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Why I dislike liberals:

Watch this video from Amish Tripathi -

Author Amish has explained the current scenario in Indian liberal ecosystem. The so called pseudo-liberals in India are actually killing liberalism.

Cc. @Full_marx

Indian liberals always tend to support Rohingya, Bangladesh refugees. But when asked about Kashmiri Pandits, they keep their mouth shut. They don't care about the human rights violation in Balochistan. They don't care about muslims. They only people they care for are the separatists in Kashmir.

Bunch of hypocrites they are!

I support .
It hight time we kick out the infiltrators. People who crossed borders illegally don't even deserve a place in our detention camps.
This country belongs to Indians. Others can fuck off.

Indian Army sources: Army has started inducting 1st batch of 10,000 Sig Sauer assault rifles for counter terrorist operations in J&K. India has placed orders for 72,400 rifles under fast track procedures to equip its frontline soldiers with more capable guns.

Liberals will start crying once the army puts bullets into the terrorist's head.

India has been a Hindu rastra, is a Hindu rastra, and will forever remain a Hindu rastra.Indian citizens will have the freedom of chosing their region. But India will be ruled by Hindus, and Hindus should get first access to resources, not invaders.This is the land of HINDUISM.

India should kick out the invaders. is what we need for that. We need legal migrants and not illegal infiltrators.
We don't have any problem with a Saudi Arabian citizen working in India with work permit.

Citizenship Ammendment Bill😎

Hello Corrupt Liberals & BJP Haters.

If you feel you are crying now during rule, then be sure that you will bleed soon during Amit Shah’s rule.

You cannot do anything against the country. Respect India, Hindu & Indians.

Sharad Pawar is like the Karunanidhi of Maharashtra. Immensely corrupt and his entire family is in politics but with less number of wives.

Massive setback for the BJP. Literally, shiv sena has betrayed the Hindutva clan.
BJP should wait for an opportunity. This maharashtra government will definitely fall.

And when BJP is back, these bitches should be finished. Especially Sena. Calling these bastards 'Shiv Sena' is like insult to Shivaji itself.

And liberals, don't celebrate too much. Ram Mandir is being built, and 370 still stands abrogated.

When the liberals have high praise for someone, that person must be a dumbo.
The liberals have high praise for Nehru, and swami is literally exposing Congress and Nehru in this video.

Liberals, just remember one thing, it was the Janata party that gave Ambedkar the Bharat Ratna, not Congress.

I have always admired this guy. Apart from being an excellent off spinner, Ravi Ashwin has a very good understanding of the game.

Once he retires, he would be a fit candidate for commentating.

Remember the good old days when “The Hindu” was one of the most respected Newspaper from Chennai and South India !

N Ram has brought it to a level of a propagandist for Communists and Naxalites of India !

What a fall !

so is this how you bring out revolution ? is this how you protest ? vandalism is protest now?

shame on people calling themselves liberal by doing such stupid stunt.
Yet to be inaugurated statue of Swami Vivekanand (most reputed scholar from India) vandalised in campus . So this is Azadi they are demanding for ?
Protest apni jgha pr stupidity apni jgha .
Grow up Lal Salam

People are comparing the cost to build the Statue of Unity and the cost of subsidy to JNU.

Frankly, given today's scenario, the Statue of Unity will give better RoI to our country, than JNU ever will.

If expressing pro-BJP views on social media is funded by BJP IT-Cell, then expressing pro-communist and anti-india propaganda is funded by external agencies like ISI and Chinese government.

The government of India should actually probe into the funds received by the communists(leaders) at JNU. If we trace the origin of the funds, it could either be from China or Pakistan. The people who rant here are actually being fooled by a few communist student leaders.

Requesting all the liberals here to see what this IIT'ian has to say. And this is a slap on the face of a few liberals.

All the three named in the reported suicide note of Fathima Latheef,are leftists. Sudarsan Padmanabhan wrote in EPW 'correcting' depictions of ancient India in history school textbooks in California ... could tarnish its ideals of secularism.' Expose murderous leftist hypocrisy.

The reason why I think communism is the worst that has happened to India after the Mugals.

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