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June @hq@mastodon.social

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here, eat this elk's heart

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digging up things from 2011(!) to possibly make another thing work :O

« @hachque @noelfb you must reveal the seven blood runes and manifest your will into the flexbox... but only if you are using opera, chrome, or the latest version of firefox. if you are using safari then possibly eight blood runes will work. »

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Trollhunters is such a good show and S3E05 is such a solid episode :D

« Also, I saw this on there and it amused me. :P

(Artist credit - @xonitum) t.co/M7SeLBeOez »

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« I'm:



🔘escaping to the ONE place that hasn’t been corrupted by capitalism... SPACE t.co/M8U4XVpcOk »

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood looks pretty gooooooood

« this story got buried in the weekend but it’s truly bonkers: someplace in east asia is pouring the worst greenhouse gas ever into the atmosphere, but no one knows where it’s coming from or how to stop it theoutline.com/post/4708/montr »

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reCAPTCHA these days is basically 100% dedicated to websites, and not all games can embed a web browser / chromium for this kind of thing, so it's not really a feasible option

ugh I need a CAPTCHA system that is:
- easy for humans
- hard for bots / automation
- is easy to implement / can work inside desktop and console games
- isn't some kind of horrible "garbled letters" thing

« Dear people who write articles:
Please write about how Valve are framing today's shitstorm around offensiveness, which is easy to two-sides, rather than harmfulness, which is what actually matters. Thanks <3 »

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Just saw Ocean's Eight and oh my god it's such a great movie. Probably my favourite in the series and I'd highly recommend seeing it.

« Fixed where I snapped her hinges. All hinged up now! Just needs chin padding t.co/ULBnPoL1jN »

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« A platform that allows "everything, unless it's illegal or straight up trolling" is ridiculous. Please keep your malicious, derogatory, discriminatory, bullying, harassing, demeaning content off @itchio. Our ban buttons are ready. twitter.com/Kotaku/status/1004 »

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« The history of videogames:
1998: Hey Valve are weird and cool
2003: Valve are weird and ambitious
2008: Valve are *amazing*, the cake is a lie etc
2012: What are Valve doing
2014: No really
2016: Ok Valve are openly negligent and destructive
2018: twitter.com/Polygon/status/100 »

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