Hi is there a TikTok Mastodon instance? I'm posting all my content on TikTok now.

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So, @ichris just shared this from Mother Jones on twitter and I LOL'ed.
"A group of Canadian linguists just published a study that shows Canadians disproportionately use polite and positive language on Twitter, while American tweets are characterized by negative words and profanity."

Interesting: Microblog adds support for Mastodon manton.org/2018/11/07/microblo I still don't fully grok how/why to use Micro.blog but I appreciate the efforts Manton is going to to offer an alternative to what we've been doing.

First day of really cold weather. Also the first day our water heater's pilot light shut itself off. I'm sure it's a coincidence and once I re-light it, it will stay lit (as the kids say) forever and ever. 🙏🏽

RIP my Messages as my family is using a thread like it's a travel blog. Thanking Saint Jony Ive for the ability to turn off notifications on a per thread basis.

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Yeah you might say I'm a GAMER

Gonna move out to the country
Ate a lot of peaches
Movin to the country
Eat me a lot of peaches
Really movin to the country

To be completely clear: my own satisfaction or worth should not be impacted by the success or failure of someone else. And yet - here I toot. 😆

Clearly I need to work on my insecurities. I've managed to stop snapping back at folks and just reply with a "Cool - they look pretty great."

It's a bit like when people would assume because I'm a amateurish guitar player that I'd love to hang out with other guitar players. It doesn't really work that way - other guitar players just depress me if they're better than I am. :)

I can't be the only one who doesn't especially love getting sent examples of other companies doing the same thing I do. "Hey have you heard of this company that looks like it's way more successful and popular in the same market as you?" (Not a direct quote... but you get the idea.)

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Doctor Who was gooood! Episode felt a little rushed at times and probably should have been about 15 minutes longer or so, but they covered a lot to get things ready to roll. Excited!

I want to Doctor Who with everyone else but then it just feels kind of exhausting. Anyone here want to give me the push I need to go Who?

Bizarre feature of Mixer is that you can apparently share/play the game with a viewer somehow?

The game at times feels a little tedious when you just want to see the next chapter of the story unfold. But it’s so satisfying to swoop through Gotham and sneak up on bad guys under the cover of darkness. Always darkness.

I played Batman: Arkham Knight last night and tried out streaming it from my Xbox to Mixer (Microsoft’s version of Twitch). It’s crazy to me how powerful video game consoles are these days. Here’s my profile if you went to check out the game - mixer.com/iChris

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