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I understand why people get frustrated and why it's easy to go, "people who do blahblahblah are Bad/Weird/Actively Contributing To Their Own Oppression", but like.

who are you actually mad at? are you doing anything to solve that problem or are you just venting? Venting is fine -- but like, globdangit, think about who you're taking aim at.

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: Sci-fi Labs Federated Worldbuilding

The other day @ialja made me aware of Science Fiction Economics Labs, a creative initiative to imagine alternative worlds to the Hypercapitalist one we currently live in.

It gave me the idea that we should have this for the to imagine and create attractive stories to inspire fedizens and newcomers alike.

We can combine with and create federated to enrich this world.


Good to see the tide turning for on multiple fronts, now also with shareholder pressure:""We're just asking Microsoft to live out the policies that they've ensured shareholders they're living out"


If you're into and , you should check out Witness, an open-source fictional world: scifieconomics.world/

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What do I view as being toxic?

* Insist everyone must want to put time into customizing their computers.

* Insist every Linux user (or worse computer user) needs to understand how computers work.

People may have other things to do!

* Villify software projects you don't like; You don't have to use them! systemd haters can have their own distros!

Often a fossbro will villify a project for hiding configuration options...

* Telling others "just fork it" and/or villifying subsequent forks.


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Good news: we can *finally* agree that climate change is an issue.

Bad news: building border walls, blaming immigrants, etc. are being rebranded as climate solutions 🤪


Yes, Twitter did something right here & it's good to have discussions about algorithms.

But why do we shy away from criticising the ad-based business model that forces companies to optimize for engagement at the expense of people's well-being?


Don't be fooled by the metaverse bling... "The tech giants are paying millions of dollars to the operators of clickbait pages, bankrolling the deterioration of information ecosystems around the world."


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Highly recommended long read!

"Forget about yesterday’s arguments over whether everyone should learn to code. We are entering a business world in which almost everyone will need to code—and low-, no-, and yes-code frameworks are necessary to enable that."


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Hey, it's Aaron Swartz Day today.

Looks like some good talks and hackathons going on.


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"I'm thinking to open-source my app, what's your advice?"

1. Becoming sustainable by relying on donations is tough. Find a better monetization method.

2. Think carefully about the license you want to use. There are risks associated with a permissive license.

3. Go for it!

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We're introducing new people to open source but we don't have that as our only selling point. People also use Plausible as we're simple, easy to understand, lightweight... It's important for open source to break out of the "for techies only" box.


Learning from : I just finished reading the excellent Powers and Thrones (headofzeus.com/books/978178954) and I'm wondering about the takeaways.

The abuse of power by the Church that sparked the Protestant revolution is eerily similar to our situation with . Add to the mix a pandemic, climate change, new communication technology that's out of control, mistrust in authority, and it becomes clear change is coming. No guarantees on the direction it's going to take though.

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« Since 1995 there have been 25 global conferences on climate change. At every one our so-called political leaders have kicked the can down the road and sung from a bright green hymnbook […] Blah, blah blah has become the standard substitute for the conversation that needs to occur at global conferences and in every public venue : how to shrink the economy and beat a sustainable retreat ? »

#GoodRead #COP26


I now understand why pandemics have historically been swept under the rug and not paid that much attention to regardless of their disastrous consequences. It seems that we have a short attention span for such disasters and at some point decided that "People are dying, this is just how it is." – even when we have the tools to mitigate the damage.

I really do hope we don't make the same mistake with climate change and Big Tech.

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that through their use of , and keystroke monitors are full-blown enablers of even when dealing with -sensitive data, should be aware of this practice and highly dubious that are involved.

(Actually it can be the complete absence of morals and ethics, but for small initiatives there's the benefit of the doubt that they are just ignorant).

Remove that shite and be on a path to regain .


One of the best articles I've read so far on FB's : "Facebook can claim originality in at least one thing. Its combination of scale and irresponsibility has unleashed a set of diverse and fascinating sociopolitical challenges that it will take lawmakers, scholars, and activists at least a generation to fix."


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Bad social media gives you an audience: stuff like reach, personality/celebrity, spectacle, anxiety, alienation, competition.

Good social media gives you community: it’s more like voice, agency, discussion, comradery.

I want a community, not an audience.

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