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@borko All notions of "Everything is a X" are at the same time empowering and limiting.

Random thought of the day:

If your phone's auto-suggest guesses the next word you want to type too often, yhis might mean your writing is not that creative.

@babelcarp yes, one must never underestimate the impact of a vocal minority

@nickbarreto já li um do Mia Couto, mas não me recordo do nome. Leminski vale a pena. :)

@nickbarreto lembrei! Poesia completa do Paulo Leminski. Mas poesia é sempre difícil de traduzir...

@cwebber sigh... I know, right? What do you guys do? Can it be built with something like --prefix=/opt/gnu (and would Debian go along with that?)

@nickbarreto eu não lembro qual foi o último livro brasileiro que eu li :o (em português deve ter sido Saramago)

@XOR I think the backronym does a disservice, masking an accident of design as something intentional. Not sure in which document it first came up. I wonder if it is mentioned in POSIX?

It's amazing how early design mistakes of successful software end up getting after-the-fact justifications that are ardently defended by its fans.

Example: /usr was the disk for users data in the original Unix (old docs use /usr/ken in examples after K. Thompson). When the root disk got full they started storing programs there and /usr/bin was born.

People now give backronyms for "USR" and justify the /usr though the rigid "partitions" model is flawed (and was even abandoned in Plan 9).

@XOR this is a backronym. It really stands for /usr. In the original Unix systems /usr was a second disk to store user data (hence stuff like /usr/ken in historical documents). /usr/bin came about when their root disk got full and they had to install more programs, and the rest is (rewriting) history.

The Mastodon hype wave is gone but I'm still here!

Reinstalled SwiftKey on my phone after many years out of sheer frustration with the ever-worsening GBoard

@lojikil @djsundog I'm using Tusky on Android. The previous release was a bit more stable than the current one, but development is active.

Tried to search on the internet what Raiden was screaming in Mortal Kombat 1. Turns out it was gibberish.

Then I looked up on Google if anyone every heard the same as me. And there was _one_ hit, in a forum post from 2007.

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How Facebook's tentacles reach further than you think

(submitted by CarolineW)

@knxggles good luck! the first list is much larger than the second, so you'll do fine! :)

if you still want to study something from the second list, I think the most useful thing there is structural induction (that is, if you want to deal with programming language semantics later)