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"Facebook to Let Users Rank Credibility of News"


This is the worst idea. Letting people vote on what's fact and what isn't has worked so well in the past hasn't it.

Mission Impossible: making last-minute travel plans to go _anywhere_ during Carnaval

Star Trek Discovery: I would love it if in the mirror universe, the evil Terrans used imperial units.

Watching Star Trek Discovery, I like it how it always uses metric. For American audiences, it probably sounds "futuristic" too. "Look, it's the future, we have warp drive, solved money and famine, and everyone uses metric!"

Flashback to when URLs were a "new" thing and TV hosts would slowly spell out the whole thing:

"If you'd like to know more about it, you can check it out on the internet at AITCH, TEE, TEE, PEE, COLON, SLASH, SLASH — that's two slashes — ..."

Do any of you want a statically-typed cousin of Lua?

Shower thought: if Golang's version of coroutines are called goroutines, then I really hope they don't add their own version of monads

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Things that I don’t get and make me feel old:

- minecraft
- twitch
- minecraft on twitch

Shower thought: if someone invented a graphics format called .jif, that would settle the pronunciation of .gif once and for all

oh wow, `git reflog` is like Git history's history

Wondering if I should get an account at masto.donte.com.br for Portuguese-language toots, and if Tusky has good support for multiple accounts

When an issue is reduced to a hashtag, it gets easier for reactionaries to sound 'nuanced' by saying things like "I think has gone too far". Try replacing with

* denouncing sexual abuse
* denouncing police racism

See what I mean?

We need a (South American) mate emoji

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It's really interesting that those logos for security vulnerabilities seem to share a common visual language.

Heartbleed's was designed by Leena Snidate (@leenasnidate@twitter.com), Spectre/Meltdown by Natascha Eibl (vividfox.me).

mastodon.social/media/BM2DRngl mastodon.social/media/crko99fB mastodon.social/media/LtoMrIOH

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Over and over, I find that people's general mental models reflect in their way of thinking in all areas:

* the way the approach politics has to do with the way they approach programming,
* and has to do with the way they approach religion,
* and has to do with the way they approach entertainment, etc.

It's hard to not pre-judge people because of that, but another thing to keep in mind is that people are far from being consistent (and often, that's for the best!).

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@hisham_hm @renatolond I'm not sure when exactly, but I'm also interested in a Mastodon meetup.

#fosdem #fosdem2018

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