My attempt at biscuit making went rock solid tonight. As in a doubled a recipe that I’d originally accidentally doubled only the flour amount when putting it into our Paprika app so the biscuits were rock solid. 😋

I was hoping the new Fantastical would have some sort of “book a call with me” feature I could use with clients, but I don’t think it does. It’s awesome they’re offering a free version now though. Fantastical review on Macstories

How much time should one spend “cooking” in Breath of the Wild? Pretty sure I spend more time cooking in the game than I do IRL.

When Public Speaking Goes Wrong - a bunch of helpful tips from @davatron5000 from his career of speaker sweats.

It’s not perfectly calculated but it’s comforting to know that RSS/blog subscriber numbers could be in the ballpark of Twitter subscribers. At least for some folks.

“I didn’t fit in at school. I got bullied out of the scouts. I got bullied for a lot of my childhood. I just needed to figure out a way to turn being an outsider into something I could do for the rest of my life.” @gangofyouths

The office neighbour’s work conference call has been going for an hour. I’m ready to pay out the rest of my lease and move back home. 🤪 Time to edit a podcast.

Very thankful the old iMac decided to do a software update at 2am and reboot itself with a loud “dung”. 😱 Luckily it only woke me up.

Mandalorian ep3 was a fun next step in the story.

.@davatron5000 on working with pain:

If you have chronic pain, let me just say I’m already impressed by the resolve you show each day.

This Trump / Apple / Tim Cook thing is one of those times where I genuinely wonder how Steve Jobs would’ve handled it. I don’t know that he would’ve done it differently - I just wonder.

When it’s 4pm and my brain is stuck and I can’t get unstuck and then remember I tweeted at 5am this morning. Time to do an easy win task or shut it down for the day.

Working late provides for different lighting than usual.

After 2 episodes, I’m enjoying The Mandalorian. The soundtrack feels a little hokey with the western feel. I hope The Mandalorian gets to take off their helmet at some point.

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. I spend money on coffee so I can make money podcasting. (I think I did that right?)

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