Anyone know of a Mastodon app for iOS/macOS that lets you block all posts from certain clients? Way too much of my timeline is just Twitter crossposts

Is there anyone actually posting here or just a bunch of Twitter cross-posters that people forgot to turn off? 🦗

You can now install Nocturnal via Homebrew Cask, if that’s your kinda thing (brew cask install nocturnal)

Seeing a few updates with Shortcuts trickle out, and curious about what are the best ones that you folks have been testing?

The Spider-Man game really has me thinking about getting a PS4… seems excessive for just that and FIFA though (the only games I can imagine playing tbh)

My home internet’s been down for a couple of days and not being able to watch Better Call Saul episode is painful.

Thankfully like 5 people watch the show so I’m not scared of any spoilers.

Some low hanging fruit for folks making iOS Mastodon apps: Share extensions are surprisingly rare. None of the 5(!) clients I have installed have one.

@harshil I just finished reading Ender's Game. It's a really nice book and it makes you think. It's set in the future where kids right from age 6 are trained to fight aliens. The way those kids think and analyze the problemb is astonishing. I high recommend it. I've also started with the next on in the series, 'Speaker for the Dead'.

@harshil “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker is excellent and makes you want to sleep more.

What’s a good book you’ve read recently?

Is that new show with Jim from The Office any good or nah

Happy to announce I’ve now entered that brief 3 day period when my beard is long enough to be called a beard and not a stubble, and short enough that it doesn’t get too hot

Seems like lots of folks are dropping off on here and my timeline is mostly made up of like 5 people.

Who are some iOS/tech folks you follow who post on here somewhat regularly?

This is potentially blasphemous, but I think I’m starting to like Better Call Saul more than Breaking Bad

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