hello i'm alive! here's a new addition to my minecraft skins thread that i made for my *other* besty as a present more recently

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cherries 🍒

if you like my work, consider supporting my by buying me a coffee: ko-fi.com/maruki

forsaken layer process
if you like this kind of art, consider supporting me by buying me a coffee for only $3: ko-fi.com/maruki

it currently isn't very useful in ios safari, which doesn't let you enter hex codes, and probably on some other platforms. i have an idea for how to work around this that i'll probably implement later

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some malaphors I think about:

-we'll burn that bridge when we get to it
-if you can't stand the bull, get out of the china shop
-where there's smoke, there's mirrors
-fool me once, shame on you; teach a man to fool me, and I'll be fooled for the rest of my life
-come back to haunt you in the ass
-lets not beat around the dead horse
-beauty is in the eye of the tiger
-burning daylight at both ends
-apples to apples, dust to dust
-a stone in the hand is worth two birds in the bush

Hi! I'm a professional pixel artist, illustrator and animator looking for a paying project. Doesn't have to be games.

DM me or email me at maruki@lostalloy.com
ReToots are truly appreciated. ty!

most of these i made to get a holy shit reaction out of one of my besties, and it worked ^^ some of them were pretty hard to make anthropomorphic but i did it anyway >:3

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finally remembered to post screenies of some of my minecraft skins! here we have baku, mirapo, and watermelnyan from yo-kai watch

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