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I'm Russian to get a Warm Water Port if you know what I mean ;)

Pro laps? Doc, I can barely run 100m without gasping

* I lied it's not even a while loop they just manually invoke it with every possible value.
* They actually do this 16 times, but manually insert one line at a different position in each version

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Oh this thing has everything!

* 200-line hard-coded SQL
* Most cases are identical
* The only time it's called is in a while loop that loops over every possible case so this is literally sequential programming done The Hard Way

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I need discrete keyframes, I guess? Wonder if it supports that. My assumption is it's all floats

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What I'd ideally like to do is just put down a single keyframe that says ok increment the "words" variable by 1 here.

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Like, I know you can do that using either the Text property keyframed, or the Show property keyframed, but neither of those truly fixes the issue in a satisfying way.

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Wondering if you could script an animation in DaVinci Resolve that would render text word by word.

Come for my dumb jokes, my rage posts about anti-vaxxers and my boring toots of my rapidly crumbling home. My account has it all.

Just realised I've, through a long garden walk, transitioned from being a game designer into being a... game designer

Becca's dyeing some pretty fucking beautiful yarn today, folks

@hiscursedness Un cassoulet est un specifique genre de casserole. Le nom est de la conteneur.

Wikipedia: "Cassoulet is a rich, slow-cooked casserole... It is named after its traditional cooking vessel, the casserole"


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Experts are BAFFLED on the difference between a casserole and a cassoulet!

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