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life is crumbling so: beers and congratulating estranged exes on their 30th bday. good idea me.

no sleep without assistance
gotta bash the brain into submission, yeah

my grandfather would have been 80 today and life is pretty awful in general what up

woew ive been gone forever and forgot how this works lmao hi hello *scissor sisters Voice* is anybody in there?

help just got hit on by a 22y old dude who literally told me straight off he was a virgin and got SHOCKED when I told him im 28 im dnzkndlalskfj like i was so nice to him n telling him to do the same approach with a girl his age but man he thought i was YOUNGER than him and im a bit offended lol c_c

the look on her face? all those raw conflicting emotions? thanks i wanted to have my heart broken today

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the scene whr Cristina realizes Burk's gone, standing in the living room of the apartment he made her move into, in the dress she picked out for the wedding he made her agree to, and says to Meredith - "I'm free." before proceeding to break down and begging her friend to tear off all the things she never wanted to wear but did anyway for the man that she loved?

her voice is amazing and i love her. i honestly feel she's an underrated artist. i know obviously she's popular in way lmao since shes been playing live for years etc but fuck shes so good ://

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Honestly is one of the most slept on artist of our time, i rly dont care that shes been playin live in concerts around the world or on the radio a lot....she is NOT APPRECIATED like she should be n most dont even know her name even if they herd her songs on the radio. most which she write herself or partially of her songs are literally about the anxiety she feels daily like

sometimes i love my ADHD cus ill spontaneously buy tickets to my fav artists and not regret it cus!!!!! im gonna see her live u fuckers ❤️❤️❤️❤️

'how to save a life' was playing in the bathroom at work and for a split dissociative second I thought i was in a hospital TVshow during an intense n life-changing episode climax

one year ago today my almost six year relationship ended. i love a good 1y anniversary.... :toot: 😿💔

I've probably cried more this year than I have for the past 10 years. keeping things bottled up is not healthy. and the process of getting it all out, once you decide to, is painful. I think that it would have been easier for me now if I had dealt with it as it came. but now instead I'm dealing with *years* of pain all at once. so if you're hurting right now - let it hurt. do yourself that favour.

all women already know whatever fucking thing you're about to not-all-men about

yall dont understand...ive been planning on putting up a shelf there since me n my ex first moved in, before i bought him out. four years. that walls been Empty. now there's a shelf. i love it.......

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