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Is it true that nothing happens in the books of Margaret Atwood, acclaimed author of The Handmaid’s Tale?
Listen In. One sentence is never enough to get the full picture and be inspired. Put your headphones on & listen to the whole story.

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If it were an original gesture at least… pop culture is the only winner here, yet another thing to rightfully ridicule.

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KIDS is a rare gem of a game, and this generous documentation of the years of work behind it is equally rare — really really lovely to see all the slow, messy muddling that goes into a game that seems so concise and coherent. twitter.com/any_user/status/13

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encoded fragments of efforts in media arts @hicetnunc2000@twitter.com

Untitled-1.png (2018) 👉 objkt.xyz/104483
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“NFTs are also, for the most part, pretty expensive.” Now Spotify won't take all the glory of blame.
As famous subtweeting science fiction author foresees: Whatever happened to musicians and the music industry, will eventually happen to everyone.

What would it mean for transaction costs if China’s cryptominning industry goes offline? That may or may or may not end well for Proof-Of-Work chains…

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John Baldessari's advice for (digital) artists who want to sell (NFTs)

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1🔀20 👉hicetnunc.xyz/objkt/94541 40 editions / 2 . Half of all sales will be donated to the to support the @hicetnunc2000@twitter.com community

The polish of the experience from @FeralFile@twitter.com is usually well though of and executed. Terms, explainers are clear & spartan, the interface doesn't clunk, the account creation and transaction easier than anything I’ve used in years. So glad to support and artist, easy as it ought.

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Collected this preternatural work by the remarkable @auriea@twitter.com through @FeralFile@twitter.com. Can't say enough about the evocations from the work itself… dungeons deep where some true part of myself has explored, old masters’ works, and a most human touch.

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With the new "digital art" auctions happening at Sotheby's and Christie's, I've been thinking about the 2013 @rhizome@twitter.com fundraiser auction at Phillips curated by @Lindsay_Howard@twitter.com. Here's @michael_connor@twitter.com's summary: rhizome.org/editorial/2013/oct

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Old questions resurface: what is an “original” of digitally stored data?
Also: approximated moves by auction houses and art experts…
A good thread by @golan@twitter.com. twitter.com/golan/status/13951

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David Hockney’s art of doing the bare minimum – @HealthUntoDeath@twitter.com asks: is the artist’s London Underground redesign rebellious expression or aristocratic contempt? artreview.com/david-hockney-ar

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Magical cicadas; was so glad to witness the emergence of an early individual from another species in Athens last weekend.

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“Words behave like pixels and sentences like pictures”: An interview with @quasimondo@twitter.com goethe.de/prj/k40/en/kun/kli.h

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Not only the loved, “manicured tree” is impressive; the tended gravel; the swept dirt; the precise asphalt; the pristine sidewalk; the maintained neighboring buildings. This care and attention in a single photo is surreal. craigmod.com/huh/s01-11/ via @craigmod@twitter.com

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