Anyone know of a Mastodon app for iOS/macOS that lets you block all posts from certain clients? Way too much of my timeline is just Twitter crossposts

Is there anyone actually posting here or just a bunch of Twitter cross-posters that people forgot to turn off? 🦗

You can now install Nocturnal via Homebrew Cask, if that’s your kinda thing (brew cask install nocturnal)

Seeing a few updates with Shortcuts trickle out, and curious about what are the best ones that you folks have been testing?

The Spider-Man game really has me thinking about getting a PS4… seems excessive for just that and FIFA though (the only games I can imagine playing tbh)

My home internet’s been down for a couple of days and not being able to watch Better Call Saul episode is painful.

Thankfully like 5 people watch the show so I’m not scared of any spoilers.

Some low hanging fruit for folks making iOS Mastodon apps: Share extensions are surprisingly rare. None of the 5(!) clients I have installed have one.

@harshil I just finished reading Ender's Game. It's a really nice book and it makes you think. It's set in the future where kids right from age 6 are trained to fight aliens. The way those kids think and analyze the problemb is astonishing. I high recommend it. I've also started with the next on in the series, 'Speaker for the Dead'.

@harshil “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker is excellent and makes you want to sleep more.

Is that new show with Jim from The Office any good or nah

Happy to announce I’ve now entered that brief 3 day period when my beard is long enough to be called a beard and not a stubble, and short enough that it doesn’t get too hot

Seems like lots of folks are dropping off on here and my timeline is mostly made up of like 5 people.

Who are some iOS/tech folks you follow who post on here somewhat regularly?

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