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🎉🎉 We are having a party! 🥳🥳 Friday, October 25th, from 19:30, on the 1st floor of Booze Cooperativa, Kolokotroni 57. facebook.com/events/2287943478

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Thinking about how big televised games reflect national characters or stereotypes

Jeux Sans Frontières (proto-EU frenemy relations / history-heavy colonialist themes)

Takeshi's Castle (whimsy / self sacrifice)

American Gladiators (jock / militarism / everyman to ubermensch)

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v/ @bevchou@twitter.com explore how slow networks can be used to protect against data-collecting entities that threaten our autonomy & influence our identities. Oct 18-20, 2019 @RadNetworks@twitter.com

👉🏻 slownet.work/

👉🏻 radicalnetworks.org/gallery/ @primeproduce@twitter.com, t.co/wPnJiiDrRS

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🗓️ Join us for the final DECODE Symposium in Turin! Two days of keynotes, showcases and workshops exploring radical technology for a democratic digital society. 5-6 November

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"I've never taken any classes on how to create web pages, however, I did learn a great deal from looking at the source of some really good sites."

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The European Media Art Platform () seeks applications for @emap_emare@twitter.com
residencies in 2020+2021. The programme offers 2months residencies for European media artists in 11 EU
countries. Info + application: emare.eu.
@europe_creative@twitter.com @emap_emare@twitter.com

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When you finish a PhD in Art they take you into a special room & make you pee on the actual Duchamp urinal while 10 naked figures wearing Marina Abramović masks chant "interrogate! subvert! disrupt!" in your face.

I am posting this at great physical risk to myself and my family. twitter.com/SanNuvola/status/1

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[α]γνωστοι προορισμοί – επανασύνδεση – μια δεύτερη ευκαιρία : Έκθεση στην πρώην οικία Ζαρίφη culturenow.gr/a-gnostoi-proori

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THREAD: So, most people associate Japanese design with either cute kitsch or zen-like minimalism, but its much more diverse, & 1 of my particular fav periods was the architecture of its 80-90s boom era; wild, strange & incredibly diverse, & unique in world architectural history

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Things blamed on radio (From 1920s to 1940s)

- Bad economy
- Poor grades
- Robbery
- Dead birds
- Dirigible explosions
- Broken windows
- Fights
- Rain
- Snow
- Drought
- Gun deaths
- Bad skin
- Jail breaks
- Unemployment of blind
- Blue, green and pink water

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FOR APPLICATIONS +++ two-month in 2020 & 2021 for European in 11 EU countries +++ European Media Art Platform / European Media Artists in Residence Exchange @emap_emare@twitter.com >>> co-funded by

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