Official I2P Browser Beta 6 has been released : Includes bug fixes for browser/router integration
and better ports for router configuration.

I2P Browser Beta 5 is available for testing! I2P Browser now ships with I2P router , also includes improvements for NoScript integration, cookie control and more. Release notes: Get involved:

0.9.42 includes several changes to speed up our UDP transport. We have split up the configuration files to enable future work for more modular packaging. We continue work to implement new proposals for faster and more secure encryption.

workshop at 3:15 and we'll be there until 6, come say hello!

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Check out the I2P Lab
Available for testing now Zero-Dependency installer:
This is an I2P installer for Windows that does not depend on an existing Java installation. It includes all required dependencies,
Also, I2P Browser which you can learn more about here

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I2P needs translation support!
Get involved-
Persian, Japanese, and Chinese are just a few languages that need translation support.

For anyone getting started with I2P, this is a great beginners walk-through with AlreadyBurnt who will also be hosting a workshop for application developers at the Crypto and Privacy Village in a few weeks at Defcon27

Your donations help I2P continue to be an alternative option for online communication for everyone and to create a space to resist the persistence of surveillance and monitoring of our digital lives. (link:… I2P accepts paypal donations as well.

Measuring I2P Censorship at a Global Scale If you will be attending SOUPS or FOCI come to this workshop on Aug 9th !

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Started on a library for the SAM V3 bridge in .

Now only to add session connect tomorrow.

.42 release preview - MuWire Anonymous File-Sharing Coming to I2P soon!

I2P For Cryptocurrency Developers: 3:15 Friday, Monero Village, Bally's 26th floor.

I2P will be at DEFCON 27 Vegas Aug. 8-11

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