Teal 0.14.0 is released! 🚀 (What is Teal? In short, Teal is to Lua what TypeScript is to JavaScript)

Check out what's new in the changelog:

Teal has a "global" keyword for declaring global variables. Should it also require it when declaring global functions?

TIL that Machu Picchu is really pronounced Machu Pick-choo in quechua

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Não sobrou nenhuma desculpa "liberal" pra elite brasileira que apoia Bolsonaro.

Não há responsabilidade fiscal.
Não há combate à corrupção.
Não há ordem ou eficiência na gestão pública.

Só tem violência e autoritarismo. Reconheçam-se no espelho.

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Coders today are like painters in the Renaissance: they're mainly funded by evil organizations, what they produce exists to further that org's evil goals, but every now and then something beautiful comes out of it

...and inflation and talking about "billionaires" being so commonplace nowadays. Though I do remember the Portuguese word "miliardário" being used in an old Brazilian comic book (even though I have no knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese ever using the long scale).

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Brazilian Portuguese uses the same "short scale" as Amer—I mean, all English. Not sure about European Portuguese! Anyway, it's impressive to see such a language shift happen within a lifetime! I wonder of the same will/is happening with other languages, with globalization...

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I was suprised to see on YouTube that the UK uses the same value for "billion" as the US; somehow I had it in my mind that they used "milliard/long billion" like French... then the vid said it was so until the 70s, and I remembered I learned that in a book in Brazil in the 80s.

(Note though that this 80/20 figure is for one single platform, that is, the amount of code a single user runs — that 20% figure then repeats for each supported OS... which shows how portability can be such a significant overhead for certain kinds of projects)

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Most of htop's codebase is about building the user interface, not about managing processes. A quick check tells me that the split between system-independent code that builds the htop user experience and system-specific code that does the process nitty-gritty is roughly 80/20.

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If you look at something like Godot. The vast majority of the code is small detail added to make everyone's experiences better. Actual rendering, physics, etc. is just a small amount of code in comparison. That's the real price to pay to make usable software..

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Another day, another PM at Google gets promoted by shuffling their product line around and causing confusion to users

Adoniran Barbosa, apesar do sucesso no front-end, tinha nostalgia dos seus tempos programando em baixo nível. Foi então que ele escreveu o clássico "Saudoso malloc()"

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The Matrix described 1999 as the peak of human civilization and I laughed because that would obviously not age well but then the next 23 years happened and now I’m like yeah okay maybe the machines had a point

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Thanks to B*lsonaro and Br*xit, Brazil and the UK have lost one of Brazil's top anthropology researchers. Good for Ireland! University College Dublin is lucky to have her.

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I will miss Bath tremendously, @bathsps@twitter.com and specially my dear friends, colleagues, and students from @CDS_Bath@twitter.com — I will be always grateful for everything I learned here.

I am angry and frustrated that Brexit led to the UK non-association with EU Horizon

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The country of my birth…

I want to code something that makes me happy tonight.

I'll accept a cohost invite if anyone has any

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