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Inkscape's summer of Hackfest 2020 online starts today, July 11, at 16:00 UTC. It's the leadership focused day. We'll be talking about how Inkscape is organised, in teams, & how to join! Everyone is welcome! Hop onto the Hackfest video chat here:

There's a new F-Droid client release candidate (v1.9). If you want to test this, you can update to it manually from the F-Droid client. (Browse to the app, expand the version list and install the 1.9 version, make sure your repository index is up-to-date beforehand)

Please report any issue you find.

The latest 4.3.0 release of the @only_office app supports direct document editing during a chat or video call in #Nextcloud Talk! Time to upgrade if you haven't already!

Tenemos cuenta para en , gracias desde ya por seguirnos por ahí: @ecuadortl

Inkscape is preparing a 6-week summer of Hackfest online, beginning Sat., July 11, @ 4 pm UTC. Live video session runs 6 hours - come for as long as you like. Learn about Inkscape's board this week. Bring your questions! Everyone welcome! Details:

I fixed the issue impacting some instances when adding media (crashes). I will have to merge the beta branch in prod and make an emergency update. Sorry for that.


And it's done! Every Mastodon server on is now running v3.1.5

It all looks good but any problems or questions please let me know 🐘

Show thread needs #krita artists to interview! Teens, kids, and people making animations especially invited.

I released 2.36.0-beta-1. What's new:

- Select text for media description
- Increase media description length to 1500 chars
- More details about accounts in notifications
- Media management in timelines
- Allow cross-account replies with followed instances
- Remove extra spaces at the bottom of messages
- Scheduled toots from server side have an incorrect date
- Incorrect feeds when checking instance admin account [...]

Full release notes:

Charlas aprobadas hasta el momento para el OnLine, vamos súper bien!
¿Qué les parece?

I am fixing your bug reports (

Release notes for the next version of #Fedilab

Also, I didn't mention the new way to watch media, especially embedded videos (YouTube or front-ends, etc.)

Keep reporting your issues. Thank you 👍


Sóc de l’opinió que cal coherència entre el que es pensa, el que es diu i el que es fa. I amb el programari ho tenim fàcil: hi és i només cal usar-lo.

Si no vols que t’usi guguel “simplement” ignora les seves eines: tenim de tot. Pel buscador faig servir la instància de #SearX de Komun #Trovu però n’hi ha un centenar més a

cc @komun merci vecis un cop més

Copiar archivos de Linux al móvil n
Como copiar archivos de Linux al móvil de forma sencilla utilizando códigos QR. Aunque es sencilla es algo incómoda porque es utilizando el terminal.


La nueva web ya está terminada.
Realizada en con feed híbrido propio, categorías y etiquetas, muy visual y funcional.
Échale un vistazo y me cuentas.
Gracias @DavidMarzalC por el currazo.
Enlace provisional:

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