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Jon Erik

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Hi there! I'm Jon Erik. Your friendly neighborhood writer and Glittering Bog Fiend (GBF).

I write about comics and queer representation, except not really anymore. But I intend to keep trying.

Find my work on:

📓 Book Riot:
🌈 ComicsAlliance:
📰 The MNT:

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so much of my mood for the day is contingent on my morning commute, I’m THAT exciting

It’s my state’s vacation week! Which means there should be fewer people on my bus, PLEASE

I am officially someone who tapes comic strips to the outside of his cubicle

Bus seats are, like, too small for 70% of people

I finally got my Instagram feed to what I want it to be: fat fashion cuties, French bulldogs, and pugs

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deleting the twitter app again, let’s see how long this lasts

Good morning!! I’m proud of you!!

two hour morning commutes blow, pass it on

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literally no shade to wrestlefans but Twitter is bonus unusable right now

hi mastodon!

a recent plague upon my existence online has been phil coulson fans


Having a ~Secret~ in the Workplace

Other People: Going commando, wearing a harness?
Me: Walking around listening to the Kidz Bop cover of "Crying in the Club"