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Even damned GPLv3 finds its use in software >:D

Wait wait wait, RMS actually resigned? GNU/Cheer day has finally come!

How do you tell somebody you randomly find on fediverse they are cute in a photo without sounding creepy due to how long since the photo was posted you came to comment.

Y'all just cute btw, I love you!

Hooded cat harnesses are the cutest things in the world and I want one now

The ultimate Brooklyn pizza experience is saying Super Mario after eating all the pizza

You gotta think if that's just HL3 prophesy in place, 17s all around

tfw Cube World is coming out after 6 or so years in development, and I'm still waiting on 17th of every month for new features of pixelfed.

We should replace emotions with shouting COACHELLA at different intensities

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White dude trying to figure out how to combine `jean joggers` into one word without sounding racist

shipping in stages of development is bs, make the product final final before actually shipping to your customers.

I don't even understand why I'm arguing with random people about superiority of minecraft java redstone over bedrock redstone

When you realize the answer to Gamergate were community governed distributed social services all along

I hate mouthwash. What an awful thing it is.

Linux Desktop is hard, how do you even decide on what to do with so many different opinions?

I bought myself some really cool clothes today, but I'm waiting for a sponsorship before I tell you where I bought them.

Just as a sidenote, I do believe we should be working on gender neutral language more than the pronouns, in case of english, we really don't need pronouns at all.

I'm kinda curious, is ze/zir in the same league as he/his, she/her and they/their in terms of popularity? Not trying to discredit anybody's right to that, but to me it seems it would make more sense to do 8 stickers with he, she, they and a blank, wouldn't it?

Also look how cute these look, I want them in my life now.

On the bright side, at least it's a feature I'm finally looking forward to be in, so I have some motivation to make it work.

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doodle of My adopted son Zair (he is my friends oc and I LOVE HIM DFJKSNK)..i failed drawing him but ; o ; #mastoart #doodle

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