I was pretty fed up with the behavior of 'df', so I wrote my own diskfree tool.

It's called 'duf', it's written in , and you can get it here: github.com/muesli/duf

On ArchLinux, you can simply install 'duf' from the AUR.

Hab' mal auf 0.17 aktualisiert, nachdem mich ein Benutzer darauf aufmerksam gemacht hat 😴

Release notes: github.com/searx/searx/release

Das Thema ist abseits vom Blog - und dennoch verlinke ich das Video "A Short Story Of Moria". Sehr bedrückend. 😔


I've been thinking about doing a recurring livestream of me working through some of backlock of F-Droid app inclusions.

Would anyone be interested in watching this?

New versions of #XMPP #jabber clients for #Apple #ios and #macos released. Biggest changes are introduction of XMPP #MIX (modern way of groupchats), significant improvements in audio/video calls and message editing/deleting.

Check out tigase.net/beagleim-4.0-and-si for details.

#OsmAnd ist #OpenSource. Das ist für mich entscheidend. Es kann inklusive allen Erweiterungen und Live Abo kostenlos in #Fdroid heruntergeladen werden.

Apps targeting Android SDK 30 published by F-Droid cannot yet be installed on Android 11. This affects at least FairEmail, Netguard, OpenVPN and a few others.

You might want to hold up upgrading your device to Android 11 for a few weeks if you rely on any of these apps.

As a developer, you might want to hold up upgrading targetSDK to 30 for a bit.

The issue is tracked here, including a workaround for getting your data back from FairEmail in case you already fell into this trap.

libhandy 1.0.0 released. 🎉

We released it a bit in advance to let application maintainers update their submodules in time for the GNOME 3.38.0 release. 😀 That being said, we expect distros to ship libhandy as any other regular stable library. 😉


This weekend there's an exhibition by @mondstern at @topio in Berlin displaying 104 pictures of (mostly) apps from #FDroid! ❤️

Unsere Verfassung ist ein antifaschistisches Manifest. Sie lässt die Demo in Berlin zu. Diese Zumutung müssen alle billig und gerecht denkenden Menschen ertragen. Mein Appell: Schüttet in gerechtem Zorn nicht das Kind mit dem Bade aus. Seid empört, aber wählt Eure Mittel weise.

SSH SOCKS Proxy. Das VPN des armen Mannes. Statt einer ganzen VPN Verbindung kann man auch einfach eine SSH Verbindung nutzen um z.B: die Verbindungen des Browsers über einen Tunnel aus einem anderen Netzwerk auszuleiten. Will man das ganze automatisieren bietet sich hier dann auch noch das Tool autossh an!
ssh -D 8080 -N user@host
Und schon habt ihr einen SSH Tunnel mit einem SOCKS Proxy auf Port 8080

#Tigase #XMPP Server meets #Docker! Running the own XMPP was never easier - you can have a full-fledged XMPP server in a matter of minutes.

Read on tigase.net/tigase-meets-docker and check our #DockerHub: hub.docker.com/r/tigase/tigase

RT @MovimNetwork
Thanks to the awesome work of @singpolyma it is now possible to do audio (and soon maybe video) calls between #XMPP accounts and #SIP accounts. It already works perfectly with Movim and Conversations @iNPUTmice @xmpp . That's the magic behind standards 😌🤗

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