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Does GPT-3 know what it's like to be human? Yes, it turns out an internet-trained AI can indeed cite the universal human experiences of:


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I didn't expect to be playing music on the Pinebook, yet here we are.

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@hobson I'm not a hyper-fan of co-ops (because it's still the playing-by-the-rules, and they do have their own issues -- not saying they're worse, but they're not the end-all dream I'll ever have).

But I think I'd prefer a more communal thing. There were examples of communal structures of apartments up until the labour movement flopped (both in terms of the business unions merging with government *and* in their destruction around the 60s), and they weren't co-living spaces where one person owned and handled finances (or one person had that legal responsibility).

They were apartments that had necessary spaces developed into them. Childcare, grocery co-ops, etc. Everyone had access to owning their apartment, they were encouraged to build spaces to work together, and they had community spaces (like dance halls or libraries) built in. And the few buildings that existed were also considered like a web, creating a community.

We've lost the few of those that existed, and it was a lofty goal that could've been amazing. And yet...

But something like that is what I want.

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Study confirms it. The floating garbage patch in the Pacific is nearly all fishing gear. It's not consumer waste.


Eat less fish, their populations are crashing anyway

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ME: "cpu, please execute these instructions in the order in which i have provided to them"

CPU: "that's too hard. here's me accessing memory that another thread has written to but I don't see the write yet. do you like this"

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did you know that having more than one route to the same network can cause Linux to drop packets if more than one of them is used

I know this now

rp_filter - INTEGER
1 - Strict mode as defined in RFC3704 Strict Reverse Path
Each incoming packet is tested against the FIB and if the interface is not the best reverse path the packet check will fail. By default failed packets are discarded.

FIB is the routing table

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OK, this was a stupid bug. The dialer screen doesn't have controls but when you place a call an "ongoing call" screen appears with the buttons on it. Except it didn't appear. Just kept the dial pad up the entire call.

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qalc looks pretty cool, like MATLAB or in (even !)

$ pkg install qalc/stable

$ qalc 'now + (500GB / (50MB / second))'

now + ((500 × gigabyte) / ((50 × megabyte) / second)) ≈ "2022-08-30T00:23:47"

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And no, bud, "0 to 22 employees in 11 months" via VC backing is not "stable". If it was 0 to 22 employees, while still profitable with >=18mo runway, *bootstrapped*, I could consider that stable. But what you just described is classic "VCs are throwing money at a thing and seeing if it sticks", and for an early Series A, that's risk.

I've done the seed round / series A grind. It's exciting, but it's not "stable". There's a lot of wondering, "will we have jobs in a year?"

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If youre a citizen of the USA, ask yourself how many of your tax dollars are going towards being Europe's military so they can use their money to take care of their citizens instead of propping up defense contractors

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Reminder: Boycotting Hollywood movies, etc is more effective than pirating them in regards to protesting DRM!

My favourite alternatives so far are:
* Magus Elgar - fantasy ensamble comedy
* The Magnus Archives - british horror, fictional eyewitness testimonies
* Wolf359 - space scifi
* The Red Panda Adventures - Cheesy superheroes, 1930's
* Blender Open Movies - computer animations

I adore these (mostly, audio) shows!
More recommendations at: adrian.geek.nz/movies

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We have a lot of evidence that "inform yourself" is a very bad method for improving understanding.

So why would we persist in insisting on such a mode of conveying information, if it's known to be ineffective?

Why would we ask people to do this if we want them to understand things that we care deeply about?

When is protecting ourselves from the pain of not being comprehended more important than conveying ideas to other people which we feel very strongly about?

In protecting myself from the fear of not being understood, whether it feels like a choice or not, I am choosing to not be comprehended in the things I care about, and prioritizing avoiding hurt and frustration and pain.

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Someone on fedi said that ads pollute webpages and I think marketing emails are the same for inboxes. They make checking your email a massive chore when it should be a pleasant experience.

I have absolutely zero respect for most people in marketing and advertising. Their entire job is taking up more and more of our already limited attention. These people and companies compete to steal our attention away from things that actually need it, from open source projects, from work, from your personal business, and from friends. Our collective attention is worth so much to these assholes that there's literally an entire economy built around it. Most of us don't mind giving it away left and right because we don't even realise how valuable it is.

Imagine how pleasant things could be if we got rid of "cold email campaigns" and daily newsletters and "here's what you missed!" and "check out our weekly deals!" and massive billboards on the side of the road and big banner ads on the news and three 20 second interruptions to our videos and sponsored products surrounding pictures of our friends' newborn and on and on and on

Little by little, these things actively make our lives more and more unpleasant, but because they've crept up on us and because they're small things here and there, we don't even notice them any longer.
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Death to amazon and all amazon affiliates.

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