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Every parent of student kids I know sent them off half-resigned to them coming home infectious, but still intending to have them back for Xmas anyway. Surely govt considered & came to a decision about this *before* unis went back? twitter.com/RichardVaughan1/st

The Tories are turning the garden of England into the lorry park of England.
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"Police will patrol the Kent border to turn away lorries without an access permit in a bid to ease Brexit border chaos. Michael Gove said officers will use automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras and “other means” to block drivers." ~AA


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This just in. If your car is chauffeur-driven you will not need to wear a mask. A cynical person would point out that this means the cabinet, being driven around in government cars, have exempted themselves. But I am NOT that cynical person. We're all in this together. and so on.

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The government’s flagrant dismissal of gender recognition reform confirms what trans people like me have always known

Ahh, so now the utter shambles of 7000-lorry tailbacks in Kent will be caused by the hauliers rather than the government’s complete failure to prepare for Brexit.

Could Kent just join the EU?
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NEW Gove confirms a de facto internal border in Kent - rephrasing previous tweet (this is something transport industry been v worried about)

Truckers will have to have a "Kent Access Permit" to get into the county says Gove. It will use police and ANPR to enforce

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Pearson spitting directly into the eyes of the gods, like something out of Greek parable about foolish mortals who should be careful what they wish for

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When did Libertarian come to mean “the god given right of one English person to infect another”

They’ve twisted the idea of liberty into pure oppression — just like the philosopher Nozick did when he concluded we should be ‘free’ to sell ourselves into slavery.

Extremism twitter.com/sebastianepayne/st

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“It would be a disaster for feminism to return either to a strictly biological understanding of gender or to reduce social conduct to a body part or to impose fearful fantasies, their own anxieties, on trans women.”
—Judith Butler

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So this week we learnt:
Rail franchises don't work.
Water privatisation didn't work
Privatised testing and tracking doesn't work.
A government run by privatisation obsessives doesn't work.
I wonder ... could it be that we need to rethink privatisation? 🤔

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if you’d told me six months ago that we’d be in the same place six months later because this government paid Deloitte and Serco millions for a testing and tracing system that doesn’t work, headed by one of their mates, i’d probably be like.... sounds about right

They really are pathetic
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Interesting Brexit narrative now coming from government about potential chaos when transition period ends.

Warning that disruptions will be due to `failure of EU to plan' 1/

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Is there anything more illustrative of British politics in 2020 than a @Conservatives MP tweeting like an anon football account by accusing @mrjamesob of being 'anti-British' whilst spelling 'British' incorrectly?

I've wheelchairs more qualified to be an MP than @andreajenkyns

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This sums up the view of a lot of listeners @BBCRadio2 this afternoon

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First question then: why has it taken him 3 weeks to recognise what was obvious in the government’s own figures by the start of September? eclecticlight.co/2020/09/22/wa twitter.com/ianbetteridge/stat

Actually agree with this. Of course as soon as he has to answer questions the whole edifice crumbles and he reverts to type – thin skinned, evasive, and unwilling to take any responsibility for anything going wrong.
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Credit where credit is due. Must say @BorisJohnson address to Parliament about new restrictions to prevent a second wave is probably his best and most convincing, and most important, appearance in the Comm…

“A failure of government and not an act of god”. Devastating line from @Keir_Starmer

As a man with almost exactly the same pattern of male baldness as Johnson, I feel I should tell him that it’s long past the time when a comb over was appropriate.

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