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Charles Oliver Nutter

Testing out Mastodon clients on Android again. Apparently the one I was using isn't good about notifications.

@Gargron @enebo There isn't but that would be a good idea! I'll try to make a checklist issue today for the remaining gaps.

Wrapping up my latest Eastern Europe tour with a night in Amsterdam. A nice dinner, a few beers at Arendsnest, and home I go.

I look forward to a future where 90% of toots in my stream are not about Mastodon. Bit meta right now.

Since I hadn't done an introduction here yet, here goes. My name is Arne, I'm a web developer and educator. I run a site called Lambda Island where I publish videos about programming Clojure. I'm from Belgium but based in Berlin. Polyglot in natural and programming languages. Toots might include: tech stuff, tea, home cooking, language stuff, things related to China or Taiwan, Magic The Gathering, urban gardening, and just lots and lots of randomness. Thanks for having me in your Tootosphere!