Starting Stranger Things season 3 in October as it was intended.

Regardless of whether you want to make a Captain America or Wonder Woman shield, you should at least watch the first minute of my brother-in-law’s tutorial video. Martin Scorsese even gave it two thumbs up.

Quick tips for monetary success on the internet: Grow your email list. Start a blog yesterday. Pick a niche. Record 5 episodes before you release anything. Live stream everyday. Be consistent. Journal daily. Take time for yourself. Be with others. Tweet on a topic. Post to IG. $$

Frank Chimero: “A like can’t go anywhere, but a compliment can go a long way. Passive positivity isn’t enough; active positivity is needed to counterbalance whatever sort of collective conversations and attention we point at social media.”

If you’re new to Mac, upgrading your macOS to Catalina on day one if you’ve got critical tasks to do with your computer is a bad idea. Audio/video apps are especially notorious for having issues. My advice: wait and let others test it out for you.

Xbox’s Game Pass was $1 for the month so I’m getting to try out Bad North on the cheap. Streaming on Mixer

Ahh there’s the 13.1.1 update with battery drain fix. Time to unroll (un-enroll?) from the iOS 13 beta so I can get my battery back this weekend.

Whoa. How did I miss this important email. Of course I want to scale my brain.

Nice update to Clips for iOS (which more of you should be using for making videos imho).

Spent the last 15 minutes trying to fix a Jekyll/YAML error (CMS that runs our podcast network). Don’t start a field with a left bracket and you’ll save yourself 15 minutes of debugging.

Ever since updating to iOS 13.1, Mail has been the highest battery user. Except I don’t use Mail - I use Spark. Might be some sort of indexing for Spotlight?

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