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Circassian dance group at the "Circassian Night" event in the Forum Leverkusen (near Cologne).
(April 2017)
(Foto: © Rüdiger Benninghaus)
#Tanz, #dance, #Volkstänze, #folk_dances, #Circassians, #Tscherkessen, #Kaukasus
Circassian children dance group at the "Circassian Night" event in the Forum Leverkusen (near Cologne).
(April 2017)
(Foto: © Rüdiger Benninghaus)
#Tanz, #dance, #Volkstänze, #folk_dances, #Circassians, #Tscherkessen, #Kaukasus

We are recording a Q&A video for our YouTube channel today!

Let us know your questions about Nextcloud! 💙

Subscribe to our channel and maybe watch last weeks video :)

#Debian GNU/Linux turned 29 years old yesterday.
I remember I touched my first Debian in '96...
That looks so close, and so far at the same time.

Our first in-person LibreOffice Conference since 2019 (pictured) is coming up! Meet us in Milan, Italy from September 28 – October 1. Register here:

Cambiar el volumen del #VLC con potenciómetro físico

Un experimento ideal para hacer #streaming y subir y bajar el volumen de forma sencilla, con los dedos.
Solamente bajará o subirá el volumen del vlc.

Código e info aquí:


alguno sabe si alargar los cables del monitor (DP y HDMI) afecta a la visión del monitor... Estoy hablando de 1 metro más, aprox serían 2,5-3 metros en total....

By default, Mastodon has a 500 character limit for posts.

However, you may have seen posts with more than 500 characters.

This is possible because Mastodon is just one type of server on the Fediverse. Many of the accounts you interact with on here may be using different server types with different character limits.

For example, there are modified "forked" versions of Mastodon such as Glitch ( and Hometown ( which allow server admins to easily change the character limits.

There are also completely different kinds of servers such as Friendica ( which have much larger default limits.

Because the Fediverse uses a common technical standard for communication, different kinds of servers talk to each other seamlessly, and you won't necessarily notice which server types people use. (I'm on a server running Glitch Mastodon, which is how this post can be so long.)

#Mastodon #Fediverse #CharacterLimit #CharacterLimits

Un.mezclador/ecualizador de audio en gnu/linux?? Para retocar un pelin la entrada del micro mientras ahorro para uno

This is your occasional reminder that F-Droid really isn't slower in publishing updates than Google Play.

Pushed the update to Google Play, tagged for F-Droid immediately after. So Google Play even got a slight headstart because Google Play got notified, F-Droid had to detect the update itself.

Yet Catima 2.19.0 is live on F-Droid, but still waiting on Google Play.

Google Play bonus: they're currently yelling at me to fill in a Data Safety Form I filled in and they approved months ago.

⚡ You can now easily add a custom Legal Notice page to your instance!

When active it will add a footer link to that page, and soon in the MetroUI sidebar!

✨ Did you know we have first class support for password managers like @bitwarden?

We added support for the `/.well-known/change-password` standard a few years ago!

This enables password managers to more easily update credentials!

375 - Exprimir AppImage

Algunas ideas, trucos y sugerencias para exprimir AppImage y que esté mucho mejor integrada en tu sistema sin perder ninguna ...

Algunas ideas para exprimir Flatpak n
Flatpak es un sistema de paquetería que aporta ventajas para la distribución de aplicaciones. Te cuento algunos trucos para que tu lo exprimas al máximo.


Cinco razones para utilizar Linux n
En este episodio del podcast te doy cinco razones para utilizar. Se trata de cinco poderosas razones. Desde abrir tu mente hasta de encontrar trabajo.


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