My number one goal for this year's Brazilian elections:

htop 3.0.0beta5 tagged and announced last weekend at !

A quality of code I never see being praised anywhere: how _greppable_ it is. When picking names of things, I'm always thinking "how easy will it be to grep all uses of this later without a bunch of false-positives"?

Corollary: Being greppable is the first step to being seddable.

quick scroll through Facebook: people distressed with Brazilian politics

quick scroll through Twitter: people distressed with American politics

quick scroll through Mastodon: people discussing decentralized social networks

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what is a good (and hopefully entertaining) book about software testing?

Good morning.

I just had a dream where I had to type a number but NumLock was off and I got garbage in my terminal instead.

Even in my sleep.


I've been using Twitter semi-regularly again. I feel guilty.

A silly little thing which improves code ergonomics — when making lists of repeated entries, make pyramids:

5,000 Icelanders are in the stadium watching the game. If the equivalent percentage of the Brazilian population were in a stadium watching a game, that would amount to roughly the entire population of Uruguay (give or take the entire population of Iceland)

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Do yourself a favor and follow @juliobiason 's live mocking of the WWDC keynote — hashtag, appropriately enough is :D

For decades Microsoft was known for its centralizing culture: everything was in-house.

Then they started to use Github heavily.

And now Github is "in-house".

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Imagine timetravelling back to Slashdot circa 1999 and telling them Microsoft just acquired the largest hoster of open source projects

Wat, merge request approval is a paid feature in GitLab? Being #2 I thought they would try harder to match Github's free tier feature set.

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