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I've got available time in my schedule from November onward for or .

Technical , , senior , , game development / , app , , Build & Release, , and more.

I'm in , available for remote, on-site or relo if you've got something really interesting.

That moment in the morning when you're not sure if the coffee is taking hold or if it's a migraine.

I just improved my life considerably by buying an air purifier with HEPA filter.

I've missed having an air purifier with HEPA filter.

I can already feel an improvement after just 15 minutes of operation.

Serverless is a bit like Cookieless. There's cookies out there, somewhere, but not on premises.

Bananas: Not ripe.


Bananas: Nope.

Not ripe.
Not ripe.
Not ripe.
Not ripe.
RI--- spoiled.

I just stabbed myself with a fork.

Related: I seem to be delicious.

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A Mutex might make a good Doctor Who monster.

I like that the Catbus song on the Totoro soundtrack is "Nekobasu"

I watched the Blu-ray of My Neighbor Totoro last night, and all I want this very minute is to just sprawl inside a Catbus for the rest of the week.

I think one of the challenges as an adult is simply carving out time when no one is contacting you.

Phone calls, voicemail, SMS, Slack, email, and their notifications.

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Interesting. iTunes is refusing to allow me to connect (to make a device backup!) to an iOS 12.1.4 device unless I upgrade macOS to the update 2019-001 against 10.13.6.

Ask yourself, "Does this coffee spark joy?" If it does, keep drinking it. If not, dispose of it, and get better coffee.

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