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Jon Erik

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Hi there! I'm Jon Erik. Your friendly neighborhood writer and Glittering Bog Fiend (GBF).

I write about comics and queer representation, except not really anymore. But I intend to keep trying.

Find my work on:

📓 Book Riot:
🌈 ComicsAlliance:
📰 The MNT:

hello! I should post here more! but I do still regularly read y'all's toots!

shoutout to the guy who pitched that I write about him for ComicsAlliance

uh, sir, you're about ten months late

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I'm going to take some flat-color commissions so I can afford my Flamecon table fee! $50 for a single character, $75 for two. Five slots available, example below! Send inquiries to

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I gotta say, "viral toot" takes on a very different meaning

Hey Mastodon! Anyone have any recommendations? Ideally ones that are sweet, pleasant, or at least Not Disconcerting.

I think it’s important to quit framing Mastodon as a Twitter replacement. They both have different uses!

Mastodon’s where you go to build/find community in a decentralized space, while Twitter’s where you go to emulate the feeling of sticking your head into a boiling vat of cooking oil.

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Thinking about making a corny "spell book" where I keep both individualized "healing" information and also more general stuff, like health+emergency tips, contact numbers, etc.

I started asking my co-workers today when their birthdays were and what their "in case of emotional emergency, break glass" junk food items were, and wrote that information down.

I thought a lot last night about how often I tend to play healers in MMO/RPGs and how I want to see if I can make that translate into real life.

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thoughts on general genre tropes re: same-sex pairs Show more

is it still subtweeting if it's in your display name

asking for a friend

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