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I don’t know how many times I’ve bought and played this game. But here I go again. Just listening to the music makes me happy.

Snagged a Kira with Hako Clear switches and this might be the best typing experience I’ve ever had.


This is the most Houston picture I have ever Houstoned.

Another macro shot. Love love love the color of this leaf.

Macro shots with an extension tube. Affordable, and pretty! I was kinda dragged along to a botanical garden, so I used the opportunity to get some pictures. Still in love with the - the UX is crazy good.

Dear 1990s self: you’ll use a UNIX workstation for work every day. It’ll be made by Apple. I know, it’s weird.

Also, your phone will run UNIX under the covers, and be made by Apple.

And your watch.

And your “Internet VCR”

Buy Apple stock, you damn fool.

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@Gargron I’m getting 500 errors when trying to Toot pics?

@Gargron I’m getting 500 errors when trying to Toot pics?

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It's only FPGA if it comes from the PGA region of France. Otherwise it's just a sparkling gate array.

Cheap resin 3D printer. The resin smells like an evil, hygiene-averse skunk died 3 weeks ago. Looking forward to checking out the test print tomorrow morning.

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