Soupault now uses a "logicful" Jingoo instead of Mustache.
It now also allows passing complete list of metadata entries to a template with `index_template` option.
This means complex index views can now be rendered without external scripts, if one wants a "no moving parts" setup.

Soupault is now nominally multicore-ready. To be precise, it now builds a complete list of pages to process instead of walking directories recursively, so normal fold and iter can be replaced with parallel versions.

Now I need to get the 4.10+multicore compiler and domainslib to work somehow.

xteddy(1) is an excellent rubber duck. Just saying. Soupault 1.13 is here, with ToC tree and any values from the widget configs accessible from plugins.

Hum released their first new album in more than 20 years, and it is amazing!!!! As a longtime fan, I'm just blown away.

OpenMW 0.46.0 has been released! Major props to the entire team for their hard work.

Be sure to check out the release video, by yours truly :)

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