Hom només pot veure l’Home dels Nassos avui, trenta-u de desembre.

Aquest personatge de l’imaginari català té tants nassos com dies resten a l’any (primer dibuix), si bé la quitxalla en percep el relat com el d’una figura monstruosa (segon dibuix).


I propose we change the tagline from "reCAPTCHA: Easy on Humans, Hard on Bots" to "reCAPTCHA: Damaging human experience while making it hard on Bots and feeding our image recognition algorithm"

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I asked to delete my account on a service because I was tired of having to pass through 12 sessions of Google's crappy reCAPTCHA to log in. The support replied. So... apparently I'm either a robot or too stupid be pick all the cars on the pictures.

You've heard about suspense, now get ready for... 


If you use Safari on macOS, you can right-click the address bar when visiting a site to get ‘Settings for This Website’ such as disallowing use of mic/camera/location (useful on dodgy sites!) and the page zoom level (handy when the text size is too small!) A very hidden menu.

I was wondering, do people at Microsoft conference call a "Keynote Speaker" a "PowerPoint Speaker" ?

All trans/non-binary people deserve a free Nintendo Switch.

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Imagine @beep, @adactio, @ClareSutcliffe, @weightshift, @csswizardry, and a big chunk of the Internet descending on Nottingham for three days of talks, workshops, and fringe events. Then, imagine no more, because IT'S HAPPENING newadventuresconf.com/2019/

Pro tip: the best way to prevent Google from scanning your emails is to stop using Gmail and then convince everyone you know to also stop using Gmail.

I'm not a religious person by any means, but there's something about funeral ceremonies that makes it easier for me to accept and come to terms with the loss of a beloved person.

It's also one of those rare moments in life, where the world around you stops turning for just a few minutes, and all your problems and sorrows seem minuscule, almost crushed by the weight of a much, much more significant feeling.

It gives you the chance to stop and re-evaluate life and its meaning for a brief moment.

Seriously, I’m out here trying to change the face of open source. I’ve been fighting the status quo for 5 years now.

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