I have a picture of Wilde hanging in my room. Perhaps I like the idea that we're being watched. I like the idea that he should see us, see how we boys live in this city.

, 1988 WwtM
*img Go Wild, T-shirt, in 1976 No 11

What we are talking here is liberation. These pages are for and about us. Our news, our ideas, our ideals and our feelings.

The Gay Alternative, Philly PA

*img 11 covers,

En el proceso transicional, estas indignxs políticxs desaparecerían, arrastradxs por la heroína y el VIH.

, 2019 Indignidad y muerte civil. Las voces gays de la antimoral constitucional postfranquista
*img 1992 Sin Título

Soy el fenómeno Polster-gay, no soy normal ni anormal, soy paranormal, por tanto no pierdan el tiempo ¡Oh, doctos psicólogos y psiquiatras! en investigarme.

gràcies per tant!

As state violence receded, markets stepped in to meet and shape a consumer profile of gay identity.

, 2019 SH
*img Inferno XII (CHC) packs it in. . . , in 1983 No 69

The angel would like to stay, awaken the dead, and make whole what has been smashed. But a storm is blowing in from Paradise;

. . . of the signs of the body—its physical state, its affective gestures, its everyday performances of gender and morality. Through these signs, sodomy became both legible and meaningful for witnesses and courts in the colonial past—

, 2018 SaN

Here, on the other hand, we speak of space, of moments, of what is discontinuous.

Huw writes memories and remembrance, flowers and stones. . . & a way to keep living on.
*img Walter, urinari i conductors de tramvies a la Rambla

hate, biggotry, intolerance, oppression, ignorance, fear, spite, injustice, prejudice, hate.

*imgs artworks by c 1975, comissioned by . Bob also designed the over-lapping marching legs for GPU News lambda header icon, that form and 'M' for Milwaukee

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Pederast, pervert, lezzie, tomboy, auntie, queer, dyke, bitch, transvestite, fag, faggot, sissy!, cock sucker, homo freak!, nelli, fairy, nance, drag, fruit, flit, homosexual, bulldyke, sodomite, queen, gay, mary, swish.

*img 1977 The language of oppression, Milwaukee WI


(the use of cultural basics)

*img August 28, 1974 A Gay Activists Alliance (GAA) protest regarding separation of church and state, NYC


Me gusta el sitio oscuro
porque te dan por culo
te ligas a un vejete
y mientras te la mete tú cuentas los palanquillas
y cuando termina el viejo
te limpias el pellejo . . .

*img 1993 Un hombre llamado Katy (Katyman)

Protector davant la pesta, icona del desig homoeròtic … és també un baluard metafòric per els que, en l'adversitat, ja no volen ser víctimes.

, 2018 Aprenent d’un màrtir
*img c 1430-40 The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian

Or, the sense of bare flesh in the purely pagan sense;

*img n.d. (1975-1986) The Piers (group lying down)

Locus sexualis, lugar donde se vierten restos orgánicos, espacio abierto y cerrado de encuentros y desencuentros, ámbito de compulsiones y de ocultación ¿voluntaria?,

, 1997 Dmyc
*img 1993 Sin título («con o sin tí»)

No. We were too out and gay. . . our sexuality was a clear and present factor in our aesthetic, our music and our style. . . But yeah, the gay press were really quite conservative in their musical scope.

, 2021 Intv.
*img c 1991 , aka Sleazy, (Geff Rushton) ++

; it’s instead both a recognition that growth can’t happen without disturbance, and a realistic understanding of the world as a place where pleasure and its opposite coexist—

, 2014 On Restlessness / TAoD
*img Strap Hunger, in 1983 v8 No 6

Yet while the cultural enterprise of reading homosexuality must affirm that the homosexual is distinctively and legibly marked,

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