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igor, the blessed algorithm @hirojin@mastodon.social

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hi folks

this is my first

my name is igor, and this is my (mostly) technical musings (rant) account.

i speak several human languages, and some more computer languages.
i'm self-employed, and currently on "vacation".
as a public speaker, i mostly talk about "soft" stuff these days. here's a talk about how i moved from ops to dev: blag.esotericsystems.at/articl

i'm queer and enby, but ~most of that can be found on @meena

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i want computers to be as magical as their promises

hot technology to implement in your favourite mobile OS en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multipat for phones with two SIM cards

idea for future generation computer programmers: making "exchanging" "files" "work"

@ConnyDuck sorry it took a day to respond to this, github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/issu but i have a new phone where i'm not logged into GitHub yet, and transferring files between a phone and a computer is still and unsolved problem

Oh man I found a seemingly great (and I think new?) resource for developers who care about accessibility: accessibility.digital.gov/

@starbreaker by following these guidelines you'll get close to section 508 compliance, which is the us federal government accessibility regulation.

At a glance, things I noted were that lines should be 66 characters wide.

@codesections you might like this too.

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idea: next @AtomEditor@twitter.com & @code@twitter.com release fixes that issue where i cannot run my browser, my editor & my chat apps on a 8G RAM machine.

@cwcopa @starbreaker
Maybe it's time to update Zawinski's Law:

"Every program attempts to expand until it can leak user data."

how come the people that used to spell microsoft "micro$oft" dont spell google "g👀gle" like cmon it's perfect and just as obnoxious

#Öffi will be in #fdroid very soon: gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/m

Thanks to reproducible builds it will have the same signature as the versions from the play store and the the author's own #fdroid repo, so you can update from there.

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why is no "natural" progression thru programming styles while retaining compatibility with the same programming environment?

the "best" we have is the C ABI, or the java interfaces
javascript might get something thru WASM, but we really don't know yet.

so, effectively, we have nothing equivalent within functional programming languages

you have to pick a level and stick with it and hope there's enough library support

or else drop all the way down to the C ABI.

saturn.de/de/product/_hama-mhl ← 26€ for checking and de-linking 2 bank-identity apps from my broken phone.

cool, cool.

this toot brought to you by my phone being b0rked and *two* banking "identity" apps on it being inaccessible.

apparently you can connect your phone to an HDMI display with an HDMI MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) cable.

however… if your display is actually hosed, that means your touch-screen is hosed.

with this in mind: There are no micro-USB buses that also have a micro-usb plug.

Which means: There's no way to plug in a display *and* a keyboard / mouse into your phone at the same time (unless you have a specific docking station for it)

(bluetooth would be an option, but there's a setup hurdle ;)

at this point my expecation at a non-evil cloud provider is relatively low

- doesn't build drones to bomb brown children

@hirojin I wonder if there are semiconductor design experts who self-describe as "sand witches"

i just explained to someone my title:

Homoiconic Ops Witch

i work with computers — in Operations specifically

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homoicon is a very witchy property of some computer programming languages

also, i'm self-employed and my title is self-chosen.

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