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I'm Russian to get a Warm Water Port if you know what I mean ;)

And Microscope was mad!

We discussed: Dysentery crusader kings, skeleton bone armadas, The Goats, Countdown, and The God Wheel!

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Banners of Ruin was great! It feels very polished, only a few minor problems with it.

I'm 🔴live on with !

Animals and combat and deck builders? Oh my!

Then at 7:30 (80 mins), it's with Andy.

All of history, in our hands!

It's a damn good series, if I do say so myself, so I'm glad others are enjoying it too

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I think the new thumbnail style is helping, and also I'm getting repeat watchers from previous Space Engineers vids

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That was tons of fun, we got loads done! The magical sports section is already super weird

Tonight's DnD homebrew stream is in one hour, and we're going to make a magical university!

We've lost one base, yes, but what about second base loss?

This one's a good one for fans of saying "AGAIN REALLY NICK!?"

Also fans of my ass, uh, ice hole.

Animation's clunky and some of the voice work isn't great, but the core systems seem great so far

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Gelling pretty well with Solasta. It makes a lot of nice choices that I think other RPGs could learn from. Especially travel, dialogue, and crafting

What setting did I fuck up to make this 10min video 3.5GB

Cents each.

Compare that to the BILLIONS in budget increase they just gave the army.

You can have: hitherto unheard and hoarded art for $7.4m OR not the wing tip of a jet

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