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Hisham @hisham_hm@mastodon.social

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Alright, engaged toxic people. Thrown the conduct code into them. They shut up.

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@hisham_hm having a hard time finding Lua projects to contribute for Hacktoberfest. Is there an ongoing list? If not, interested in helping to create one?

Micro is better than my own editor Dit in every respect, except for how it renders selections and support for Borland key bindings. (Also it doesn't seem to have tabs?)

I wonder if I just start hacking on Micro to add the few things it is missing or if I should keep banging on Dit. It's been serving me well since about 2007, after all!

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@sydneyfalk @djsundog oh, this is a common misconception about vim!

vim doesn't want you to kill anyone directly, you must bring it new a victim at least once every two weeks, or else

In case you think my last toot was upside down: I live in the southern hemisphere

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I have a hard time keeping my mental image of Trent Reznor separate from Snape

In my experience, Native English speakers have a harder time with Global English than other Global English speakers. They're thrown off by unexpected grammar a lot easier.

The sad truth is that my 2017 computing setup consists of about 20 windows running legacy platforms: VT100 emulators and web browsers.

A revamp for the LuaFileSystem webpage, changing only its CSS away from the old Kepler look: keplerproject.github.io/luafil

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Watching Friends when I was younger I identified more with Ross, the nerdy PhD.

Now that I'm older and actually have a PhD, I think Ross is an idiot and I identify more with Joey.

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About me: I enjoy singing songs loudly while faking weird accents

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I've got the little tunes from EXCITEBIKE stuck in my head

this is the rhythm of the night

the night

oh yeah

Having to make do with macOS for a few days until my laptop arrives... it's usable, but I miss my GoboLinux scripts and aliases so much! :D