Hard drives, bread and vegetables; such a nice simile for digital decay.

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We’ve set up a new site, Almanac, to host documentation and general info about how we approach the care & handling of born-digital art. Enjoy! rhizome.org/editorial/2021/jul

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Four months late to this @craigmod@twitter.com essay, but it resonates so strongly - the joy of crafting and reducing code and infrastructure, and how I find solace in it when other things are terrible. wired.com/story/healing-power-

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Hundreds of data-driven technologies have been developed in response to the . 'Technologies of Hope' looks at 100 of them to ask: Do techno-solutions succeed in controlling the virus – or only the host? techpandemic.theglassroom.org Illustrations: @Annieillustrate@twitter.com

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I’m so happy that the first iteration of ‘Circadian Bloom’ is in the @Stegi_occ@twitter.com exhibition curated by incredible @irini_mirena@twitter.com currently on in the Pedion tou Areos Park in Athens. It was originally commissioned by @UoSArts@twitter.com and will be showing @SalfordMuseum@twitter.com later this year.

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Independent tool makers appreciation thread 💜🛠💻🧵

Let's send some love to the individuals (or tiny teams) who tirelessly create and maintain the tools that enable our 🥰

This will be far from a complete list so please add your favorite indie tool makers! 🙏🏻

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The metaverse will fix this. No?

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The Internet Is Rotting
Too much has been lost already. The glue that holds humanity’s knowledge together is coming undone. theatlantic.com/technology/arc

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I was commissioned by @NEAarts@twitter.com along with ten others to contribute a companion essay to their *excellent* new study, : Supporting Artists Who Use Technology as a Creative Medium. Here's the piece I wrote, which is all about @NEWINC@twitter.com arts.gov/impact/media-arts/art

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"If we are in the way of a transition now, is it possible that we are still locked in such a manipulative theatricality, a bad Baroque in which, to misquote Adorno, the two torn halves of high and popular culture are forced together into a dis-integrated whole?"

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At the end of the day, call them visitors or users depending on your business model, can hardly tell what the address bar is. Everything is pasted into Google, sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. </rant>

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So much (actual then) ink over Second Life ]etc gamers flocked in World of Warcraft. VRML futures where you cannot even convert a model. Anticipation about Mozilla Hubs, now we're in between fragile websites (always a website) that struggle to perform even on flagship devices.

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All seem so enthused about the metaverse, nevermind that our current platformed multiverse will become a bunch of broken links (if at all) in just a few years.

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EVENT NEWS: The You and Summer School three event, kicks off today!
Bringing together world-class experts to explore ways to develop a solid ethics framework for disruptive technologies.
Register for free! form.jotform.com/2117817809233

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Here’s an essay I wrote for @Stegi_occ@twitter.com part of Ilan Manouach’s project “It’s not You, it’s Me”.
It's about the transition from the Internet of the Avatar to the Internet of Selfies, front cameras, facial politics and selfies coexisting with busts on a park onassis.org/whats-on/festival-

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I wrote this piece for @PioneerWorks_@twitter.com on digital sabotage and it's necessary consequence: self-sabotage. It ties together some threads on sabotage as political action in an age where work and life are blurred by platforms and personal computing.


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On Art & AI conference day 2: join us from 5pm EEST in a series of conversations focussing on the socio-political and cultural implications of AI. With @laurenfklein@twitter.com @mushon@twitter.com @erinmaochu@twitter.com @joana_moll@twitter.com @memotv@twitter.com @stoplapdspying@twitter.com @BBalaskas@twitter.com @prodromos@twitter.com - onassis.org/whats-on/festival-

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“Think of technology as a verb, not a noun. It provides the tools, creative people provide the imagination.” —Red Burns (1925 - 2013) creativeleadership.com/cl/red-

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