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@hisham_hm@twitter.com @mulegirl@twitter.com Totals! Weiner was way ahead here too:

"In this sense, any permanent damage to ecological factors in nature not necessary for the furtherance of human existence, but only necessary for the illustration of an art concept, is a crime against humanity.”


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one day, there will be a certain age group of people who are old enough to fondly remember the sentence "please like and subscribe"

Basic - free forever! - includes most words
Enhanced - $8.99/mo* - all of Basic + prepositions
Pro - $39.99/mo* - all of Enhanced + conjunctions
Enterprise - contact us - all of Pro + AI-driven suggestions of the latest thought-leading buzzwords

* on a yearly plan

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Chrome, I have questions.

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Le secret, une fois qu'on a décrypté un message : ne pas laisser voir qu'on a accès à l'information.
(rare intersection entre le tennis et le Cryptonomicon)
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omg I played bass guitar yesterday, and today I picked up the plain electric guitar and it feels like butter

worst - Attack of the Clones - This and Episode 3 are a blur in my head (I just had to double-check which bits are from which movie), but "I don't like sand" pushes this one to the bottom.

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Revenge of the Sith - a toss between this and Episode 2. I had to make an effort to even remember what this movie was called, but I have fewer bad memories from this one. It's still a mess, though (more sabers!). But hey, at least it gave us the story of Darth Plagueis the Wise.

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The Rise of Skywalker - they messed up the sequel trilogy with an insipid story to appease the 4chan fanbase, but it's still a better movie than the rest of the prequels. The one thing that stayed with me from this movie was Adam Driver's great performance.

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The Phantom Menace - it's an very uneven movie with a few great and some very cringe moments, but it turns out that world, building is what George was good at and various things introduced in this movie are now staples of pop culture. Plus Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon.

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The Force Awakens - it's pretty much a remake of 4, which takes away from it, but at least it's well done, which can't be said of any of the movies below.

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The Last Jedi - Luke is a total badass, Rey-is-a-nobody was a great plot twist ruined by Episode 9, and the 4channers who whined about this movie can go to hell.

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The Empire Strikes Back - "Luke, I am your father", enough said.

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Return of the Jedi - it was a toss between Episodes 5 and 6, but child-me has 6 closer to my heart and it's my list, so there you go. If you want an objective reason, it probably stands alone better than TESB.

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best: Star Wars (instead of calling it "A New Hope", just to annoy the pedants) - the only one that can stand as a movie on its own, the reason why you're even reading this.

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I have a headache and nothing better to do, so here's Star Wars movies ranked from best to worst, A Thread

4 6 5 8 7 1 9 3 2

I used to be that kind of guy, unknowingly, and outgrowing that behavior pattern was probably the most important change I've made in my adult life.

Click on for the whole thread, it's good! ⬇️

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Honestly I don't know where people get the idea that debate is so valuable. There's a lot more learning opportunity in simply letting the pain uncover itself, instead of setting yourself on some "pursuit for truth" journey with a 10 foot range of blasting damage as you pass

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