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@codinghorror@twitter.com @Arty2@twitter.com How can we sense in which ways technological process sheds actually light on our very human nature? And how does it influence and shape us further?

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@codinghorror@twitter.com @Arty2@twitter.com How can we sense in which ways technological process sheds actually light on our very human nature? And how does it influence and shape us further?

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“The web was not envisioned as a form of television when it was invented. But, like it or not, it is rapidly resembling TV: linear, passive, programmed and inward-looking.” medium.com/matter/the-web-we-h

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Sharing knowledge is what Making is about, looking forward to @donttrythis@twitter.com 's book;

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After more than a year of writing I can finally announce my book! It's about the physical and mental aspects of making and what I've learned over the years. I hope it inspires people to make cool things. It's out on May 7, but you can preorder now. bit.ly/AdamSavageBook

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Back to archives. The ways in which we find things online in collections do a particular disservice to objects who are already 'undata-ed'. Keyword search in particular acts to amplify the narratives that are already written, over those which have been neglected.

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John Ionannidis’s devastating analysis of nutrition research 5 years ago arrives to the world.And after 2500 studies of salt intake and heart failure, the conclusion is “don’t know, do more studies” fivethirtyeight.com/features/y

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When there's nothing like what you're looking for, make it. Just not in time for the holidays~ bit.ly/2CHNAaE

An excellent "family" of fonts (based on IBM Plex) complete with Greek characters, now free to use, modify:

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The new iA Writer fonts are now available on GitHub: github.com/iaolo/iA-Fonts Happy Christmas!

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Remembering Umberto Eco on libraries with unread books: “even that book you had not read was still part of your mental heritage and perhaps had influenced you profoundly” → medium.com/@suleymankoc/umbert

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Πόσα μοτίβα κρύβει το σύμπαν γύρω μας;
Το data.flux [12XGA version] του φημισμένου Ryoji Ikeda, έρχεται στον Εκθεσιακό Χώρο της Στέγης, με ελεύθερη είσοδο.

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“But the concept of wide networks of social ties with an element of broadcasting is dead. […] Fragmentation was key. You could be active on multiple forums and you didn’t have to mention your other passions.”

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social fragmentation as a feature techcrunch.com/2018/12/23/the-

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Youth culture as created and interpreted for youths, by hidden armies of non-youths →

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What youth culture looked like in 2018: bit.ly/2rRvQ6h

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Here's my new little essay for @wired@twitter.com on the miracle of publishing today: "The Future Book is here and continues to evolve. You’re holding it. It’s exciting. It’s boring. It’s more important than it has ever been."

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..."How long will it be before your Facebook stream is so full of promoted content, bizarre algorithmic decisions, and tracking cookie based shopping cart reminders that you won't be getting any valuable information," ... wired.com/story/rss-readers-fe

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A hunch worth exploring, but what is sustainability for? What is more likely: 1) the world as a whole moves towards a philosophy of de-growth, or 2) technological sophistication will (or remain to) be the privilege of the elite?

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"I do believe that the highly technological civilization that we are living right now is not sustainable, period, and it cannot continue much longer like this. Something is utterly wrong." — Werner Herzog talks to @holdengraber@twitter.com brickmag.com/was-the-twentieth

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RT @_reallifemag@twitter.com: Why we now “watch Netflix” rather than shows and “listen to Spotify” rather than songs
"Cold Discovery" by @kneelingbus@twitter.com reallifemag.com/cold-discovery

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RT @olafureliasson@twitter.com: Living Coral - colour of the year according to @pantone@twitter.com - "when it comes to most headlines these days the word "coral" doesn't often get the opportunity to be paired with living"

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