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A silly little thing which improves code ergonomics โ€” when making lists of repeated entries, make pyramids:


5,000 Icelanders are in the stadium watching the game. If the equivalent percentage of the Brazilian population were in a stadium watching a game, that would amount to roughly the entire population of Uruguay (give or take the entire population of Iceland)

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It's my birthday!!! ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐Ÿฐ ๐Ÿ ๐ŸŽ‰

Do yourself a favor and follow @juliobiason 's live mocking of the WWDC keynote โ€” hashtag, appropriately enough is :D


For decades Microsoft was known for its centralizing culture: everything was in-house.

Then they started to use Github heavily.

And now Github is "in-house".

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Imagine timetravelling back to Slashdot circa 1999 and telling them Microsoft just acquired the largest hoster of open source projects

Wat, merge request approval is a paid feature in GitLab? Being #2 I thought they would try harder to match Github's free tier feature set.

revisiting my old mp3 collection. First tracks off shuffle:

Manic Street Preachers
Liquid Tension Experiment
Def Leppard
Arcade Fire

Uploading my ~20Gb MP3 collection to my phone for the first time. Last time I carried music with me was around the time of the iPod 4th gen.

Incidentally, I think that was the last time I updated my MP3 collection (yeah, been lazy the last years and listened to music very sparsely, mostly from YouTube, I hate to admit).

Are computers a sort of End of History for music instruments? now that we have devices that can produce any form of sound wave and automation that made music execution independent of physical processes, is there ever going to be a truly new musical instrument? could a newly-thought UI significantly affect what new music is made?

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@hisham_hm @gemlog @envgen maybe it's because music technology hasn't actually changed at all in 15 years. all the music that's being made now would be completely possible to make 15 years ago

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up against your will
Through thick and thin

a dream: finding a bunch of crazy people to play this kind of music with


It comes to mind now also that we also use it as a possible answer for obrigado/"thank you", say, if you do someone a favor, as a way of saying "nevermind, it was no hassle!"

And now I can't help but find this exchange hilarious:

โ€” thank you!
โ€” capable!

When you ask someone from my state what "capaz"/"capable" means, they tell you with a smile: "capaz que nรฃo"/"it's capable that no"

The person will invariably then say, somewhat puzzled: "oh, so it means 'possibly not', then??"

"No, it means 'definitely not'!"

We also use "bem capaz", which literally means "very capable", to mean "of course not!"

People from the rest of the country, trying to make sense of what to their ears sounds like a sentence fragment, often assume it to be a shortening of "รฉ bem capaz que sim", which means "it's quite possible that yes", which means the exact opposite!