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Do you use a lot public and federate timelines ?

fediverse remember to back up y'all's accounts periodically

in case of sleepy admin
or the server halts & catches fire
or us-east becomes us-least
or wasabi never comes back after that sextillionth outage
or space monsters take your datacenter as a souvenir

in masto you can do that in the data export section of your preferences


Optimizing a PostgreSQL query from 24 mins down to 2 seconds

(submitted by manish_gill)

''Lord knows how GCC does register allocation right now'' - GCC documentation

AOC grills pharma exec about why the HIV-prevention drug Prep costs $8 in Australia costs $1,780 in the USA

@Gargron Is there a chance that you will not be the only one to decide whether or not an instance is listed on joinmastodon ?

@funkwhale hello ! Can you explain to me the permissions settings in account dashboard. Dunno if I need to give some specific permissions to my users ...

#Radioactive #Carbon Found in #Animals At the #Ocean's Deepest Depths

#Fallout from the #UnitedStates' nuclear testing program more than 50 years ago has reached the most remote parts the planet.
A recent study found radioactive #Carbon14 in tiny animals that live at the ocean's deepest depths.
Researchers say the observation highlights how the compound moves through the food chain.
"Bomb carbon" is a byproduct of nuclear testing.

I just stopped to use that crappy website a couple of weeks ago. Hated to have to log in with a FB/Gmail or Twitter account that I don't use anymore or don't have ! Using email to login is a pain in the ass since every two or three articles I had to check my mail again to login and it didn't work every time !

That guy made a perfect summary why you shouldn't use it !

Similarly, Peertube is an amazing de-Googled & decentralised open source alternative to YouTube... - start here:

For those unaware of Medium's ambitions to be the next Facebook... it's worth noting that there're excellent de-centralised open source alternatives - the best I've found is Plume -

@valere @framasky C'est ça, en gros :
- plus de 2 admins pour gérer le serveur en cas de souci
- des sauvegardes journalières
- un espèce de code de conduite (pas de sexisme & co)
- S'engager à ne pas couper l'instance du jour au lendemain


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