Let's give this one a boost instead of the toxic negative stuff that's been going round lately

For me:
@rachelnabors@twitter.com herself

Thank you all for being awesome and making a great community 🙏❤️
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Who are the women of React that you look up to?…

Hahahaha what the fuck 😂

A capitalist's take on socialism... 🤦‍♂️
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I bought a copy of Hasbro's mean-spirited and woefully ill-informed "MONOPOLY: SOCIALISM" board game so you don't have to - a thread 1/

Brilliant comeback 👌😂
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Channel 4 was set up to be different
Complaints welcome

How long until people call the C# language C-hashtag? 🤔

Got into the world of functional composition, lenses and prismas today. Holy crap this is awesome and insanely powerful stuff, but now my brain is melting. 🤯

"What should I do now?"
"... Okay?"
* tips *
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There are times when you should tip your servers and times when you should not.....

Hmm, yeah. Capitalism at its finest hour. Break the internet because a multi billion dollar company doesn't want to spend 38k on being inclusive and comply with the law.
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@GHMansfield @laurawritesit @Gizmodo In court docs, Domino’s revealed it would’ve cost $38,000 to make it accessible. Yes, they’re that petty that they would rather sue than be ADA compliant.

Seriously, these fucking idiots really piss me off. What. The. Actual. Fuck. 🤬
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Dear white American dudes,

If I see you carrying an assault weapon in public, I am calling the cops. You don’t need one to get coffee, go to the mall, walk your dog, etc.

Your bullshit privilege doesn’t mean I & my child should feel unsafe.

Hugs & kisses
Go fvck yourself.

Great thread! This is also part of coaching, in any role, supporting your coworkers. Would really like to see more developers show these qualities.
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“Can I run something by you?”

It was Saturday. I was already gone. She was still on the ward. I didn’t respond to that text. Instead, I called her directly.

Me: “Hey.”
Her: “I’m so sorry to bother you, Dr. Manning.”
Me: “Never be sorry.”



Thanks Google Maps for telling me it's about a one hour drive to my work.

When I'm already at my work. 👌

wtfffffff 🤯😂
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I saw a tweet asking why sometimes when you unsubscribe from an email list it says it can ‘take a few days’. Buckle up, as I have a RIDICULOUS story about this happening in The Enterprise™️...

Meanwhile, in record breaking heat in the Netherlands, waiting for this to get fixed.

🥵 Fuck 🥵

TIL In JavaScript, you can check for the number of arguments a function takes by checking fn.length

Seriously, this MacBook Pro keyboard is so fucked up. Now it's my spacebar. Gonna be the second repair in 3-4 months of a less than a year old model...

I'm so done with this generation MacBook Pro. 🤬

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