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Even damned GPLv3 finds its use in software >:D

Obviously this wouldn't be its own device, which device has the event I need to hook up to a script that enables/disables keyboard/touchpad

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I don't think I have a driver for a tablet mode switch and I don't even know if I have a tablet mode switch, which device would have such a switch

White chocolate tastes like sweet butter

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covid-19 semi shitpost (the news is real) 

Plane tickets got cheap, but every convention being canceled means I really don't have anywhere to go now. If only the apartment prices went down as well as plane ticket prices did, I would be happy

I'm so white I prefer white pie pizza

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one nice thing about everything being a website nowadays is that you can just open developer tools and script up functionality if it isn't there already

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@lain heya! Hope I'm not too late hehe, congrats on the soon-to-be release!

what even is the point of gpl if you do cla where I give you ownership of my contributions? just make it mit with no cla, it's about as valuable to everybody out there

can i get coronavirus from earbuds I bought from china

The only thing I really wish for in life is so my sandwiches don't fall over on themselves because they are made with long round bread

I'm wondering what are the Fediverse server options for infra that requires integrating with existing authentication methods like OpenID Connect or SAML

The Morality of Cat Food; Is it right to kill animals for other animals

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@koutsie Instructions unclear. Check your spelling, or try using simple actions, like 'go', 'get', 'look', or 'talk'.

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