Time to get back to yesterday's song and see if another bit comes up.

Imagine what a wonderful man Trump-with-a-goatee-from-the-mirror-universe must be!

Government figures in Brazil started adopting fashwave themed avatars on Twitter.

Just so y'all know.

Interesting: I found two ways of saying a particular thing, one in Portuguese that sounds redundant when translated to English, and one in English that sounds redundant in Portuguese.

I think there are two kinds of redundancy, and one of them is avoided for aesthetics only.

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@nijikokun@twitter.com When you think of it, these are intimately related. "this illustrates the character's personality" would be another way of saying it (but then it would sound redundant in Portuguese: "isso ilustra a personalidade do personagem")

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I wrote "this characterizes the character" and realized I was thinking in Portuguese and I really wanted to say "isso caracteriza o personagem". It's hard to come up with an alternative way to say something when the representation of the thought locks in a different language.

I have my phone playing FM radio while also streaming Youtube DIY videos to the Chromecast while I read tweets on 8-bit retrogaming on Twitter all at the same time.

I hit peak Xenial.

I still forget sometimes that I can charge my phone with my laptop charger

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@RadishHarmers@twitter.com @etiene_d@twitter.com And about one third of a second being the Pope.

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The average human spends nearly 4% of their lifetime being Indonesian.

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Essa thread representa uma parte significativa da minha vida

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diretores de cinema como estações do metrô rio

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It feels even weirder that installing the GCC package did not include the C++ compiler. I guess I live in a GoboLinux bubble.

It still feels unnatural to me to ssh into a Linux box and find that gcc is NOT installed.

A necessary habit in 2019: scrolling through a few screens of someone's feed first before following to make sure they're not a fascist

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A thing I've noticed about myself and others as we move though careers in academia:

The transition from "powerless" to "powerful" is often imperceptible. People fail to realize when they have gained power over others, and fail to see how they might be misusing it. [thread]

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Eu nunca assisto política no Youtube. Eu assisto coisas de música e retrogaming. Esses dias assisti uns vídeos brasileiros de música. Eis que no meio deles veio uma recomendação de um vídeo do fucking Spotn*ks, supostamente falando de música (mas com um subtexto óbvio). 2M views.

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Lê isso e me diz que o Brasil não é o Black Mirror. nytimes.com/2019/08/11/world/a

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