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HN Tooter

The emotional journey of creating anything great

(submitted by gballan)

Makita has made a sturdy coffee machine aimed at construction workers

(submitted by edward)

Fifty Years of Basic, the Language That Made Computers Personal (2014)

(submitted by susam)

ICANN files legal action in Germany to continue collecting WHOIS data under GDPR

(submitted by whym)

These drones can haul a 20-pound load for 500 miles and land on a moving target

(submitted by spking)

Jeff Bezos: ‘We Must Go Back to the Moon, and This Time to Stay’

(submitted by jedwhite)

Fullstack Academy is looking for developers who love teaching

(submitted by nimz)

ODKCollect: Android app for forms, designed for use in challenging environments

(submitted by huangyz0918)

Comparing the C FFI overhead in various programming languages

(submitted by based2)