I just got hit with consecutive waves of gay comics clownery and it's...too much

Folks who aren’t on mastodon.social! How do you like you instance? I might finally start shopping around for new real estate

jon erik the blushing anime protagonist is not fun to listen to, at least not for jon erik the srs journalist

listening to a bland interview you had with a local firefighter? fine

listening to a giddy interview you had with a comics creator whose work you respect and enjoy? nightmare

listening to your own voice is hard

listening to your own voice as it conducts an interview is harder

listening to your own as it conducts a comics interview is hardest

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is the mastodon hq called the “toot suite”

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Indiegogo to tattoo “Bless This Mess” in cross-stitch font onto my forehead

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you are more than just Not Twitter, but frankly that’s all I need you to be

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ya boy may have to quit his job because his boss is being so emotionally abusive

do you know what I like: benefits and health insurance

do you know what I like even more: not wanting to vomit from anxiety every day

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