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Got someone explaining to me how Hartlepool has gone to ruin "under a Labour government" and that's why they've gone Tory.

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If your ‘why Labour didn’t win’ take involves a) an out of touch metropolitan elite and b) traditional white working class values, I urge you to stop writing & instead copy and paste literally any NYT post-mortem of the 2016 election. You’ll be just as wrong but with less effort

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This is a ‘Covid’ election for many who’ve swallowed the spin that Johnson has been a success, not the NHS and volunteers. The euphoria of ‘easing’, of holidays, a pint or two. Last time you heard the media mention 150,000 RIP? The time and place for a reckoning isn’t Hartlepool.

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Labour does not have a message. Starmer does not seem like a guy you'd go for a beer with. Yet the Tory poll lead has fallen from 17 points before the pandemic to 6 points now

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my thoughts on the elections: people are overreacting - it’s too early to judge if Starmer can revive Labour, and it’s too early to write him off. ft.com/content/427e7096-a110-4

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I’m struggling to reconcile how people are looking at the Boris government and thinking they’ve done anything but a terrible, life-destroying job.

People are still voting for Brexit despite it being done.

Who amongst us has not taken $230,000 in COVID relief money and spent it on a giant statue of a squid?
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A Japanese town was given Covid-19 relief money. It spent $230,000 of it on a giant statue of a squid. nyti.ms/3nWJZvh

Ahh, Neil Clark is a "great reset" conspiracy theorist. Because of course he is.
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Where is the evidence that using cash spreads Covid? A cashless society is one of the main goals of the . Shame on @WorcsCCC twitter.com/lutherburgsvik/sta

Because of *course* Naomi Wolf is a chemtrailer.
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Telltale chemical sheen coming off of ‘cloud’ that is dispersing in square brushstrokes. Nahant, MA.

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For over 4 years we have been telling people GRA Self-Id amounted to a bit of admin

That we have ALWAYS de-facto used Self-Id into most gendered spaces.

That it was a manufactured culture-war over gendered spaces, that is already settled.

In effect, today a judge 100% agreed.

It’s peak Tory, really. Show >>> substance.
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Sending gunboats to growl at French trawlers while completely ignoring the catastrophic impact of his Brexit on swathes of the U.K. fishing industry sums things up perfectly.

The Telegraph: Pravda for Tories
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The Daily Telegraph is being as balanced as proportionate as you’d expect...

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Clubhouse has a massive antisemitism problem that it isn’t equipped to deal with. twitter.com/michaelahirsh/stat

I’ve heard of this somewhere, but I’m not sure where.
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Just a reminder of the golden rule of journalism: when a headline is in the form of a question, the answer is always “NO”

Really looking forward to what Louis Rees-Zammit can do in a Lions shirt. Very exciting player

I think Bundee Aki is a bit fortunate – I didn’t think he had a great Six Nations – but will defer to @KeohaneDan’s rugby knowledge on that one!

Eight Scots! Well deserved, can’t argue with it.
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The Originals, 1888
The Invincibles, 1974
The heroes of 1997
The Unbeaten Tours of 2013, 2017

Over to you Class of 2021 - Time to write a new chapter in our history 🦁

Meet our 2021 squad...🤩

A black man was stopped by the police, handcuffed and tasered in an incident where the police investigation found racial bias played a part. The punishment? The office involved is *asked* to “reflect and learn”. kentlive.news/news/kent-news/p

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“We’re in fits of despair.”

Alistair Sinclair, of the Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation, says his industry is struggling after the Brexit transition period came to an end and Boris Johnson needs to act.

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