

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*Scooby and the Gang hold me up by the arms*

FRED: Now let's see who you REALLY are!

*They pull of my mask, revealing me to be Canadian Legend Red Green*

ME: Remember, I'm pullin' for ya. We're all in this together.

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Tim Cook did an interview with Vice where he emphasized that in China, data is encrypted the same as in the US, implying that Chinese users' data is as well protected.

This is completely disingenuous, because what he isn't saying is that Apple handed the keys over to a Chinese company that is part run by the provincial government. So in practice, Chinese users' data is absolutely not protected.

If you've been asking for $15 minimum wage for the last several years and a company offers it after several years of inflation, it feels like less of a win

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At some point, there's functionally no difference between enabling exploitative incentives, harmful behavior, and societal degradation vicariously through the products and services we create and actually going out and committing those acts ourselves

Software engineers in particular are masters of deflecting responsibility for the things we create

That's not something to be proud of

Also what if macOS Mojave is like Windows Mojave, which was Microsoft just focus grouping Vista with a different name to show that complaints about Vista were actually overblown?

Apple throws in a dark mode just to make stuff look new and people are none the wiser!

There's a lot of hand wringing about Marzipan given its state in Mojave, and indeed if this is how Apple ships the framework to developers next year that would be terrible. But I think they spent all their time on getting fundamentals to just work in macOS and the next release is going to address a lot of the UI carelessness and inconsistencies.

But if stuff like date pickers don't look perfectly native in Mojave apps next year, that's cause for alarm.

If you're a recruiter, don't brag about how your company raised $75 million in funding if your office crams everyone's desk together in a tight space.

If you want to become a sea level exec, you need to get in on the ground floor.

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Kaia culture is being asked to implement Rock, Paper, Scissors as a coding exercise and getting extremely fucking bogged down in the absurdity of paper beating rock to the point of failing to complete the exercise in the allotted time.

Tim Cook on the streets, Steve Jobs in the sheets

Setting up a new iPhone is so much less of a pain with iOS 12’s integration with 1Password. Total game changer.

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