Working on the new
of my game Karambola, I needed to have the word "Music" handwritten. So of course I spent hours discovering exotic 😅 It made me appreciate other and even more! Without them, the world would be so boring! <3
And is the that connects all, right?
Please don't be offended, if you weren't represented <3. I chose languages randomly and then got tired;)) But I appreciate all <3

I took a break from other projects to finish painting the shoe cabinet that I started in Autumn. Since then it’s been looking at me with disappointment (along with a huge pile of shoes on the floor).

These are my first 2 tries at renovating furniture as I've at home a colourful-not collection of ugly cupboards from communist era in Poland.

The mandala-ish shape I made improvising with my stencils & masking tape.

And now for something completely different... this is a little puppet I made last year. It was supposed to go into a book illustration project, so it's not fully prepared & durable for animation, but I hope to try and animate it anyway :)

It's my first-ever wire puppet I made & it took me a long time and 3 approaches to figure out how to make it.

Welcome, traveller! I'm a watercolor artist who loves animals, magic and stars ✨

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Sketchdrop no.70

Today is an anniversary of sorts: One year ago I started this series of drawings. I didn‘t think it would take this long, and there‘s still a good amount to go. But I‘ve started so many things in the past that I now want to practice finishing things, so let‘s keep going. :)

#mastoArt #creativeToots #art #sketch #sketchbook #ink #drawing

The bzzzs and bees of "Karambola". Do you know which one of these didn't appear in final version of the game? :)

You can play it on Steam now:

I know that the natural version of the bee is flapping its wings bird-style...but our imagined worlds have different rules...or no rules really;)

Would you like to know the story behind the bee scene?

This is the day! My short Karambola about emotional fruit-people is now available on (including ). Still for free :)

I invite you to experience something totally weird, but uplifting, filled with puzzles & folksy music!

If you've already played, then you can gather cute achievements, experience new "almost-HD" quality;) and translations to Simplified Chinese, Russian & Polish!

Ooooooh!! Ginger seems impressed that my game Karambola is coming to Steam in just 2 days (June 16th).

This is one of my favourite scenes from the game :)

Just a heads up: I found a lot of cool, unused content from the game, that I forgot existed and I will be spamming you a bit with it :) Hope you don't mind ❤️

I had the opportunity at faire at local here in Warsaw to my and onto a plywood box. It was pre-cut, but still it was a nice intro to laser-cutting.

In the background there is an awesome or a , but I don't know who made it and can only wish to have this skill 🔥

This is another one of the cat drawings I made as a commission back in 2007, when my specialty were realistic cat portraits in ink. :blobcat: ❤️

And here is Golomp in motion: 🕊️❤️ 🎥

I originally composed this theme for one of our games - here I used the raw piano-only tune. 🎼 🎵 🎹 🎶

Let me introduce Golomp - a wooden puppet of a pigeon ("gołąb" in Polish). They are a mix of Australian crested pigeon and city pigeon, non-binary, a bit curious and VERY expressive :)

Made on an online workshop by Puppets in Prague (highly recommended).

My first game "Karambola" is finally coming to Steam next week on June 16th!

It's a short surreal story about helping cute, weird, emotional fruit-people deal with dark thoughts. It’s filled with logical puzzles, handmade graphics, original music, and is altogether a rather contemplative and heartwarming experience.

Add it to your Wishlist now! (please!) to experience it all-new, including "almost-hd" shader, achievements, bug fixes, and my most honestest gratitude <3

The ArTist - Erik JOHANSSON is a surreal photographer from #Sweden, based in #Prague, but working all around the world. He tests the boundaries between what is real and fiction. - Titles: Land fall / Arms break... Go your own road/ A place like home / The cover up/ - - #ericjohansson #photography #fotografie #art #streetart #mastoart #unreal #NatureArt #natur

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