You can build recent Dev version as Debian packages for stretch and buster, including the new icons for testing -
Fetchable on echelon.i2p/update

Also, will be on easterhegg and will be distributing stickers.
Come, talk with us, grab your stickers

is officially booked to attend - can't wait to see you!

A quick and easy explanation for people who would like to run an outproxy

Installing an I2P Service Instructions for setting up more advanced sites

Help people connect and make the I2P network stronger!

About reseed hosts

How to set up a reseed

Manually reseeding

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The internet has become too controlled by a single entity (ICANN), threatening our ability to truly control our content online.

OpenNIC wants to make user-controlled Top-Level Domains, and a more democratic DNS system overall. Learn more about our project at 😁

0.9.39 released for in-net updates and new installs - Debian, PPA, Android, etc. to follow in coming days

Important! The Android 0.9.39 is available, but you need to deinstall older i2p first before installing this update.

This is an I2P Browser which is preconfigured to work with I2P and which has privacy focused patches and configuration. Currently we only provide binaries for 64bit systems.
Status: Proof-Of-Concept

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SAM-Library-Survey … Attempting to determine the usage of the various SAM libraries across github and other platforms.

The I2P Out-of-the-Box: Try I2P easily with I2P Firefox Browser Profile An I2P answer to the great Tor Browser Bundle.

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