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okay! i created a new professional account: @hirojin

i've done my export here, and will slowly re-follow you all

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okay! i created a new professional account: @hirojin

i've done my export here, and will slowly re-follow you all

@nolan interestingly, one of my accounts (under the Ozark theme) still exhibits that behaviour… a little bit. it's weird.

one of the build tools seems to switch the branch… what a bundle of joy, especially since i didn't notice, so i probably replicated a lot of the work that i was just trying to build upon 🙄

ho yeah! i have a new Rambox version with a bleeding edge electron version! with a bleeding edge chromium (66) version

building software on solaris, freebsd and aix has *nothing* on building an electron project

i just spent an hour just getting the build tools and the dependencies in place

amount of times i accidentally rebooted my phone while shopping vs amount of times i rebooted it on purpose while flashing a new rom:

∞ vs 2


update: i had to update TWRP to update LineageOS, but it no longer works automatically, because of… reasons?

next step: fix my IRC app so i can ask this question in and be called stupid.

well, it's been quite a ride!

after a month of seamless upgrades of i no longer can do that, because somehow it forgot that my /data is encrypted

oh cool, cool, Websummit, Europe's biggest tech and start-up conference, has invited noted tech and start-up expert Marine LePen as guest speaker. very normal, very regular, good job everyone.

Here's a picture of me in my new Aira glasses. Aira is an on call service that gives blind people the ability to get visual tasks done. It's like having a co-pilot who gives you directions and visual information. My Aira agent helped me line up the picture and then snapped it for me using my phone's camera.

why does mastodon-fe replace my emoji that in inserted as actual text into an svg image? 🙄 (FACE WITH ROLLING EYES (U+1F644)) becomes an image link:

<img draggable="false" class="emojione" alt="🙄" title=":face_with_rolling_eyes:" src="">

Dear new followers,

I'm here to help you start with #OpenBSD.
Toot at me, if you have questions or need help.

I run
and host stories of BSD users.
DM me, if you #RUNBSD.


i just wish words just could express the same thing as a cat making kissy face, but they can't, so we have to use emoji

but igor, why are you so obsessed with emoji??

imagine someone sends you heartfelt message (containing emoji) and all you can think of is, wow this looks ugly and offensive

"fixed" firefox by overwriting /usr/lib/firefox/fonts/TwemojiMozilla.ttf

but that doesn't fix github >_>
i also bet that i'll have to do this with all electron apps…

i have managed to configure my system to use blob emoji everywhere… (by removing all DejaVu* fonts 🙄)

…everywhere except, whatsapp and firefox and slack and discord and tweetdeck 🤕

mh, work 

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