Heya friends, I got a treat for you, I hope. I'm really in love with how these images turned out, the contrast, how the shades are rendered, how black the shadows are, and just all in all what a dramatic vibe they get.

They're shot on CMS 20 shot at ISO 20 but developed for ISO 12, and heck did they turn out well. I like them a lot better than 20/20 or 12/12.

I've been shooting some more HR-20, it's probably my favorite film right now. The rendering is beautiful and the grain is just so much smaller than any other filmstock I've ever used.

So these shots were shot at ISO12 (yes twelve) and developed accordingly. The first roll I shot was shot at ISO20 and developed for that. Got to say I like the film better at 12.

of the month for April 2022 :D blog.licenser.net/2022/05/phot I've started posting one so I don't just hoard the photos I shoot but have to share some eventually. Hope you enjoy it.

Took out the 4x5 and a 90mm lense, there is this wonderful bridge that can be seen through an arch from a building where I live. I love the motive. The exposure isn't perfect, the sky is a bit blown out I probably would have changed development to compensate for the dynamic range.

Lets see how well does with reach :), hey and crowd. What are you all using for digitizing and scanning, I've been looking around for options and they all seem to be either terrible expensive, extremely cumbersome and complicated or seems to have a very low quality. That said that's all theoretical research so far, anyone can share advice or experience on this?

Some more nice shot on I'm very happy with the composition and contrast, one of my favorite 's lately. Developed and scanned at home.

Okay, so this is a thing (again?) lets share some nice things :D, these days it'll be more photos less tech but hey, still fun right?


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