—of orifices and afterhours,

*img c. 1980 The Hole Liquor Leather Afterhours. San Diego, CA

The bricklayer shall lay me: he shall tap me into place with the handle of his trowel; and to him I will the word which with my mips I have not spoken.

, 1905 TD

, as well as in the fluidal communards,

*img 1548-50 School of , Two Standing Male Nudes

We went through a mass death experience and then we took a break.

, 2001 Through the Looking Glass / Loss within Loss

(a virus craftsmanship)

*img c 1987 pamphlet, SF · dept. of germ warfare research, / ill. 1983

, we are all simultaneously workers and wanters—born of labouring bodies and desiring bodies— . . . the intimate metamorphosis of the skin craftsmanship

Mythologized by Uranian poets and homogenic socialists what made the rough lads on East London particularly inviting was that they embodied a position counter to moral and sexual conformism.

, 2008
*img n.d. East London Skins

Derriere vous, dans votre errance, mon ombre vous suivra, pour vous inciter à l'extrême, vous pousser dans les bouges, vous jeter dans le bras de l'amant d'un soir qui, d'un coup, incarnera pour vous la ville maléfique et merveilleuse.

, 1980 Le Gay Voyage

, but every stone has its place;

*img 1956 , el harrijasotzale Florencio Sarasua levantando la piedra cilíndrica de 112 kg en el frontón Astelena de Eibar, Euskal Herria

, it is the drama of the body; the tenderness of the stone.

*img c 1531 Il Crepuscolo, tomba di Lorenzo de' Medici duca di Urbino, dettaglio della testa e petto (1990s ), Sagrestia Nuova, Basilica di San Lorenzo, Firenze

Ah, Love! could you and I with Him conspire
To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire,
Would not we shatter it to bits--and then
Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire!

, xith c. (1859) Rubáiyát
*img 1882 The Roll of Fate

athletics vs. aesthetics;
—the virile powers of superb manhood.

*img 2009 Jockstrap (knit wool, performance)

, among the fruits of physical training. The 'nude' both as cultural myth and embodiment of physical perfection proposed a moral transformation of the male body, one transcendent from its pathetic, crude 'naked' state, seemingly absolving it from any nefarious associations.

, 2008
*img c 1901 Strongman

Em constitueixo en el procés de 'posar': i prompte em faig un altre cos, em transformo per endavant en una imatge. Una transformació activa: flairo que la fotografia crea el meu cos, . . . o el mortifica,

Perhaps gay men are in particular fascinated by these old photographs left behind, disregarded, for we are (or at least I am) all too cognizant of our own lack of material legacy.

, 2008
*img c 1880 Companions

The interior space of the hammam enabled a performance of masculinity to be at once codified, acted upon and sensualized, yet it offered the constant and precarious potential for the subversion of the body's public use.

, 2008
*img 1865 the hammâm, Manual of the Turkish Bath

'queer realism,' . . . 'realness’ '. . . Or, all those things that we homos have to do when we’re not committing sodomy.

Do Gay Be Crimes,
thoughts and words on Sexual Hegemony: brilliant!

*img 1979 Hammam Moulay Idriss. Fez

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