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man i just realized it's now ten years since the year i turned 18. wild

hhrmmm i need to start and finish reading the book we're discussing tmrw at the book club fksgdhsk i hate that i procrastinate so much i actually lookd forward to this one it seems cool

mastodon more like mastobate... masturdon? masto...???

y'all are fuckin horny christ

guys really live in apartments like this and dont see any isuue with it

Thinkin about becoming one of those old timey lamps for a while so that the only way to turn me on is fire.

Listening to Les Mis again gunna drink red wine and be morose brb

starting off the morning right with arson

Nilsson taking his revenge

(fyi, he's chewing on a Zip Tie - in sweden often referred to as Kattstrypare, which translates into Cat Strangler...)

"ughh, i have a kink in my neck," u say. I lean over to look, at the side of ur neck - a word:


i am currently tooting this on my phone as i spin round and round on my swivel chair oh god oh fuck this was a horrible idea help me

so either one of my cats have learnt how to open up a relatively heavy (for a cat) drawer under my bed, or ghosts, i suppose

fan theory: Jolene is The Grim Reaper 🤔💭

gotta love that the way to the bus is so icy and difficult to walk on i missed the bus

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