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@cypnk the shocking part is that 2005 is 12 years ago

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@hisham_hm Hey this is actually good stuff. Well, at least the first song, I can't speak for the rest just yet. But it prompted me to toot this so I presume it will be good all the way through.

#music <-so ppl will find it

@grainloom Thank you!!

The first track is one of my favorites. (Along with the rest of the "Color Bleed trilogy", I'd say... very personal!) The rest I admit is uneven—I still like all songs but there's stuff I'd do differently today in almost every track. But anyway it represents where my head was at the time. :)

Once upon long ago I wrote and recorded an album worth of original music. I couldn't decide which song to link here, so here's the whole thing:


@daniel_bohrer I went with the standard AMS way of counting (in which Erdos is 0)

@luizirber mine goes Erdős → Jeffrey D. Vaaler → Jonas de Miranda Gomes → Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo → Roberto Ierusalimschy → me

I searched for LHF; I assume it's the shortest since he is a mathematician.

@lilletale Honest question, from someone coming from the Third World: how do people who don't have enough to eat have internet access? When people are at the brink of survival like that, they they cut down on lots of other stuff first, including internet.

I find it unlikely that they are all accessing Mastodon via public libraries. I know that people who can't afford internet resort to public WiFi, but then again they if have smartphones they are not at the "can't eat" stage yet.

I think my Erdős number is... 6?

@TrollDecker Ah, that would be my guess... the latter days of my floppy drives had a similar story. But it's bren years since I last had a desktop computer, so I didn't rule out the possibility that people actually had uses for multiple optical drives these days and that I was just totally out of the loop.

@TrollDecker wherefore does one possess a secondary optical drive in this day and age?

@garbados ha! got it! fully parsed now, thanks!

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@hisham_hm We should never, never ever, underestimate the power of memes

@garbados I only had trouble parsing the middle "'s'", what does that stand for?

@sajith indeed. the world's foremost nuclear arsenal was taken over via the power of memes, after all.

I love the inconsistent UIs of DOS and Amiga games and apps.

I hate the inconsistent UIs of Linux apps.

The former feel like they were made by people who love UI — "here's my shot at inventing one!"

The latter feel like they hate UI — "how can I get away with it with the minimum amount of work"

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XCar: Experimental Racing (Bad Dog/Bethesda Softworks, 1997)

@krainboltgreene maybe they wanted to change the protocol all along and baited users into adoption with the form-factor improvement

@sajith it's a completely unsubstantiated observation, of course, but that seems to be the flavor of the day