"A combined deep learning GRU-autoencoder for the early detection of respiratory disease in pigs using multiple environmental sensors" by Jake Cowton (2019-02-19, USB 5.008)

"Towards modeling the influence of transcranial direct current stimulation on neuronal response" in Brain Stimulation dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.brs.2018.

"Structural connectivity centrality changes mark the path toward Alzheimer's disease" in Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.dadm.2018

"The Virtual Electrode Recording Tool for EXtracellular Potentials (VERTEX) Version 2.0: Modelling in vitro electrical stimulation of brain tissue" in Wellcome Open Research dx.doi.org/10.12688/wellcomeop

"Machine learning models for inclusion of progressors in OA clinical studies" by Paweł Widera (2019-02-12, USB 2.022)

"CellRepo: a version control system for microbial strains" by Jonathan Tellechea Luzardo (2019-02-05, USB 5.008)

"Engineering ontologies for big data" by Phil Lord (2019-01-29, USB 5.008)

"The synthesis and simulation of artificial living systems" by Harold Fellermann (2019-01-15, USB 5.008)

"Regaining or maintaining brain health: current and future roles for computational models" by Marcus Kaiser (2018-12-04, USB 5.008)

"Longitudinal connectivity predicts changes in cognitive function after mild traumatic brain injury" by Nádia da Silva (2018-11-06, USB 5.008)

"ReopTrial: in-silico drug re-purposing" by Keith Flanagan (2018-10-30, USB 5.008)

"Walk on the origami side: isothermal folding of a light-up bio-orthogonal RNA origami nanoribbon" by Emanuela Torelli (2018-10-23, USB 5.008)

"Synthetic DNA and RNA origami scaffolds towards in vitro and in vivo applications" by Alessandro Ceccarelli (2018-10-16, USB 5.008)

"Systematic identification of biocatalysts through a combined informatics approach" by James Skelton (2018-10-09, USB 5.008)

"Sensynova: a standardised modular and multicellular biosensor development platform" by Bradley Brown (2018-10-02, USB ICOS office)

"Multimodal big-data analysis for leveraging security of FLOSS" by Artur Sokolovsky (2018-09-11, USB 4.005)

"Population Dynamics of Autocatalytic Sets in a Compartmentalized Spatial World" in Life dx.doi.org/10.3390/life8030033

"A Combined Deep Learning GRU-Autoencoder for the Early Detection of Respiratory Disease in Pigs Using Multiple Environmental Sensors" in Sensors dx.doi.org/10.3390/s18082521

"Upgrading estrogen degradation in wastewater" by Michael White (2018-07-31, USB 4.005)

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