So MS bought @bethesda for 7.5 billion. MS also bought @obsidian and @inXile_ent. With all those companies, MS now has the Fallout license and some of the original developers/designers. Could this mean...?! 😱🤞

Using my full name:
Fuck Fuckey van der Fuck
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Replace the first 4 letters of both your names with Fuck....

I'm Fucks Fuck.

Holy crap! This is awesome! One of the cartoons I enjoyed the most as a kid ❤️

Ok, I'm lying. I still enjoy this way too much. 😂
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Animaniacs is coming back! Might need to get Hulu for this...

I've had Fallout the board game + New California expansion for over 1.5 years and yesterday I saw I missed quest card 189. After searching the box & floor for 20 minutes, I started googling the contents of that card.

The result:
It's a big joke by the designer 😂 Well played 👏

The more I see things like this, the more I feel the internet should be a universally accessible utility and not a commodity for people that can afford it. 😢
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Two students sit outside a Taco Bell to use Wi-Fi so they can 'go to school' online.

This is California, home to Silicon Valley...but where the digital divide is as deep as ever.

Where 40% of all Latinos don't have internet access. This generation deserves better.

Whoa damn, this is dark 🙈
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y’all Gen Z is a whole different breed 💀🥴

Would someone I know have a few pointers to setting up @Netlify with a DTAP (dev test accp prod) setup with separate env variables for each environment?

"In defence of the URL" by @bramsmulders

About the decision from the Google Chrome team to start hiding parts of the URL from Chrome 86 onwards. 😢

This doesn't sound very reassuring
... 😞
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MDN as a website isn't going anywhere right now. The team is smaller, but the site exists and isn't going away. We will be working with partners and community members to find the right ways to move it forward given our new structure at Mozilla.

Imagine the amount of people that could've been helped with that money instead.

Fuck capitalism. Tax the rich.

Another advantage of working from home:
Taking a break in the pool with your daughter for a few minutes during a heat wave ❤️

Well, one way of having your CI pass all the time is to not have any tests and not run the test task at all for the moment that when you do have failing tests, they won't fail in CI.

- Hard to fall asleep (20-30 min+ sometimes)
- Keep overthinking really insignificant events in my life (learned these are called intrusions recently)
- Going to bed late almost every night

Damn, I can keep going like this 🙈

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Things that made me suspect ADD/ADHD:
- Keep forgetting tasks that were asked of me
- Getting distracted pretty easy
- Hard to focus on stuff I don't like
- Hyper focus on stuff I do like
- I dislike and forget doing chores
- Sometimes I *need* noise to concentrate

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