When you love, wonders happen. When you are married, wonders what happens?

are the most important thing in . Because doesn't teach you as much, it boost your

Let those who chant as it is. Atleast the number will be decrease at sometime and the curve will be flatten.

has filed a legal complaint in Delhi against the Indian government seeking to block regulations coming into force on Wednesday that experts say would compel the California-based (FB.O) unit to break privacy protections, sources said.


Messaging app has blocked the accounts of dozens of journalists following this month’s fighting between Israel and Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas, reporters said.

Shortly after a ceasefire went into effect at 2:00 am on Friday (2300 GMT Thursday) ending 11 days of deadly conflict, two journalists in AFP’s City bureau received notices from in Arabic informing them their accounts had been blocked.


Just focus on kicking ass and making your better. Don’t worry about what other are doing, it’s their , not yours.

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