I binge watched the last season of Dark last weekend to avoid spoilers, then yesterday I was thinking how it would have been fun to watch one episode a week and then theorize around the mystery as it unfolded.

People had so much fun dissecting GOT and it wasn't even good.

"pillar 1 (hospitals) and pillar 2 (commercial labs and home tests) data"

Watch out for different ways of underreporting data

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But the govt is sitting on a much more complete dataset including pillar 2, which tells a completely different story

More than 90% of new cases in Leicester are now under pillar 2, yet these numbers are not public. If you’re a local biz owner in Leicester, you only see the blue.

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I'm building up this theory that for a brief window of time in the 2000s Porto Alegre was the coolest place on Earth (World Social Forum, etc.)

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@hisham_hm@twitter.com That was the debconf where the ubuntu group started and we all got rather too fond of caipirinha.

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today's good news: I finally found decent Indian food in Porto Alegre!

Uma das coisas que eu mais me orgulho de ter feito como professor foi essa lista de exercícios pros alunos de Prog II


Isn't it odd that the cooking machine has a name, the freezing machine has a name, the cooling machine has a name, but the washing machine doesn't?

sabendo o que a gente sabe dos filhos dele hoje, o foreshadowing dessa declaração é brutal

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3 de fevereiro de 2014, segunda-feira

O deputado federal é convidado a opinar no Super Pop sobre “morte de gays no Brasil“. Dentre vários absurdos, diz concordar que “o filho do Bolsonaro pode ser assassino ou político corrupto, mas não pode ser gay“.

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went to look for my cat and he was sleeping in the office/studio, after all it's regular working hours

guess I forgot to mark PTO on his calendar as well

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46% of global Covid-19 deaths are recorded in 3 countries, which only account for 7.8% of global population.

What do they have in common?

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my mood is ruined, and I've only got myself to blame

should never have checked email

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@hisham_hm some fun progress, had to export `show_type` and add support for the `"none"` type in `show_type_base` but so far looks good. I still think the "incomplete source code" is going to be a big problem, especially if I want type info to be propagated in incomplete code.

Giving hey.com a try — I'm sure there were threads about this already but I'll ask lazytwitter anyway:

how do people deal with mailing lists? labels a la gmail? dump them all in the feed and hope for the best?

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This is officially the most important and straightforward thread about D+I in the workplace twitter.com/nmsanchez/status/9

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Vamos relembrar o caso Queiroz pra quem ta perdido?

Fabrício Queiroz foi durante mais de dez anos segurança, motorista e por fim assessor do atual senador Flávio Bolsonaro, emprego em que recebia um salário de R$ 8.517 da Assembleia Legislativa do Rio (Alerj).

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I am guilty of steaming off stress by engaging with trolls on Twitter and telling them to wear a fucking mask

haha, there's a 2020 movie called "Onward" which has just hijacked all search engine results when I search for the link for the Onward! event within @splashcon@twitter.com 2020 😆

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This problem (how will we possibly know how bad people will use this tech?!) is why we need speculative ethical consideration BEFORE a new technology is rolled out. I just came up with 5 things bad actors will definitely do off the top of my head. Then you can design to mitigate.

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What an amazing and concise presentation of a lot of hard truths!

Having been on both sides of CS education, I recognize *all* of this. Read it, share it, do something about it.

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