Lots of progress on ECIES Tunnels. Router Identities currently contain an ElGamal encryption key. This proposal defines the replacement of ElGamal with ECIES-X25519 for routers.
Join meetings, Mondays 6:30 PM UTC, IRC

"Privacy does not imply hiding the truth. Meaning depends on context, therefore everything should be considered within its context" inre.me/why-privacy-is-the-mos Why Privacy Is the Most Important Concept of Our Time

There will be many updates to existing documentation on the project website for the next release, and all new guides. Check out the new Guides to IRC Client Configuration! i2pgit.org/i2p-hackers/i2p.www

Android users can now configure the IceRaven (Firefox fork) Browser for use with I2P automatically reddit.com/r/i2p/comments/jrd4

Repeated battery optimization dialogs Android 10 trac.i2p2.de/ticket/2783 workaround has been checked in.

It looks like there are some issues with I2P Android. Can anyone help IDK out, especially with dealing with background services on newer Android versions? reddit.com/r/i2p/comments/jh8w

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New #i2p release is out! v2.33.0 🎉 - and now the #diva project, diva.exchange, is included as an official reseed server of I2P.

We have updated the #docker images "I2P for Everyone", here: hub.docker.com/r/divax/i2p

#git on #codeberg here: codeberg.org/diva.exchange/i2p

Operating a reseed server requires a high level of #privacy and trust. The @i2p core devs did a great job 👏 on documenting this process: i2pforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=2

🙏 to all helping #i2p.

2P Packages for Debian and Ubuntu are available here: deb.i2p2.de

Java 8 or higher is now required. Debian packages for Wheezy and Stretch, and for Ubuntu Trusty and Precise, are no longer supported. Users on those platforms should upgrade so you may continue to receive I2P updates.

0.9.47 enables the new end-to-end encryption protocol (proposal 144) by default for some services. The Sybil analysis and blocking tool is now enabled by default.

IDK will be giving a talk on i2p-zero and application development at the Monero Village tomorrow for Def Con Safe Modehttps://www.reddit.com/r/i2p/comments/i5cilh/ill_be_giving_a_talk_on_i2pzero_at_the_monero/

Tricky Bundles: Smarter Dependency Management for I2P-Bundling Applications - Saturday August 8, Monero Village/ Defcon 2020 monerovillage.org

Reseed Operator's Policy Draft:
I2P is updating its policies for Reseed Operators as well as its documentation for Reseed hosts.
How to generate and share a Reseed bundle: geti2p.net/en/blog/post/2020/0
12:06 PM · Jul 21, 2020·Twitter Web App

Insight into circumvention, network traffic analysis and threat modelling when using the I2P network. reddit.com/r/i2p/comments/hk88

Update routers older than 0.9.38 NOW i2pforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=2 The migration to new encryption will continue in the next release. Sites, services, and applications running on old routers may become inaccessible to others running the latest release.

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