I enjoy playing Arena Of Valor, but the lore seems written by a Lore Generator Bot.

What do we say to the robot vacuum cleaner on a weekend?


Learning how to handle color on the Pixma Pro 10 better. Turns out I needed fresher ink.

The kiddo made a box-bed for our cat. My favorite part is the To Do list next to her head.

Talking to friends and reminiscing about Paragon today. One of the best-looking games of all time, and my absolute favorite. I miss it so much.


Just put my phone in my shirt pocket. Unfortunately, the shirt I’m wearing today doesn’t have a front pocket.

I wish I could say this was the first time it’s happened.

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Today’s ironic website brought to you by the Python Requests library.

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So Vaccinate your fucking kids. If it was big pharma out 2 screw you again, it would be something only the rich could afford & they’d be charging us 25k per injection, so vaccinate your fucking kids. If it was some chemical warfare by the FBI, they’d be flooding poor Black and Brown neighborhoods with it. The sadder reality is historically non-whites & indigenous communities were experimented on FOR the vaccines that were originally only intended to save white lives. So vaccinate your f-ing kids

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Autism is genetic, you can’t develop it so vaccinate your fucking kids. Most developed countries have compulsory or incentivized vaccines, so vaccinate your fucking kids. If it were some capitalistic money grab conspiracy it wouldn’t be practically the only form of socialized medicine the US is willing to sponsor. Australia pays PARENTS $129 per child to vaccinate their fucking kids. These are vaccinations for Mumps, measles, rubella,Tetanus diphtheria, influenza, Hepatitis B, & Poliovirus.

The “social security administration” calling to inform me they’re filing a lawsuit against me for unspecified social security things, press one to talk to an agent now.

They hung up on me when I pressed one. Cowards.

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Abusing a poor defenseless Raspberry Pi 3B+ as a backup/Bitorrent Sync (née Resilio Sync) server.

400% CPU utilization from 4 simultaneous rsync streams.

The backend storage is an iSCSI block device shared from my local FreeNAS box.

The 1Gb of RAM definitely doesn't cut it for a large (hundreds of thousands of files) directory under Resilio. Splitting the share into smaller ones might do the trick. Trying that next.

When you are a programmer in a AAA game yet you still forget to pass a parameter to the string formatting function.

Wall warts are everywhere like a plague, until the exact moment you need a specific one. Then, they somehow scatter and actively hide from you.

Wall warts are cockroaches, then.

There is no waffle emoji?! This is a scandal and an insult, and must be resolved forthwith!

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