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Por favor, indíqueme dónde puedo obtener un goteo intravenoso de café.

Some days you are the alligator and some days you are the knife.

In my opinion, macOS 10.14.x goes stale faster than previous macOS versions.

I mean that it can endure far less uptime without either a reboot or a few hours of rest.

After that magic tipping point, particularly affected are USB devices; plugging in an iOS device it will connect, disconnect, connect, disconnect every few seconds. Also Console gets even more stuffed than usual with thousands of entries.

I remember when rebooting Windows daily was something we remarked negatively on, not macOS.

I have identified it through a Google search. "lululemon Toronto 10K University" run, starting at 7:30am (Saturday).

I'm sure my waking up and being unable to get back to sleep is completely unrelated to the person speaking on a bullhorn at 7am, somewhere nearby.

And now, 7 hours later, that's been downgraded to light rain today and some cloudiness this week.

WTF, the Toronto forecast just turned to Heavy Rain throughout the day for Saturday, Sunday, Monday morning and later in the week.

It was not looking like that when I checked earlier this evening.

Did someone here wash their vehicle?

You are not your expired browser cache.

Don't push consciousness to Production on a Friday!

Sportsball enthusiasts must have won something significant last night, as scream-cheering crowds roamed the downtown Toronto streets in what sounded like large numbers, accompanied by what sounded like fireworks going off, and semi-coherent scream-cheering in dwindling numbers until 4am.

Although, I suppose, it could have been something else. Perhaps everyone celebrating early the return of Pumpkin Spice Latte. I suppose social media will show when I catch up over a coffee with bloodshot eyes.

⚡ Crack ⚡ BOOM! ⛈️
Then, sheet rain

Today's lunch is a Jamaican boneless chicken breast Roti, coleslaw, and a Ting.

What to do when your backups finished half an hour ago, your ginger tea went cold and it's still the middle of the night?

You thought I was going to write an answer, didn't you. Something insightful.

What to do when you wake up in the middle of the night? Backups!

I think I speak for all of myself when I say that I'm wholly together.

Can you really be "Getting the band back together" if you were a solo musician

In theory there's a difference between affluent and effluent, but in practice that's not usually the case.

I only drank that supersized coffee this evening so I could edit some words but the world still feels alien and perhaps I should just take a nap here on my keyboard.

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