I find it amusing that Americans in space are "astronauts", Russians in space are "cosmonauts" and Chinese in the internet are "netizens"

I love it that I never updated my Twitter app so I still have the old font and the occasional "failed to load fleets" message

just finished Pikuniku on the Switch — fun game, been a while since I played anything new! went through the main story in two sittings

A falcon's migration, flying on average 230km a day! What I'm most impressed is how she managed to stick to, and return to(!) a pretty straight vertical line from South Africa to Finland, just flying around to avoid the Sahara and the Mediterranean!

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Une femelle faucon a été équipée d'un système de localisation satellite en Afrique du Sud avant de migrer vers la Finlande. L ' image montre les données du traqueur. En seulement 42 jours, elle a volé plus de 10.000 km à une incroyable moyenne de 230 km par jour. 👏✌🏼

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@vogon@twitter.com @0xabad1dea@twitter.com FB leadership didn’t mind spreading disinformation until they started spreading incorrect BGP routes

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f o r e s h a d o w i n g

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Start you week on a positive note, don’t use any Facebook products.

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Did you enjoy trying to mentally sing along?

I hope you had the time of your life

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Somebody once told me
You looked just like the girlfriend
I used to have when September ends
She was looking kind of dumb
but her warm smell of colitas
never gonna run around and desert you

Thinking of an alternate timeline where GCC included by default a Turbo-Pascal-compatible frontend since the mid 90s

I was thinking about how YouTube's logo is shaped after a CRT which is something people don't use anymore, then I realized that YouTUBE is named after a Cathode Ray TUBE

I was today years old when I realized that Moderna is named after *M*ode*RNA*

É como se o Grêmio tivesse fechado e a loja do Inter estivesse vendendo camisas tricolores retrô pela nostalgia. "Vamos relembrar juntos grandes Grenais!"

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Pra quem não viveu essa rivalidade nos anos 90 fica difícil explicar quão surreal é a Nintendo vendendo controle e oferecendo jogos da Sega num console dela.

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Are we all going to be surprised at how Chris Pratt can do a perfect Mario impression after all or are they going to go Sonic and "try something new" to disastrous results? Hoping for the former, of course.

Nintendo Direct:
- not stoked about paying extra for Nintendo Online retro content
- only game that piqued my interest was F-Zero X since I loved the original and never played this one, is it worth it?
- only other N64 game I truly miss is Wetrix
- I still miss Super Mario 35

tag yourself, I'm chaotic good

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@AdamMGrant@twitter.com @ericadhawan@twitter.com Also this

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