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here, eat this elk's heart

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« 【本日のフクロウ】

マルコメさんとパチっと視線が合ったらナデナデの合図ですよ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ グッ ! t.co/8Ni1sA97ut »

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« i present to you all. my latest masterwork: the ELEANOR RIGBY BATTLE THEME t.co/JdxBjC2LmE »

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Wow, the @villagecinemas online booking system is extraordinarily broken.

Tried with my card: Payment error
Tried with @Silasary's card: Payment error
Tried with @Silasary's PayPal: finally works but sends the tickets to the wrong email

All for a booking fee to use gift tickets

My Adventure Time comic book collection, with comics signed by Zachary Sterling and Olivia Olson imgur.com/a/92WwZ

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Yay, UE4.19 is finally out - time to upgrade. @UnrealEngine

« お散歩なう!
今日のお散歩でベンジャミンと沢山の春を見つけてきました! t.co/8Cbm3HbY8j »

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« finally, a monitor that will fit the entire name of my Java classes t.co/uHAHYfbgd9 »

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« We have a nation wide in-store radio network at my work and employees get to submit song requests. Never Gonna Give You Up just played. Somewhere an employee is quietly chuckling to themselves... they just rickrolled every store in the country. t.co/iqmlrAveBq »

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« We also don’t own houses and have killed the diamond industry, all in the name of Avocados twitter.com/cnn/status/9714529 »

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Devised an architecture for real-time messaging to clients that theoretically scales from 0 to hundreds of millions of concurrent connections, all because I read that @FortniteGame service outage post.

« Now on @medium when you add a link from blueprintUE.com , it will be converted into an embed (check the video below). Thanks to @embedly and @RedpointGames t.co/oofz72q67n »

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