This is so good. Whittle down the thousands of ST SOCs without having to open up datasheets and rotate alt-function tables in your mind to find one that can get everything you need out to pins.

Dumb as hell but very slick way to use TS to guarantee all possible state transitions are explicitly handled.

A Pixel 3 when you use its camera for continuous duty.

bit banging usb 1.1 rather than going to the store to buy a better micro.

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this was created by 141 composite images taken by the cassini spacecraft while saturn eclipsed the sun

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The furnace has a dead ignitor, a sticky solenoid, and a loose wire somewhere that defies diagnosis. The thermostat has long replaced by a paperclip jumper. The daily dance to light it in the morning is to flip the breaker, thread forearm down into the burner with a BIC, wait for the third relay click, light the BIC, if not followed by a fourth click, gas, and flame, use spare fist to concuss the solenoid to unstick it. This method is pretty reliable. I could fix all this but it's nearly summer.

Tonight: Do weird stuff with insects to manufacture nightmare fuel of sufficient grade to sell so that I can pay off my house and stop working at the javascript factory.

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the cities skylines subreddit is very often just cluelessly right wing sometimes

There's probably an entire convention center in Atlanta or something that fills up every year with people marketing gimmicky posture improvement devices for $39.95, (nonsexual) posture enforcing office furniture, computer vision apps to notify you when your back is arched, seminars on how to attain a less slouchy mindset...

Just immobilizing your torso by tying it to the back of your chair with a blanket though, that actually works. Cozy too.

It's 2021, let's write a udev rule to rejigger xorg configs and restart X every time the dock is connected.

Beans are underrated, all my digestive organs love beans.

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Suck on America's corporate dick for a dollar, self-flagellate to improve dick sucking discipline, smile for the privilege, start a family.


Live in a van down by the river, do art with a computer, hack a gibson, probably eat lots of beans.

Experimenting with paints and application techniques, running out of smooth junk use as test pieces. Just pacing around the house searching for objects to sacrifice or make orange.

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