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the cities skylines subreddit is very often just cluelessly right wing sometimes

There's probably an entire convention center in Atlanta or something that fills up every year with people marketing gimmicky posture improvement devices for $39.95, (nonsexual) posture enforcing office furniture, computer vision apps to notify you when your back is arched, seminars on how to attain a less slouchy mindset...

Just immobilizing your torso by tying it to the back of your chair with a blanket though, that actually works. Cozy too.

It's 2021, let's write a udev rule to rejigger xorg configs and restart X every time the dock is connected.

Beans are underrated, all my digestive organs love beans.

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Suck on America's corporate dick for a dollar, self-flagellate to improve dick sucking discipline, smile for the privilege, start a family.


Live in a van down by the river, do art with a computer, hack a gibson, probably eat lots of beans.

Experimenting with paints and application techniques, running out of smooth junk use as test pieces. Just pacing around the house searching for objects to sacrifice or make orange.

Actions that normally take a few ms running slower than usual and impeding my progress is an irrational rage trigger. Hard drives getting quieter over the years so that computers no longer audibly crunch while they're thrashing has probably gifted me a year of life back that would have otherwise been lost to stress.

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Five minutes into an impatient rage about to claw the buttons clean off my mouse while visual studio furiously crunches on *something* preventing me from even typing into it.

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Sometimes what you really need is just some nice, chunky, procedural code

I love @FreeCAD but sometimes things like this make me sad. What's the point of a DatumPoint that can't be defined by the intersection of a DatumLine and a DatumPlane?

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Learning about libvirt but only after gaining +12 insanity from memorizing qemu's arcane invocation arguments.

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What we be?

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