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says you will float to the east :)

(simulated with "Aerocene" app in 10km altitude.)

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One small step in the air, one giant leap for the planet and its climate!

Join us in a world-record breaking human flight, lifted by the sun and the air we all breathe.

LIVE on aerocene.org 28th
Jan @ 12pm GMT.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/aerocene/status/12

Happy ! 🎉

32 years ago, on 16 September 1989, the entered into force to ban substances responsible for ozone depletion.

How about something similar for and other to stop ?!

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#rcp hackathon nr. 5 is happening: On March 24th, in #berlin

Please join our chat riot.im/app/#/room/#rcp:matrix if you're interested!

#remotecontrol #gui

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Obwohl alleine im Januar über 200 Menschen beim Fluchtversuch auf dem Mittelmeer ertranken, werden Rettungsschiffe der @seawatchcrew u.a. immer wieder festgehalten. Das ist unmenschlich und unerträglich. Wir brauchen legale und sichere Fluchtwege! twitter.com/_Seebruecke_/statu

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the congress is kicking off this friday with shoptalk #6 "Power of Storytelling" @kobakant. Join a weekend of speculative storytelling: woolpunk.org


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