'your cock is mine now,'
—the codpiece with a a Bitcoin twist (pay this hacker Bitcoin or your penis stays in the cage)


, el monstre colonial anglòfon—o, David decolonial;

*img 1984 'Una pintura para remplazar el Monumento británico en Buenos Aires', que va realitzar i exposar al Centro de Arte y Comunicación, durant el viatge que va fer amb a l'Argentina

, el se llegó hasta mi, e hizo exactamente eso. Respondí palmeándole la espalda y después el culo. El sonrió y palmeo mi bulto como respuesta. Nos fuimos al bar de atrás, . . . —muchachos que aman a los muchachos, pero salvajemente,

*img 1989 Homocore, Fanzine Resistencia No 5, v/#NicolasCuello , 2019 Ninguna Línea Recta

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, [the] amount of public attention to the vice.

*img c 1900-1915 anonymous, Drie mannen met hoeden in het Vondelpark in Amsterdam, Rijks

What for others are deviations are, for me, the data which determine my course.

L'arxiu és una màquina de producció de records, una màquina que fabrica història a partir de material de la realitat que no ha estat recopilat.

I myself was a public square, a sook; through me passed words, tiny syntagms, bits of formulae, and no sentence formed, as though that were the law of such a language.

, 1973 (1975) Lpdt
*img Rites of endurance, in 1984 No 71

I prepared myself for this world the way one prepares a couch or bed for an expected lover.

, 1983 Pier 34
*img n.d. Krazy Kat + 1977 Unicorn Fantasy, NYC

, for ultimately everyone wants a chance to play.

*img 1983 Untitled (Genie out of Bottle)
Luis and David, close friends and collaborators, mentor and protege, both died of aids.


—anarchy embodies desire;

*img May 22, 2019 Cock Grafitti, Heraklion Greece (The anarchist symbol appears painted by the same hand and paint brush)

We can speak of a fetishistic autonomy not only with regard to the commodity but also—

A new ‘collective laborer’ has yet to emerge.

*img 1904 Arbeider bij een vuur, Rijks

, finalement, sur la pier, . . . quelque chose là-bas, au fond, près de verrières cassés qui bordent le Hudson, quelque chose qu'il n'a pas voulu laisser regarder ? ...

, 1980 West End Infernalia / LGV
*img c 1980 The Piers (interior with man), NYC

(the erotic city ruins lectures)

*img c 1980 The Piers (mural by Tava , with inscription of the Greek word ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ—Freedom)

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