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igor, the blessed algorithm @hirojin@mastodon.social

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hi folks

this is my first

my name is igor, and this is my (mostly) technical musings (rant) account.

i speak several human languages, and some more computer languages.
i'm self-employed, and currently on "vacation".
as a public speaker, i mostly talk about "soft" stuff these days. here's a talk about how i moved from ops to dev: blag.esotericsystems.at/articl

i'm queer and enby, but ~most of that can be found on @meena

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i want computers to be as magical as their promises

love to render my computer useless by starting a "programme"

me: *copy pastes thing exactly as it is in the documentation*

program: lol did you really thing this would work?

yes, actually, i did… ☹

npm, but for go
pip, but for go
pipsi, but for go
bundler, but for go

honestly, any kind of reliable package and dependency management would do tbh

following @staticsafe with my @SealasApp account because he once mentioned has the brilliant effect, that my @SealasApp's home tl is always filled with art

btw, if you're wondering whether this can be further optimized to

while [[ f=$(dirname $f) != "/" ]]

the anser is no

asignments in bash only evalutate to true or false, not to the value of the assignment

oh my fuck

my colleague did

while [[ $f != "/" ]]; do chmod +x $f; f=$(dirname $f); done;

in our .gitlab-ci and i'm not even mad

2fa where your second factor is you throw your computer in the sea

really looking forward to someone adding AES (with side-channel protections) to idea-instructions.com/

oh yeah, i'm doing my favourite thing: building software!
which leads me to also doing my also favourite thing: installing software!!
which leads me to also doing my also also favourite thing: installing software to install software!!!

how many container systems do you have installed on your laptop?

- docker
- lxc/lxd
- singularity
- systemd-nspawn

aaand, that's it — for now.


I need a background/placeholder-image for Artodon gallery.
Any artist wants to collab??

Just a square Image with grey-like colors and a Mastodon or something in the middle.

I think Artodon needs a Logo.

I may do it by myself but I prefer to collab with people because I love people. Not *all* people, but I love *you*.


In Latin we don’t say “I love you” we say “quod erat demonstrandum” which roughly translates to *mic drop* and I think that’s beautiful

"Blessed by the Algorithm" — I can almost hear an apocalyptic Muse song in my head, as regular people slowly start to venerate the computer gods

like I'm gonna wash my hands before preparing food and tweet "Just wash my hands!!
#ISO22000 woot!! now to put on my latex gloves"


when i click on reply toot, and leave my cursor there, i *often* wipe what i've written by accidentally tapping my trackpad on the reply button again while typing!

Ctrl+Z cannot restore it, cuz it's a new toot…

do you see this as well, should i submit it as an actual issue?

do you ever think about the fact that the Intel NOP operation isn't guaranteed to be no-op?

Today I quickly put together this tool that has been doing pretty well: find a working Sci-Hub domain.


Tip: whereisscihub.now.sh/go immediately redirects you to a working domain.