(clothes make the man this season)

*img tv paper dolls, in 1971 Drag v1 No 2 (the Magazine about the Transvestite)

It is time to talk about class divisions, because a society of haves and have-nots is based on just that—divisions.

, 1996
*img Oct 26 1962 Raid on the National Variety Artists Exotic Carnival and Ball, Manhattan Center NYC

I like responding to a guy’s dick.

, 1994 TMM
*img c 1855 unknown, tintype in paper sleeve

: “The universe is guided by the foot ...”
End of poem.

, 1994 TMM
*img 2002 aka Bud, Only a couple more . . . (doodle sent to erotic artist )

i tan sols vosaltres sabreu que tot canvia,
oh, pobres amants

*img 1975-79 , the extreme path / Flash Up Tokio

The world to which I was abducted under the spell of his lens was abnormal, warped, sarcastic, grotesque, savage, and promiscuous . . . yet there was a clear undercurrent of lyricism murmuring gently through its unseen conduits.

, 1963
*img 1961-62 (1963) Ba-ra-kei: Ordeal by Roses #25

, grammar potentialities vs. random flailing—of inchoate human structures.

*img home tatuat, a 1981 No 8 ()

I want you—it's my ugliness, earned second by second, that speaks—to refuse the brilliance of darkness, the softness of flint, and the honey of thistles.

, 1961 (1962) The Screens
*img 1893 The Great Barrier Reef of Australia + 1981 No6, uncredited

is something in the nature of a rough model of working with the legacies of history—with blackness, with having-been-blackened—through an erotic or sexual practice,

, 2010 Porn and the N-Word /
*img Fall 1977 S-D newsletter No 10, cover calendarmen

But it is always odd to discover the ways in which desire fuels the systems of the world.


in hunt for a usable past,
made from last year selected tweets

for print / per imprimir / dina3
amb la col·laboració de @ViktorChoo


(We all feel that society—all that surrounds this strip of conflicting absences, this construct of desire at its darkest and lightest, all that finally secretes the discrete and shabby elements that, together, make up this space,

, 1994 TMM
*img untitled, in 1981 No 50

, where a wet Dave was hugging my thigh—warm and kind of electric.
Suddenly, instead of fading, my orgasm moved to new level—

, 1994 TMM
*img 1980 Untitled, in Jun 1981

, haunting the streets and looking for Querelle, and sleeping down there on the slope of [La] Recouvrance amidst the piles of merde and snoring sailors just for the hell of it.

, 1953 letter to v/#JustinSrping
*img 1951 Sam's scratchboard for his unpublished Querelle project

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