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igor, the blessed algorithm @hirojin@mastodon.social

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hi folks

this is my first

my name is igor, and this is my (mostly) technical musings (rant) account.

i speak several human languages, and some more computer languages.
i'm self-employed, and currently on "vacation".
as a public speaker, i mostly talk about "soft" stuff these days. here's a talk about how i moved from ops to dev: blag.esotericsystems.at/articl

i'm queer and enby, but ~most of that can be found on @meena

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i want computers to be as magical as their promises

I wonder if Indie Auth could use Mastodon servers as an authentication provider?

gainfully employed
painfully self employed

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@iliana the only good, generally applicable part of Unix philosophy is composability, the rest is just Tradition and Culture

if the source is there, but it doesn't build, is it really an open source project?

fucked up that there isnt a one-size-fits-all silver bullet solution to everything and you have to use multiple tools for multiple different jobs

Coworker: I'm tired of being micromanaged.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: I'm tired of working 50 hours a week and being on-call every weekend.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: Our managers are doing some really shady things.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: Why doesn't anybody keep the remote team in the loop?
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: Talking to HR isn't fixing anything.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: But I'm scared of getting fired without cause.
Me: Then... Let's unionize.


i thought c++ had messed up my understanding what friends are, and then social media came along

extremely good™ programming language idea:

if your programming language has a nil type that can cause NilPointerExceptions, then Maybe should be your programming language's default type. don't @ me.

*reading hackernews comments*

why are you all so fucking wrong

time to turn to full-blown cyber esoterics

i considered placing the "works on my machine" sticker as a form of charm, because, well, nothing works on my machine.

hey I would still like very much to properly learn how to design a circuit board, if you know of anyone who could help that would rock

my company: lewd?? Show more

i don't often advertise software I didn't have a hand in, but this thing isn't just geniusly named, it's also quite useful when you're stuck somewhere without WiFi: github.com/yolosec/routerkeyge

A watched jenkins build never finishes, but an unwatched build is sure to fail when you're not looking.

This is known as the Jenkins paradox.

"it worked last night, i promise" — swizec teller, challenged the demo gods at

"now, i don't have to tell you that's a terrible idea — but i was really excited!" — Felix Krause